- Adjusted a number of ship base stats.

- Fixed loot crate position bug preventing proper placement of crate spawn. - Fixed module take damage modifier bug. - Fixed docking while docked bug via targeting panel.

Each Sector has various life support factors that affect your ship’s life support systems.

This creates a setup file in documents that overrides base files.

I have also added a slider that will adjusted the reflective metallic like properties of the ship texture. This basic salvage drone can be used to extract space debris remotely. The further away from a star you are, the colder things get.

It has taken me some time to get a basic grip on how it all works. Faction rating plays a major role throughout the game play mechanics, as well as the side missions and story line missions.

- Added new notification for unlock of autopilot target. Player Counts Counter-Strike: Glob 702k players . Little by little, the markets are improving. - Fixed solar sail colliders for all ships. - Added module repair sound fx. - Fixed GOG achievments not sending to GOG servers. A basic scanner comes equipped with every ship, and using your scanner is the only means of gathering information about the resources and threats around you. The cause of the bug was strange and completely unrelated to the inventory system. Be careful when using this device around friendly factions. I have also addressed a few issues dealing with the special item drops that raiders can leave behind. I replaced all the ship images as well with the new lighting system so that all of the ship icons are consistent. and yes, there are cheeseburgers in space. BUILD 0.0093 - Fixed import pilot bug with missing special items. - Adjusted shipyard event to enable closed shipyards. - Adjusted base take damage modifier for raider damage. - Fixed alignment positions on a number of parts. - Added mission location preview on map when docked. - Fixed office button showing in structures without scripting for offices.

- Added module installation sound fx.

- Fixed law enforcement targeting player ship from dead npc. - Fixed ghosted screen view bug when warping to a new sector. - Adjusted economic event generator calculation code. BUILD 0.0103 - Updated Astrox Imperium project to unity 2020.1.2f1. - Fixed economic bug with buy orders pricing ranges. - Fixed image display bug on journal scans for ships. I opted for a more realistic approach that I don't think is too cumbersome. - Adjusted NPC spawn code to handle new ammo items. - Added armor regeneration stats to the ships details panel. The frequency from which theses missions are removed is based on the population of each sector. - Fixed null background event id causing error flag with rapid dock - undock. Some ammo will provide an overall accumulative bonus that is greater than 100% damage. Commands may require elevated permissions in order to use them, these commands are marked as being a GameMaster, Admin, or Moderator command. - Fixed 2 mission spelling errors. - Fixed storage lease button showing past max storage lease level. - Fixed Projectile Advanced Systems skill description. I adjusted more of the market code to allow for more dynamic pricing when selling items at the market.

Astrox Imperium Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. - Fixed structure cargo error when dragging while fabricator is active. This titan mining drone can be used to extract resources remotely. - Adjusted all base damage modifiers to 1.0 for new games. All synthesized food is processed from an original food item recovered from the Imperium. Earn credits, special items, and even skill points for a job well done. - Fixed dialog thumbnail overlap click thru block bug.

- Adjusted holiday raider drops. They will fly with you, work for you, and you have full access to their cargo. http://AstroxImperium.com Buy Astrox Imerium! They will reconfigure their ships, just like you do. - Adjusted structure NPC dialog panel layout. - Adjusted star fx and particle systems. - Fixed dialog thumbnail drag click bug. - Fixed ordering of modules in garage to match ordering on main hud. Builds 38 - 42 'The Ulus are not too ugly!'. When they do, it is hard to know where they are. You can check out the original game, - Fixed bug with carrier raiders droping invalid debris. - Added hotkey toggle and binding for toggle all panels. Armor Nanobots will provide repair the damaged armor of your ship. The next step is a bit more difficult, but in the end, will allow modders to add their own 3d models into the game as ship parts. This will provide much more storage space in the silo. - Fixed bug allowing for power update prior to upgrade complete. Adding a passive module to improve your turn speed could make all the difference. I have also added a new document that is distributed at the end of the intro tutorial. - Adjusted campaign map 10 (Lux). Modifies your tyranny. This report will also provide the signal strength and allow you to calculate the relative distance from your ship. I will be adding new base textures for the different ship manufacturers, and possibly specialized ones for special ships. DOWNLOAD • Unlimited Shields • Unlimited Armor The number of stations , faction ratings, local events and even raiders can have an effect on the economy of a region.Although the economy is NOT a realtime economic simulation, It is designed to function using many of the same principles of a supply and demand driven market. Multiple scanner drones will scan a target faster than just one, but only one is required to get the job done. You can also remove any unwanted backups that you no longer wish to have listed. When the wormhole is used, energy is used as well. - Fixed bug with merc max count on reset. Astrox Starwars mod - by uraniborg. - Fixed refinery credits count to stop when not at refinery station. This will allow you to expose more targets from the list. I made a few changes to the mods tools or the station editor and I also added the ability to drag the ship editor camera by holding the alt key. - Fixed blank news bug on station first load.

I have been working hard up here in the mountains, and I haven't ventured out much since moving here. - Adjusted market sell item for station inventory check. Discussing [REQ] Astrox Imperium on CoSMOS Gamehacking Tool message board and forum (page 1). Type in any search string and a list of all matching sectors, stations and bookmarks will appear. Our Astrox Imperium +5 trainer is now available for version 0.0063 and supports STEAM. Builds 35,36 and 37. But as you improve your waste management system, you will be able to extract and utilize the waste so that the resources it can provide are not….

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