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When is notarized translation needed for immigration

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2023)

Notarized translation for immigration is an essential step of the entire process. When it comes to legal document translation you need to access professional services. With software and apps ready to use for translations, all we have to do is just a click. But eventually, that’s not the case when you need a document translated professionally, and when the document is required for immigration, all the more reason to be more specific. Notarized translation is the key here.

Notarized translation for immigration: get yours today!

How to access a good service for notarized translation for immigration?

However, even after getting your document for a notarized translation for immigration, you are seldom fully aware whether you need a certified translation to be submitted or you need it to be notarized. The question of when is notarized translation needed for immigration stays hung up your head.

This is where we want to educate you and save you from any sort of trouble in the future. A notarized translation doesn’t really have anything to do with quality of translation, rather it’s the seal of official authenticity. A government official from the notary office is eligible for notarizing a given translation.

Certified translation services for legal documents

A professional translator is supposed to take the translated documents to the notary public office and there he has to take an oath upon the authentication and accuracy of the document. After that, an affidavit is to be signed by the translator with the official seal and signature of the notary public officer. This is the requirement to make the translation officially notarized. This is how a certified translation process takes place.

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Why are notarized translation for immigration required?

Notarized translations for immigration were required by the USCIS a few years back. Immigrants had to submit notarized translations of their required documents. But a couple of years back, the standard requirement for all US immigration procedure has become certified translations instead of notarized translation.

Another important aspect of all this phenomenon is that immigration process may require certified or notarized translation, not both. And thus only one must be submitted.

So the question remains, when is notarized translation required. Notarized translations are mostly required by educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. So there might be a chance for people with kids to submit their children’s documents notarized translations.

Funny thing is, you can learn all that and may still feel perplexed, after all, translation is not your business and you can’t be fully aware of the requirements and other necessary information.

So here’s the thing, USA Translate can help you with notarized translation for immigration. With our live chat option, you can get in touch with our correspondent and they’ll inform you which translation would you require for a certain requirement and furthermore, we can provide notarized translations for you without letting you worry for even a minute.

Our professional translators have been taking care of translation needs of our clients for decades. We guarantee that your notarized translations will be delivered to you in time and at the most affordable prices in town. So hurry up, speak to us and we’ll fulfill all your translation needs.

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