Ramon Sosa: The gym was about 5,000 square feet. UNDERCOVER AGENT: He fought. DETECTIVE: Apparently, Mr. Sosa hasn't been to work today. Very scary.

You know, Ramon ends up dead? It was -- scary. And so police told Ramon what they needed to do next. She'd bring him coffee and get up every morning with him and make his breakfast. Natalia Flores: She was a nice friend. Don't -- where are you going?". We're going through a divorce. He'd send texts to this fictitious killer with details about the hit -- details he'd share with Lulu. Heading out from the apartments. Lulu Sosa comes up for parole once a year. Joglar says he was shocked by what Lulu brought with her to his office. It was -- it was just a feeling of -- of thoughts of, "You know, I can't believe this, what I'm doing. …What caught my attention was -- was towards the end – of -- of the conversation, whose name came up. Ramon Sosa: Oh yeah. Tell 'em I'm offering 'em, you know, this much money.". So every time we were around, it was tons of laughs, and smiles.

She was great. But there was one photo that even Ramon says was not made up. DETECTIVE: So he hasn't contacted you in the last 24 hours? We got him today, this morning. …I didn't know what to do with myself except cry.

Ramon Sosa: That, I admit to the punch. I don't want you to come out. By 2007, Ramon, then 40, was ready to get back in the ring.

I felt her desperation. But she couldn't wait to get married. And Lulu agreed to a divorce settlement that handed Ramon the gym and the house. …He wanted a new life and – and -- and he became like -- like a son to me.

Originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico, Ramon grew up boxing with his father. I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the things you said about how you wanted to kill me.”. … And she claims there's a bruise on her leg that you inflicted on her. Peter Van Sant: What does that tell you about Lulu? And there was an altercation and Ramon grabbed her and scratched her. Around the same time that Lulu was complaining to her girlfriends, Ramon says another problem suspiciously appeared: missing money. You are not alone!” Ramon Sosa pic.twitter.com/rVegFZO5N6. was there and he brought out some pictures of actual dead people. Tonight’s episode of 48 Hours features interviews with Ramon Sosa, the survivor of a murder-for-hire plot planned by his then-wife Maria Sosa. And we wanna get her reaction. The man who Lulu thought would help kill her husband is now an author. "I would have never thought that anyone would want to kill me," says Ramon Sosa. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“The words kind of hung in the air for a split second and when I began to process the message, the words fell into my brain one by one,” he told the outlet. Ramon Sosa: Yes, sir. Natalia Flores is a hair stylist and one of Lulu's closest friends.

Mundo: A conversation was taking place – about … a customer … that was there that supposedly was claiming to be a big shot, that he had connections of – of -- hit men, of just people that could inflict harm. "… "I wish he'll disappear. [laughs]. She treated me like a king. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Peter Van Sant: And you're thinking, "Man, I'm fighting out of my weight class here," you know? Ramon Sosa: Her attorney wrote up the orders that … I was abusive, that I hit her son. CBS News Next, they had to find Ramon a grave.

Little did Lulu know that her roof was about to come crashing down. … They even threw dirt on my – on -- on my head. But, as far as putting a hand on her, never ever. Ramon and Mundo bought two disposable cell phones. Ramon Sosa: Underneath my pillow, loaded. Ramon and his new bride focused on growing their gym into a powerhouse. Lulu wanted a restraining order against Ramon. And we average about 200 some members a month. She looked very nice. Ramon's zest for life started early. In July 2017, D'Souza published The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. Julio Joglar: Because nobody got to hear her side … Many times, I saw her crying. Mundo: And the phone he's gonna use to play his own hit man.
Lulu then went to an ATM machine and withdrew $500, which she brought back to the parking lot to seal the deal. So I just kept my eye on her. But I'm happy that it's over with … I'll take it. The couple was going through a divorce at the time, but Ramon had to continue living under the same roof as Maria Sosa while he worked with investigators to make sure his wife would go to jail for what she’d done. Ramon immediately contacted police, but was told nothing could be done based only on conversations with an angry wife, as threatening as they sounded. Beth Blair: I saw two fun, outgoing, loved to party, loved to get together with people and have barbecues, and the more people the merrier. …It looked like a movie scene honestly. …We had our video. Eventually, the Puerto Rican Express ran out of steam. He said to call him Mundo. …This is how psycho this person was. Mundo: Her eyes. Ramon Sosa, Murder-For-Hire Plot Survivor: Where is He Today? …Everything was great. Elias is alive and kicking and is currently 70 years old. Where are you going? Impressed with the amateur sting, the professionals were now ready to take over. It's a song by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. He is now a published author and boxing coach. Peter Van Sant: How much money were you guys making a month or a year? Her next parole decision date will be sometime in September 2020. Ramon Sosa is a boxing coach in the Houston area. Ramon's final resting place. You know, I'm tired of him. …You can just feel something was wrong. “I will continue to empower men and women around the world that see themselves in abusive relationships to speak out and get help.

And that's one thing I did. And she got her American dream quick.

Lulu Sosa is shown the photo of Ramon, who appears to be dead, lying in a grave. Julio Joglar: I believe that that's what forced her at the end to make a decision that otherwise she'd have never made. Ramon Sosa: I will never be the same person ever again. They lived on different floors. People with bullet holes through their head. …He came … in a strong way at home … and force to do things that she doesn't want in that moment. I haven't talked to him. …At this point I already had the makeup, they had already started with the bullet hole. The reality of Ramon's death continues to sink in and Lulu's mood appears to lift: LULU SOSA [to undercover cop]: He won't wake up anymore.
He was on top of the world — until he learned someone was trying to hire a hit man to kill him. This time Lulu was by his side. “She knew what buttons to push to agitate me,” Sosa told ESPN in 2018. "I saw myself in the grave, dead," Ramon Sosa says of photos taken of him. Ramon Sosa: Lulu has never had any problems with the law, she's a beautiful lady, a mother… we don't wanna go to -- to a jury trial and have one of the jurors feel sorry for her. Ramon was issued a citation for assault. He was born with a fighting spirit.

Beth Blair: She doted on him. Ramon Sosa: I fell in love with the sport of boxing. Heartbreaking.

Julio Joglar: I think that Ramon Sosa is someone that was very violent to his wife. Mundo: She's like, "Well, tell 'em I'm offering the white truck. Disappear."

For Ramon's daughter Mia, a former model and beauty pageant contestant, and her two brothers, growing up around a local boxing celebrity had its perks. … always wanted to be involved with boxing in some kind of way. Because everyone knows my dad. Her next hearing is scheduled for later this month. Peter Van Sant:  And was Lulu afraid of Ramon, afraid that he may seriously hurt her? He is now a published author and works as a boxing coach. To you know start again because she was divorced in Mexico and then she come here. UNDERCOVER AGENT: Heading out. Mundo kept stringing Lulu along, assuring her he was trying to "get things done as soon as possible. …They picked out the one that they thought that was gonna be the best one. Lt. Mike Atkins: I got a call on a Sunday. Lulu Sosa's divorce attorney shared photos of bruises she says she suffered at the hands of her husband. Her father was on the line. Ramon Sosa: Those are all fabricated. And to lose everything the way she did, it's sad. Mundo has written a book about his experience, "My Son Mundo.". Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved.

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