Started playing Aura Kingdom 2 and wondering which class is the best for you? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. So these are the best skills for Shinobi. This class likes to get up close and personal and, using their superior speed and agility, unleashing upon their enemies to destroy them in a matter of seconds. All four of these classes have their pros and different combat styles. Due to their versatility, the Elementalist is one of the best additions to any group. This class wields the power of the elements to great effect, especially when it comes to dealing with large crowds of enemies. Players will see themselves thrown into conflict with the Goddess, Ramayan who is facing a disaster that will extinguish humans and all other species from the world.

This class is the ranged counterpart of the Shinobi, with a focus on destroying enemies from a distance instead of getting up close and personal with them. Sign up now to get a free Eidolon, Stacy along with 500 Gems upon server launch. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – Gaming Soul, Follow Us On Twitter – Gaming Soul. Ragnarok Online Battle Academy first Closed Beta Test starting soon!

Which Class Should You Pick In Aura Kingdom 2? Some of these include fire spells that apply a burning effect that continues dealing damage over time.

In Aura Kingdom 2, this class would be the Dragoon. However, even if you find yourself completing the same challenges over and over, you can still find great enjoyment in playing with the different classes in the game. Aura Kingdom 2 - Medieval fantasy adventure RPG,Mobile sequel to classic PC MMO,3D anime action gameplay and includes both PVP and PVE modes. Of course, this composition is not set in stone and, while you will definitely benefit from playing with a group of varied classes, you can still get by with pure DPS or with several tanks during exploration and questing, as long as you’re careful. Visit the official website for more details, and see you in Aura Kingdom 2, Envoys of Gaia! Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale knockout game “stumbles” its way to mobile! We recommend DMG build for the archer class. Shinobi is the assassin-type class in the Aura Kingdom 2 that slashes the target with high DPS and CRIT skills.

Furthermore, their potent poisons continue to deal damage to the boss even after the Shinobi is done attacking. Here’s how to download…, Rohan M Beginner’s Guide: Features, gameplay, mechanics, characters, and more, Assassin class, first look into the upcoming class in Perfect World VNG, Netmarble officially partners with the NBA to create a brand new mobile game, Diablo Immortal to begin external regional testing very “soon” according to Blizzard. Watch new Cyberpunk 2077 footage from the latest Night City Wire! If you don’t feel like creating four different characters, and want to find the right class for your play style from the very start, then this article is for you. Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 best class guide featuring all classes overview; Shinobi, Nymph, Elementalist, Dragoon skills, talents build info. Let’s take a look at his skills.

Aura Kingdom 2: The epic 3D mobile MMORPG from X-Legend now Available... Diablo Immortal to begin external regional testing very “soon” according to…. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! The staple Guild System will play an important feature in the game. Best talents for Shinobi (last line) – Toxic Cross, Tsukikkage, Nijikage, Fortified Toxic Cross, Fortified Tsukikage, Asura Mind, Stunning Sakura Dance, Fortified Slash, and Asura Slash. He is good in mid and close-range battles; has high CRIT and DPS.

Simply put, there are four classes in the game, and each of these has a specific role within a party composition such as tanking, melee DPS, ranged DPS, and supporting the group. Both of these classes are good at inflicting damage. However, while it offers many features and aspects that have become increasingly common in MMORPGs, it also has an interesting gacha mechanic in the form of the Eidolon system, which allows you to summon companions in battle … Rohan M prepares for the arrival of the highly anticipated Dekan Class! Share your Aura Kingdom 2 Elementalist talent & best skills build in comments. Enduins is a Southeast Asia gaming media and social news platform. Nevertheless, while the Elementalist thrives when fighting against many enemies, they can also attack individual targets with ease.

Aside from character customization, Aura Kingdom 2 also offers a diverse selection of costumes and accessories to choose from, giving players the chance to be truly unique. Nymph – Ranged DPS. For instance, while most of his abilities can deal damage to the enemy, they also have a defensive component such as reducing the target’s attack stat or improving the Dragoon’s defense for a few seconds.

Cons – Not good for solo battles; has low DPS, DEF. For things to go along with her script, Ramayan decided to transform into a human and guide you, the Envoy of Gaia, to become the light of hope for this world. In fact, the Nymph thrives in groups with a tank as she can just relax and rain destruction on the enemy with reckless abandon. Which class is best in your opinion? ASUS partners with Fujifilm for its Share 2019 Campaign aimed at…, Now Corp. partners with SK Telecom to provide 5G services in…, ASUS Republic of Gamers officially reveals the ROG Phone II, Tencent and Qualcomm collaborate to develop mobile gaming hardware and software, Google Stadia: Everything we know so far about Google’s big bet…, Upcoming Titles: List of Ragnarok Online Games for PC and Mobile, Upcoming open-world mobile MMORPGs similar to Genshin Impact’s anime style, The most anticipated mobile games that are currently in development, Top new mobile games that came out in August 2020 that…, V4 Guide: Fastest Way To Increase Your CP (Combat Power), Nexon MMORPG V4: Guide And Tips For New Players, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, Child Emperor Guide, defeat your enemies…, Ragnarok Origin (KR) OBT Is Finally Live!

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