They are aggressive towards players up to twice their combat level + 1.

The fourth-best one-handed Strength training weapon. Barrage tasks are the most efficient way to train Defence and Magic. Items will be listed in order of how much they increase general melee damage per second. Food if you try this from level 3. It is both weaker and more expensive than the. Profitable Melee tasks do not give good experience rates in Slayer. So naturally I wanted to see how it would be as a melee training weapon, and I took it to the maniacal monkeys to give it a shot! : Always I hope you guys have a wonderful day!If there is anything you think I could improve upon make sure to let me know about it down in a commentAnd as always keep up to date by subscribing to my channelOutro song : Sleepyhead - Passionpit Wearing the Berserker necklace also gives another 20% damage and accuracy bonus to Obsidian weapons. Without praying or prayer flicking protection prayers, shamans and warriors can hit up to a maximum damage of 8 and quite often if your Defence is underleveled. It also has the second highest Crush Attack bonus for a single handed weapon. They have a tendency to hit 2's on players with little defence and no armour. If the dragonfire protection and high defence are not needed, defenders are better due to their accuracy bonuses. If the player cannot use all five items, they should not be using the Toktz-xil-ak. Your best weapon and armour. It is usually better to train with crabs, Slayer, or the Nightmare Zone and do something else to make money for overall more efficient play. The following tables below will determine the maximum of damage certain weapons can inflict on enemies at certain attack styles with the following amulets at certain Strength levels so that you can determine which enchanted amulet you should use at certain Strength levels. Here are some easy options for training melee if you do want to kill monsters for profit and still get decent experience rates.

Not specifically for sale in the Grand Exchange. Monster vulnerability may cause certain weapons to perform better than their stats suggest. To further increase damage per second, there are three free-to-play neck slot items that can provide attack and/or strength bonuses including amulet of accuracy, amulet of power, and amulet of strength. If you do not have access to a shield at all, such as if you do not want to risk an additional item in the Wilderness or you have not yet unlocked the requirements for a certain offhand equipment, some fast two-handed weapons like the Saradomin sword become worth using. IMPORTANT: The "Uncharged" Dragonfire shield has about 1/3 the defensive characteristics of the charged shield. It should not be used for attack training unless a Stab weapon is needed. However, it is significantly more expensive than other weapons at this level. Easiest spot to reach is in low-level Wilderness, where players may be attacked by other players or may accidentally attack another player, Non-wilderness locations are far from a bank or require decent thieving, They deal decent damage to low level players, Hits hard if you have low defence or armour, Trains the slayer skill at the same time, letting you work towards the profitable slayer monsters and bosses. While rune longswords are stronger and more accurate than rune swords, it is slower, resulting in a lower damage per second. In addition, the Dragon scimitar is a. Wearing the Void melee helm with the full Void Knight equipment set gives a 10% melee damage and accuracy bonus. Combining all four of these items with the Toktz-xil-ak (Obsidian sword) can actually give faster experience rates than anything in the table above against low-defence monsters, such as those in the Nightmare Zone. Wearing a full set of Dharok the Wretched's equipment gives the set effect of increasing the player's damage the lower their remaining hitpoints are. Your best weapon and armour if fighting outside of the, Combat level depending on the boat, at least 5 players to start the game, 25 players to start game quickly, best strength gear/Dharok's set, special attack weapon.

Traveling through Vault of War (level 1) once. This set deals less damage than some of the best options on the list, but it allows players to train for long periods of time without banking to heal. Many Slayer spots can often be crowded. If you don't plan on picking up drops, there is nothing much to worry about if you have, To continue training on greater demons, if your. Stops aggro after about 10 min, must be reset by walking about one screen away, Very, very high health targets with low Defence and Attack ability, Identical stats to the Ammonite crabs above, Single combat area, meaning no chance of shared kills, Experiments are usually a few squares apart. See the Waterfall Quest guide for more information on how to complete this quest. Decent amount of hitpoints so you don't have to switch targets as often as you do when fighting chickens. Fastest solo experience per hour for Attack and Strength in the game (using. This bonus accuracy makes it good against certain high-defence monsters like the Corporeal Beast. Only ever bring three valuable items in the wilderness: a weapon, a, Some common slayer tasks cannot be killed with melee, such as. Three of these items provide the same strength bonus of +3, so choose between them based on their other stats such as their defence or availability. Strength can be trained without training Hitpoints with, Another way to train Strength without gaining Hitpoints XP is by operating the, When fighting dangerous monsters it is suggested to bring a, Depending on your stats, for monsters with low defence, an. While goblins do drop an assortment of items including coins, they only provide little profit. As noted above, players with 60 Defence without access to defenders should be using the Toktz-ket-xil. Players should always use the best scimitar they can equip, as scimitars offer the highest damage per second of any other type of free-to-play melee weapon due to their high speed and high strength bonus. For example, killing Hobgoblins for two hours will give both less money and less experience than spinning flax for one hour and training on crabs for one hour. Not aggressive, will require manual clicking. The best defence is a good offence. Created by combining an Abyssal whip with a Kraken tentacle.

Wearing the Obsidian platebody, Obsidian platelegs, and the Obsidian helmet gives a 10% damage and accuracy bonus to melee Obsidian weapons. Overall, efficient Slayer training gives relatively low amount of experience in Attack and Strength, as most of the Slayer experience is gained by barraging. Long distance from a bank in either available location. However, it is significantly more expensive than the Dragon Scimitar and poses a threat of money loss (in charges) if killed in the wilderness. Your best weapon and armour. If retrieving food from the Edgeville bank for longer trips, bring 1 or 2 strength potions and the rest should be anchovy pizzas or swordfish. However, there are several aggressive and hard-hitting monsters during the quest, so players may want to train some Defence and Hitpoints levels in order to make the quest safer. They have decent profitable drops for lower-level players such as. Armour and food for low levels. Ignoring drops, this is also an afk training method. The player must frequently bank to get lots of high-level food and potions to fight the dragons effectively. Requires a coin fee in order to start, and some quests in order to utilise. They can be a bit rough and tough against lower levels. The fifth-best one-handed Strength training weapon. Portals have very high health and can regenerate health providing high amounts of XP, Successfully completing each game yields a small amount of gp (10 times the amount of the player's combat level), Waiting for a game to start can be long if not many players are playing (usually depends on the time of day), Sometimes games can fail if players allow the Void Knight to die yielding no points and gp, Not AFK because players have to constantly focus on the screen to attack other monsters and portals after the one they are currently fighting has died, also games end very quickly (from 2 minutes to 10 depending on party size and skill) requiring the player to re-enter the boat and wait for the game to start again. This training method is not recommended for players who have not yet made a one-Defence combat pure account and it wouldn't be worth the time training training one up just for this training method alone. They have a tendency to hit 1's on players with little defence and no armour. They are only profitable in member worlds. Antipoison is required as there are poisonous level 1 spiders, which share the same aggression mechanic as the monkeys and gorillas of Ape Atoll. Not as profitable in free-to-play as other monsters around these levels. Fishing spots to fish for food in the Resource Area (required the completion of. Teleport is needed if you need to quickly leave the area if not near a staircase/ladder.

Must be reset by walking away and coming back. If the player has a source of prayer or damage block, such as by using prayer potions, absorptions (Nightmare Zone only), or an altar, the player can safely use the set's effect to deal very high amounts of damage and gain fast experience. Giant spiders can sometimes hit up to a maximum of 7 points of damage.

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