through my issues and eventually be able to perform in front of more than my dog.

As of April 2020, Gussow has uploaded more than 570 videos to a channel with more than 70,000 subscribers; a second channel, started in September 2015, has another 96,000 subscribers and more than 200 videos.

After graduating, he met harmonica player Nat Riddles and started taking lessons from him. Then I stopped playing put the harp away and everyone was looking at me.

I'm 70 years old and this is just plain great fun!

K.Slim. Source for information on Gussow, Joan Dye 1928-: Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series dictionary. Did i really save his life? I began playing about 3 years ago, and if I can play anything at all, it is because of your lessons. There are many things I have really appreciated from your lessons. "Gussow’s amplified--and seemingly effortless--harmonica drives much of this collection," wrote Blues Blast, "and it swings hard.

When I started playing everyone stopped yelling. ''The last time we rented go-carts she left me in the dust,'' Mr. Gussow said.

I've always played music in clubs and bars and last night I finally performed with it for the first time.

jp. That’s my mission Bijan…joy! Adam Gussow is a Blues harmonica player, teacher, and writer.

I knew that there was or had to be something mechanical about the 12 bar blues--I could hear it!! I cannot wait to download the music and MP3 from Tradebit.

Since taking your lessons now I get asked by other players to get up and join them, its a great feeling .

Adam: Think I’ll add Adam to that now. : ). WooD! Just wanted to try a harmonica. I think it is a very unique thing you have offered on YouTube. I improvised by using the blues scale you armed us with on "Next Time You See Me," (your MBH lesson) and copied the solo for Operator just like you did on your YouTube "Records" series. music from the soul;inspires and motivates! Hi Ashley, I’m with you. Also, Erin Mitchell wants me to sit in with her for an entire show but after listening to your critique I have really been thinking about it and I am not ready at all to play 2 to 3 sets. I could probably ramble on for a while, but won't take up too much of your time. Others have purchased the videos offered here at Modern Blues Harmonica and have been amazed to watch their talent blossom. You made me realize all the possibilities of the harp.

Thank you so much Adam. My harp playing has improved heaps. Their first album, Roosters Happy Hour (2014), hit #14 on the Living Blues radio chart. Their second album, Same Old Blues Again (2018), garnered terrific reviews. Check Here to check it out.

Early in the band's career they were fronted by a bluesman named Ron "PigPen" McKernan who was a harmonica player and would often perform standard blues numbers. I actually played Ol Suzzana completely through in just a few hours of practice over a 7 day period. Your descriptions and explanations helped me to understand what I needed to do to get the sound that was in my head to come out of this new and exciting instrument.

They also appeared on U2’s album Rattle and Hum. So I got one of my mates to play guitar and sing some blues tunes. Real hard… [A]n up-tempo album of blues standards… and then some, all generously seasoned with Gussow’s masterful, very fluid harmonica playing.". Can’t watch it and sit still. I think things like this are really what the "information age" is all about. Sterling Magee had a long career as a blues guitarist and singer, performing with James Brown and Etta James. It really is a case of "give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for life". Thanks, JP. Firstly by your playing and then by your generosity and willingness to share what you know.

The man who is in his late 50's does not want to go to the hospital and all he wants to do is die.

[5] Blues harmonica players and teachers at the first two events have included Billy Branch, Sugar Blue, Jason Ricci, Mitch Kashmar, Phil Wiggins, Annie Raines, Johnny Sansone, Charlie Sayles, Billy Gibson, Jimi Lee, and many others. As the man sees me and my partner walk in he is even more pissed off. He has a master's degree in English from Columbia. I put all the things i learnt into playing and have been playing harp everywhere including playing in a underground car park while on my shift at a supermarket to on the toilet hahah. ''She was spirited and direct, and the guy she claimed to be looking for was basically me.''. I'm also 65 years old, not too much else does anything to get me that moved.

These lessons have benefitted me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks, Jimdave, Hey JP, You and your friends are role models……you like to give and aren’t inspired by just money.Thanks Wayne. If you don’t already know him, well Adam is one of the finest blues harmonica players of this era. I play my Harp everyday. I’m happy to hear you’re having a blast. all the best. PLEASE do not stop would be a terrible loss. It also received extensive airplay on SiriusXM's Bluesville, America's premier satellite radio blues show, and rose to the #2 position in the "picks to click" category.

Gussow from his first lesson says, "I'm tired of this mystification, I'm going to teach you all I know."

It comes as twenty 7-10 minute videos bundled into a big zip file.

Yet another little moment of triumph. P.S. Daaaaaaaaaaaang, man has it dialed. I came across you purely by accident as I had seen all different lessons other people put up and thought harmonica techniques and low and behold there you were. I didn't really like them at first. I played harmonica on and off since I started music 15 years ago but I never performed with it.

