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In situations such as changing your place of residence, you must submit a certified translation for your diploma if it has been issues in any other language than English. This is true in case of immigration or transfer to another school where you will need to have your certificate or diploma translated into the language of the country you live in at that moment or plan to go to for your studies.

Fast diploma translation services

USA Translate is able to help you in this area by providing you a certified translation of your certificate or diploma with a quick and efficient as well as an absolutely accurate translation from over 120 languages into English. The most important thing to keep in mind is that all translations should be implemented in compliance with the world standards from all educational institutions, both in the US and towards all foreign embassies.

The translation usually requires a professional translator who has past experience in translating this specific type of documents as certificates or diplomas and who can do it according to very high standards imposed by the institution requiring that translation. This will serve you as educational documents when enrolling in a new school.

The particularly important step in this process is the translation, which needs to be accurate, and its format, which needs to be the same with the original. The certificate of accuracy also needs to be fully completed according to standards.

Diploma translation services

We guarantee that you will get professional diploma translation services, and your translation will be accepted anywhere in the US. We can also provide you with some more copies along with the original document at the same time, which will count as the original certificate or diploma translation. That means that your translation will also have a certificate of accuracy which will be signed and officially stamped by our general manager.

We offer you an easy way to have your certificate or diploma translated, backed up by a certified translation. It can be delivered to your home, office, or simply emailed electronically to your email address. Another advantage of using us is that we provide free delivery for all the usual regular orders or emergency diploma translation services that need to be done and delivered fast.

Diploma translation services

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Diploma Translation Services FAQ

same day turnaroundIn which cases is there a need for verification of a transcript or diploma?

Each year the number of foreign students in the USA grows, hence the need to verify their certificates and diplomas. Many universities across the United States offer different opportunities and benefits for students, such as scholarships in various fields. If you want to take advantages of these benefits and apply as a student, you need a verification of diploma. This will prove your former level of education in your native country and provide you with the right to admission to secondary school or to continue education at the selected university as a student. If you want to improve your education with a higher degree as a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree you should do the same verification. A translated and certified diploma from the educational institution from your native country provides you with the right to continue your education at some educational institutions of the United States.

In the case of a foreign university, in the evaluation of the translation there should be reserved titles, the number of hours for each course, your merits and success/fail results, both on average, and the overall results for assessing the level of education. It is for this purpose that you need a certified translation of your document to provide you with a better chance of ranking and the right to be part of the educational category you select.

Translating diplomas

In the process of entry and qualification of students, each educational institution requires additional documents to be translated and authenticated. Our commitment to you is guaranteed accuracy and complete acceptance of the translation of the following documents in most cases subject to translation:

Diplomas, academic transcripts, PhD degree certificates, Master degree certificates, Bachelor degree certificates, extracurricular qualifications.

What is the transcript and translation certified diploma?

Confirmation that translation is accurate issued by the Office is a certified diploma. This document is verified and signed by the project manager.

What is an apostille?

International certification, which is typically added to the official documents in a manner signed by a notary, lawyer or other authorized person as an officer of the court that it is performing its official duties, is an apostille. This establishes the legal order in other signatory countries and determines the morality through which this action is issued.

Getting an accurate translation from a well-known translation company gives you peace of mind and the assurance that the translation will be accepted by the legal body requesting it. On top of that, you don’t have to pay more than the usual freelancer, actually, we sport some of the lowest rates in the market. Get in touch now and see what we can do for you!

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