While all of Grey Guard’s unit buffs and debuffs are found in the Adept sphere, the Master Sphere focuses solely on battlemagic and the Chthonic Guardian. These abilities range from: Heals, taunts, physical attacks, ranged attacks, magical attacks, buffs/debuffs, evasion increases/ decreases, and much more. ), Pandemonium is potentially very powerful, but unpredictable, Regrowth, Eyes Everywhere (Total Awareness), Electrical Skin, Spiked Hide (Damages Melee attackers), Drenched With Sweat (Fire Protection, but Frost and Shock Weakness), Something's Inside (On death, summons a random unit under your control until end of combat), Hormonal Imbalance (Unit loses -400 Morale. Air Mastery, while having very useful spells, heavily rewards the use of specific units and strategies, making it not quite as flexible as the other elemental masteries. Possesses the ability to engage in quick and effective attacks on their enemies. ), Peacekeeper (You're already vassaling most cities you meet; Folk Hero lets you do that at a discount. Leaders’ skills Edit. Rot handily deals with both of these issues, and also gives access to Water Mastery, which also has unique benefits to Goblins), Warlord (While more of a silly gimmick, Global Assault automatically evolves your baby krakens into fully fledged Tier IVs without any of the hassle of trying to level them up yourself. Basic attacks also have the ability to trigger Class Marks. A very simple and unflexible adept sphere, Earth Adept provides strong attack and strong defense, and some very useful city enchantments, albeit at cost. Many of these characters possess powerful AoE abilities and even stronger single target attacks. ), Frostlings (Given that every Frostling unit gains significant benefits for being in Arctic climates, Air Mastery is a very useful spell to them.

- and Shield of Dispassion helps dull their weaknesses somewhat), Dwarves (Conversely, Dwarves are highly defensive and prefer to wear down their opponents through attrition. Posted by 9 months ago. Furthermore, while the Tome of Wonders is an incredible resource, a lot of its text is misleading or not fully explanatory of what each spell is capable of. Age of Wonders III differs from its earlier iterations in that it has a much greater emphasis on your leader's Class rather than his specialization. I try water expand explorer OR fire fire expand. Hmm; plenty of good choices. To make sure leaders’ skill works, you must place a hero with this skill at the head of your squad when creating it. Rogue — Nimble heroes who use an assortment or abilities to increase evasion and taunt enemies to either attack other characters or the rogue like heroes themselves. ), Warlord (Degenerate, Swap Locations, and even Warp Equipment give you more ways to make use of your units' exceptional combat abilities. It is only visible to you.

Strength — Affects a heroes’ physical damage and HP. Scales of Fortune is quite valuable to them - and stacks with the Tigran Military V upgrade! There are three types of skills: active, passive and leader’s skill. Each hero has at least three skills that could be used in battle.

They were the source of most of your abilities and magic, and let you tailor your leader into whatever role you saw fit. Heroes: Kobold Scout, Arekhon Shadow, Succubus, Gassar, Swamp Killer, Tsuna, Rizer. I know there's plenty of individual guides on a class by class basis. Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated.

You can also buy them in the Shop. Heroes: Infernus, Kobold Slinger, Ambror, Arekhon Axe Thrower, Raarspit, Seven Knives. Dodge — Relates to the chance of your character avoiding an attack. 8. Physical Fortitude — Allows a character the chance of avoiding physical damage. They strive to have everyone united peacefully, and have plenty of tricks to deal with anyone who disagrees. The first of a new series of alignment based faction spheres introduced in Eternal Lords, the Keepers are a throwback to the good guys from the original Age of Wonders, which I think is a rather neat touch. Please see the. Not only do all of your cities grow faster, but your settlers and outposts are much quicker at getting your cities up and running. Is there any guide thats gives a similar overview of each of the classes side by side?

If not could you make one in this style?

