Eventually I want to do my whole dash but I’ll save that for another day…. And obviously – make sure you’re not shooting them into areas that are going to be visible when the dash is back in the car. Take the masking tape, and completely cover the side of the dash with it. Then you take a pen, and trace the shape of the side of your dash . The result is fabric – stretched like a drum skin. Here’s a shot of what I did and how you can tackle other pieces that need an opening. A permanent spray for fabrics works best) and spray both pieces. Definitely a lot nicer than the plastic. Question – after upholstering, did you have issues with reassembling everything, especially around the cutouts? Here’s the first piece done. ( Log Out /  This is the interior thread - Page 214 - Zilvia.net Forums | Nissan 240SX (Silvia) and Z (Fairlady) Car Forum. Email: . Nice work! The alcantara looks like it would add ‘just enough’ thickness to make the cutouts a tight fit for the pieces that need to go back in the holes. Its cool to see some tech advice. Leave the harder pieces till the end so you can start to get a feel for how the material works. This is crucial because you are working with tack spray and if you’re area is dirty, there’s a good chance you’ll get unwanted dirt or fuzz where you don’t want it. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. On a 240SX, it can get a little tricky when you get around the gauge cluster . So you can just push that part down to meet the curve? Maybe they ran out of red stitch lol.

For the seat heater button area (on FRS there is nothing there), I saw that you did not cut a hole, correct? You have to get the old leather/vinyl off of the dash. A fifth tip:  Heat gun. We started dead center in the middle of the dashboard. Used by virtually every luxury auto brand in Europe, Alcantara® is the ultimate choice when you want style, elegance and functionality, whilst respecting ethics and the environment. Where did you buy your Alcantara?


Posted by s3mag | Jan 2, 2010 | Tech | 6 |.

We used this technique on the passenger side of the dash, down where it starts to meet with the center console. Then we would pick up the other side, and spray about a foot in the passenger’s direction . At this point, you’re done . So you can pull it, and stretch it, and press it through contours of the dash. Then you just wash them in some Dawn dish soap to remove the grease. (You can do this after the rest of the dash has already been covered – it’s no problem.)

Is it The shift boot trim piece was even trickier because the inside was a circle. I tried removing it with water and by steaming it but it didn’t remove it. . you can take a razorblade and cut a small slice in the fabric in the hole over the air vent. and staple it. That’s because I’m a dollar-menu-aire. .

which sometimes get a little rough when you’re pulling up the vinyl. After the few minutes – you can lay it down – CAREFULLY – working from the center of the dash out. Wondering if you needed to trim the cutouts a mm or two for fitment? . Inspired to do something similar also.

It was cracked; it was dry; it needed help. ( Log Out /  . By laying tape down, the glue will stick to the tape, and not the edges of the crack. It is important to work from the center – out. . Then – you pull off the tape all as one piece, and stick it to a thin piece of aluminum.

Cut a circle then cut slits around the circle so that you can fold it nicely and not get any bumps or bends on top. Instead – you turn it around so the glue-side is facing out. .

I’ll try to add as much detail as I can, it was tough to grab the camera every few steps.

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