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Capturing as big a piece in as many markets as possible is a key factor in making a tidy profit. One of the easiest ways to achieve this, at a low cost, is to localize and translate your website.

Some may think that this is as simple as putting the material of your website through a generic, online, automatic translator. However, this is an overly simplistic view. If you really want your message to convey the meaning that you intended, then you need to be aware not only of the target language, but also the target culture. To translate your website, a professional translation company will adapt not only the text, but also the website design towards local customs and culture to insure that there is no miscommunication or misrepresentation.

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Website Translation USA

Do you want your website to look cool? Want it to have the best features, user friendly interface and excellent content? Then you are not alone, millions, in fact, billions wish the same, but that’s not really enough for embarking upon success. You need more than just an interactive design and up to date content, you need website translation services to grab your global audience.

In a perfect world, everyone would have spoken the same language, making communication easier and businesses skyrocketing without using localization and translation services. But yet again, nothing is perfect and we have to do our best. So make your website accessible for a larger, wider audience by using our services.

Our special creative team stays on the task of finding new ways to build better online reputation including aligning the content and features with the local dialects. We utilize the expertise of our social media translators to bring out the best in your website translations.
So if you are worried about captivating the attention of your audience in a remote location in Africa or Arabia, let us help you relieve that stress out of the equation. With our services, we have got you covered.

Accurate translation

accurate translation

If you need to translate your website you’ll have to extract the text, have it translated and then added back to the website, which may not have multilingual support. Beside providing accurate translations, we also adapt your website and add the translations into it so you don’t have to do anything.

Perfect localization

perfect localization

A simple translation won’t be able to help you much when it comes to expanding to a new market, and could have bad consequences on your marketing efforts. We make sure that your content is translated and perfectly adapted to that specific market, to its language, religion and customs.

Low rates

low rates

Despite public belief, accurate translation can be affordable and with us, it really is. We charge some of the lowest rates on the market for all our services, we work fast and always make sure that you get top of the line translation and content adaptation regardless of the field or targeted area.

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One of the first and most important aspects of website translation is quality. Any compromise in the quality when you translate a website can have far-reaching and devastating consequences, completely destroying the good reputation that your company may have built, because the customer did not get what he expected. Generic automatic translators cannot always provide this level of quality. These free, automatic translators that you find online work literally, and hence any use of idioms or figurative language can confuse it and get you an incorrect translation. Therefore, it is preferable for you to use high quality translation services that employ dedicated and experienced professional translators and proofreaders.

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One factor that can help when you want to translate your website

Allowing or asking translators to use CAT tools, or computer assisted translation tools will allow you to save on your translation budget while enjoying the same high quality translation. These differ from generic translators in that the professional translators have to do the majority of the translation themselves, at least on the first document. The CAT Tools then use Translation Memory to aid them in completing the task faster. Translation memory stores templates of previous translations used by the translators in an internal template. Hence, the translators do not have to waste their time repeatedly translating the same statements. The Memory tracks similar translations made by the translator in the past, and uses them to pre-translate the text. The more work a translator does, the more accurate the pre-translation and the fewer corrections the translator has to make .

Another factor that needs to be considered when you translate your website is the domain and hosting protocols. Not all websites are hosted on the same servers. Thus, when you think about how to translate a website, you shouldn’t let this tiny detail escape you. Check the extension at the end of websites to see if they have a .com, .es, or .be, and this will tell you whether the country has its own in-country domain for hosting websites .

As such, if you need quality translations from people who know how to translate, you should always employ the professionals. Generic translators that are available may be free and help communicate your point quickly, but with professionals you get work that is accurate, precise and localized.

Your budget and your aim

Most individuals fear that the expenses that come with website translation are enormous. Rates per word decide the final price, and it could go high when you are getting a whole website translated.

The content of a website is could be enormous, you have the pages, and then you have the blog part. Such content has a considerable word count, and a collective total can look enormous to an outsider. So let us explain how you can translate your website without spending a fortune.

  • CAT stands for computer assisted translation; this is memory based software that retains all the previous content that was translated. Simply put, the software takes the phrases already translated in the past from its memory and presents that to the translator, which decides how to use it. But there’s another advantage in using CAT tools: repetitive text. The tool is able to detect repetitive text which can be translated once instead of multiple times, therefore lowering your translation cost.
  • Translate parts of the website. You don’t have to translate the entire website, only what matters to the clients, and that is mostly pages. The blog part can remain in English unless it contains important information in regards to your products. It usually doesn’t, a blog is mostly news, events, stories which, although interesting, aren’t needed.

The above should give you some hints in regards to lowering your expenses when you translate your website. Get in touch with USA Translate if you have any questions or you need a free quote, we are here for you around the clock.

how to lower translation costs
translate your website

10 Good Reasons to Translate Your Website

The translation of a business website is an outstanding choice. But developing, supporting and translating a site in different languages is a challenging task. Here are the ten reasons why you need to accept our translation services to translate your business website.

  • Your company sells abroad
  • You want to keep growing
  • Your competitors (don’t) have a multilingual site
  • You want to strengthen your brand
  • You have no choice but to translate
  • You are an e-commerce shipping worldwide
  • Your product or service has crossed boundaries
  • Your site’s data suggests translating makes sense
  • You want to improve conversion rates
  • You want to improve user experience and SEO on a global scale

If you’re ready to make your business grow, now’s the time to get your website translated. USA Translate is a professional online translation agency that puts clients in direct relation with expert translators worldwide. USA Translate offers its translation services into the following languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Italian.

Thanks to our team of qualified translators who understand linguistic and cultural nuances, we can offer you a top quality translation service at a competitive price.

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