An examination of all the specialist spells and abilities, how they compare to one another, and where each of them is useful. Resistance to Magic — Defines the level of magical damage a hero can block. However, Rogues have concealment built into many of their units, meaning many other Partisan abilities are somewhat redundant), Explorer (Explorer and Partisan combine to give oodles of abilities to your irregulars, albeit at the cost of two of your specialization slots. 5 stars. "Arctic Empire." Heroes: Roland, Wyrm Priest, The Last Guardian, Denaya, Ra’Archne Queen, Abaddon, Trorin, Blood Emperor. Following the lead of its Adept Sphere, Keeper Mastery focuses heavily on buffing up your own troops by providing many support spells and a support summon to help you hold the line. Chance of Critical Strike — Determines that chance of your character performing a critical strike. Expander is a great bonus to players who love to settle many, many little cities. While specializations have lost a bit of their clout from this, they still fill an important role of customization and can greatly augment how you play the game. In addition, because you have to pick their Adept Sphere to unlock a Master Sphere, they technically cost two of your three picks. Each healer is unique in the way they work and you can find one that will most definitely work with your playstyle. ), Warlord (While the Scout is already a very powerful observation unit, Explorer still provides them with considerable benefit.

And with the recent nerf to Floating units, having access to a Flying scout is occasionally useful. ), Creation spells make you more Good when cast, Warlord, Theocrat (Both of these classes have very strong produced armies and lack the ability to summon combat units, making them the premiere choices for Creation Mastery. Each hero has at least three skills that could be used in battle.

New to the game but not to the 4X/Fantasy 4X genre. 8. Rather than boosting your empire, Explorer focuses solely on Irregular units, turning them all into very capable scouts, as well as much more effective combat units. ), Sorcerer, Archdruid (Sorcerers have the most instant damage spells in the game, making them the most capable to take advantage of the bonus provided by Storm Magic, with Archdruids not far behind. Melee Damager — Powerful close combat heroes. The Age of Magic - A Guide to Specializations. User account menu. When a hero increases in rarity they will receive a boost to all their main stats. Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated. Age of Magic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This really helped me a lot. ), Elves (As the second most tempermental race in regards to Terrain, elves often have the hardest time finding good places to settle or migrate to, making Cleanse the Land a useful tool to have), Warlord, Rogue (Both are very good at early game aggression and siezing cities), Goblins (Domain of Corruption further rewards you for settling in Blighted terrain, and given that only Goblins can do so without penalty, you should be doing that anyway. HP can be restored in battle using special skills. Critical Damage — When a hero performs a critical strike this factor determines how high that damage will be. Like Ranged units, these characters work well with characters who can protect them like tanks and even some rogues. ), Necromancer, Archdruid, Warlord (Both the Archdruid and the Necromancer lack a truly dedicated scouting unit, meaning they can get some mileage out of the Zephyr Bird. If a hero loses all HP in battle the will die. Comprising the nonmagical side of the Specializations, the Empire upgrades are largely passive, quite inexpensive to research, and have no mastery upgrades. There are seven classes of hero in Age of Magiс with each faction aiming to have at least one of each. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Dreadnoughts (While flame tanks are far less of a threat than they once were, Dreadnoughts still have many sources of fire damage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Archived.

), Dreadnought (While they don't have very many instant spells, Destabilized Mana Core is affected by Storm Magic, making an already powerful spell even more devastating.

To find out which missions reward Skill Cubes, tap on Search. ), Goblins (Inherently faster population growth and cheaper settlers means Goblins want to expand rapidly), Halflings (The ease at which Halflings cities can be made Happy means they get tons of free population growths, which stack with Expander), Dreadnought, Warlord, Theocrat (Mana Fuel cells + Expansionism can make Outposts more productive than even the largest cities, and both Dreadnoughts and Warlords have many spells and upgrades that make their cities more productive, while Theocrats have many spells that increase their overall empire Income, Growth, and Happiness), Shadowborn (Given that rapid expansion and migration tends towards the Evil side of the alignment spectrum, Shadowborn and Expander are a natural pair. ), Theocrat (While it may seem strange to recommend, given that theocrats only have two instant spells, when Storm Magic is combined with Armageddon they deal positively ludicrous amounts of damage with their spells.

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