Axe of Hurling (5e Equipment) From D&D Wiki. Press J to jump to the feed. Eventually the DM got frustrated/bored and had his character just walk around the trap to pick up the dagger from where it had bounced to and say a sarcastic response before handing it back x'D I had wrongfully assumed the trap covered the whole corner, not just above the treasure specifically. They finally reached the city of Menzoberranzan, and cut down many dark elves.[1]. First, 5e doesn't have the "Returning" property built into weapons. Critical Role Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I've seen some editions giving magic items the 'returning' property, and seen other citations that magic thrown weapons come back automatically. After leaving the Temple of Dumathoin, the adventurers went further into the drow territory of the Underdark. [1], After leaving the Temple of Dumathoin, the adventurers went further into the drow territory of the Underdark.

Created by Rules Information I really really want to get this and Thor it out with my Paladin but I am saddened knowing it will never happen. A voice cannot wield it, and for so long I have been nothing more than a voice.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There is a weapon called the Dwarven Thrower that has such a property, though. Second, alongside the above point, in 5e a weapon will only have the abilities its description provides. The Chain of Returning has a range of thirty feet. When you hit with a ranged attack using this weapon, it deals an extra 1d6 damage. General Information Tiberius Stormwind

This handaxe has a normal thrown range of 25 feet and a long range of 100 feet. In my first D&D campaign (just a two-player test-run with my husband DMing and playing a "psychic" party member), we had something like that come up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Oops. Owners The Chain of Returning is a chain crafted by Tiberius and given to Grog that can be attached to his weapon. 1 wizard tried to throw her trusty dagger to trigger a trap hanging by some thin rope over a treasure chest (since no one else in the party had any spells/tools they could use to hit something that far off the ground). The Axe of Hurling was a unique magical axe that would return to its owner. Type [Source] Attunement Here, Dorn bestowed upon the party the magical returning axe, the Axe of Hurling. Take it. After heading down to the lowest level of the temple, they sacrificed a diamond to an enchanted fountain of healing power.

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