Gussow spent twelve years (1986–1998) working the streets of Harlem and the international club and festival circuit with Mississippi-born bluesman Sterling Magee as a duo called Satan and Adam. GUSSOW, Joan Dye 1928-PERSONAL: Born October 4, 1928, in Alhambra, CA; daughter of Chester H. (a civil engineer) and M. Joyce (Fisher) Dye; married Alan M. Gussow (an artist and conservationist), October 21, 1956 (deceased); children: Adam Stefan, Seth James.

The guys in my band have said, Wow, you've been practicing! The police and man are almost fighting. The man looks up at me and said that he had not smiled like that in years. Like I said, I have been pretending. See you then!

I couldn't resist the urge to write to you to thank you for the 57 wonderful blues harp lessons you posted on YouTube.

1983), Gussow is the son of Alan Gussow, an artist/environmentalist, and Joan Dye Gussow, an author, nutrition educator, and organic farmer. He was my neighbor until his move.

I really appreciate how you "give it all away" and I know that I'm not alone.

The songs we played were "Next Time You See me"(Blues Standard), and "Operator"(Song #4 American Beauty Album). Hi Adam,

I also love Anne Raines style and mastery. We'll see! Cannot thank Adam enough. Good Work.. something had clicked! It's abstolutely amazing to hear that sound. Thanks again. I'm off to learn Oh Susanna.

Anyway, I watched a few of your videos and then dug out my old harp, dusted it off and gave it another try.

Been watching Adam and Jason on you tube since I started trying to play serious harp couple of years ago. Now, thanks to your wonderful work, I feel like I have a reasonable chance of becoming a good Blues Harp performer. I think i’ll also be putting a harmonica mike on my Christmas list.

Wonderful! Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music. It's abstolutely amazing to hear that sound. As soon as I had it, I knew it right away. I knew how to play the songs and the solos but not the guitar.

''I drove 290 miles for a first date,'' Mr. Gussow said. As i was just starting, i only had one harmonica and i couldn't follow by ear. Pgh, he is amazing!).

I recently went to your website Modern Harmonica, I bought the 12 bar blues "how to". I am writing this e-mail to say thank you for all the time you are taking and all the videos you are making for Youtube. RIP to the mighty Sterling Magee, AKA Mr. Satan of Harlem street blues duo Satan and Adam. I just recently purchased the jam tracks plus you instruction and I am only into the second song but I have to say....THANK YOU.

After work hours guitarist, DJ, record label owner and New York style pizza aficionado. Thank you...for being willing to help train those of us trying to be "true" to the craft. As Satan and Adam, Magee and Gussow recorded three albums during their years as a touring act: Harlem Blues (1991), which was nominated for a W. C. Handy Award as "Traditional Blues Album of the Year"; Mother Mojo (1993); and Living on the River (1996). They were hearing the harp player finally getting it and knowing where to be. Satan” Magee on the streets of New York City, and the two started playing on the street of New York. It offers a comprehensive look at my own journey on the harp, at the outlines of the craft (positions, techniques, wisdom), and at the future of blues harmonica in the 21st Century--including the ever-present YouTube videos that we've all come to depend on for information about the contemporary scene.

So I picked up a piece here and there, but really couldn’t put things together. Thanks for posting. Al Sharpton, journalist Peter Noel, and others, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2018[6] and is currently (as of April 2020) streaming on Netflix. They played the short excerpt of “Freedom for my People.” RIP Mr. Satan. Gussow spent twelve years (1986–1998) working the streets of Harlem and the international club and festival circuit with Mississippi-born bluesman Sterling Magee as a duo called Satan and Adam. I played a song last night at Gip's [a juke joint in Bessemer, Alabama] with the Erin Mitchell Band. Some of the little things, that really make it sound "bluezy" I would never have figured out by just listening to the recordings. the couch for 11 weeks after breaking my leg skiing).

I thought it was hard to follow because there were no tabs, and you constantly changed the key.

We are both Israeli musicians working in Israel and Blues harmonica teachers are impossible to find anywhere around. praise for Adam Gussow as a blues harmonica teacher.

2007/MAY/22. Did he get help?

Just wanted to tell you that your lessons are amazing and once my friend and I have come across your youtube lessons our lives really changed. ''This isn't the way single life worked back in New York.''. We are playing blues harmonica for many years now and we always felt like we are walking in the dark when it came to the real blues riffs and articulation. The bridegroom, 46, is an assistant professor of English and Southern literature, history and cultural studies at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. The books that are available in the market are no good in terms of technique and what you termed the Blues Harp Machine Language. thanks for the links JP, as always. Thanks again. Their debut album, Come Together, an homage to the music of Satan & Adam, has just been released. She is a daughter of Hurley Gardner of Dallas and the late Rufus Lee Gardner. As I sat with the man in the back of the Ambulance the man told me he use to play in a small band years back and me playing brought back lots of memories.

Today, I start with your lessons… My own lessons now. Finally, here are a few videos that will give you a sense of who I am and what I do. He left the professional music business after becoming disillusioned by the industry’s unfairness towards musicians.

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