Healthy Blue Death-Feigning Beetles kept in appropriate humidity and good ventilation have a light blue color to them, from the waxy secretion that protects them from the sun.

Asbolus verrucosus, also known as the desert ironclad beetle or blue death feigning beetle, is a species of darkling beetle native to the deserts of the Southwestern United States, mainly the Sonoran desert. Research source. Be careful to not make the habitat too crowded with decorations. This species, Asbolus verrucosus, is a tenebrionid beetle uniquely adapted to living in the hot, dry southwestern deserts of the USA. If you have several beetles, be sure to break the bark into a few pieces and scatter them around their habitat so everyone can have a chance at finding some.

Dean Ryder cracked the code on this one. How do the beetles mate, and how many times a year can they mate? "Very easy-to-follow setup information - specifically, the sub straight and how to determine the proper size, "These are beautiful and adorable. They really like places to hide, so foliage, log hides, and branches work great for them.

My granddaughter's tank looks like its covered in a thin layer of white dust. Fortunately, the beetles cannot climb smooth glass or plastic.

This beetle has been known to feign death when threatened. for under $5 USD, at least in my area. Remember that the more beetles you have, the more hiding spots you will have to provide. You can buy a food dish from a pet store or use a small overturned lid as a food dish. I use enclosures with metal screens, which allows me to provide heat and light from a lamp. What does it mean when my beetle does not move for hours after I bought it? They might get used to handling, such as not playing dead after being picked up, but they won’t recognize you from other humans.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you notice it is getting too high, mist the habitat once every other week. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best foods for your beetles! You can bury it if you like.

Substrate- Since Blue Death Feigning beetles are native to the desert, a sand substrate is ideal. It’s not necessary that they get insects but some beetles really enjoy them. Blue death feigning beetles have been reported to live for up to 17 years in captivity. Can my blue death feigning beetle be black and smooth?

Blue death feigning beetles are easily moved because they play dead when disturbed. Blueys live up to 10 years with proper care, but 5-8 is more common. It can be a good idea to mist one corner of the enclosure every week or so. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. They have a tendency to play dead when they are stressed or bothered. For substrate, sand, or a mix of sand and coco fiber works well. Mine will eat dead crickets as seen here: They also eat dried river shrimp, which are sold as food for aquarium fish and turtles: Another high-protein food source they will eat is pet food, such as fish flakes, or cat or dog food. Mist the habitat with water once every 1-2 weeks, and give them a steady supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in a shallow food bowl. Their beautiful appearance, interesting behavior, long lifespan, and easy care makes them a popular insect to keep. If the beetles get wet, they will temporarily become much darker in color. For an attractive enclosure with excellent visibility and ventilation, I prefer to use glass enclosures with screen lids, such as these: The enclosure above could easily house 6-10 beetles, as long as plenty of hides and surface area are offered. I personally use a mix of 50% sand, about 20% reptisoil, 10% coco fiber, and 20% bark that I found and baked from outdoors.

Each male can only mate once, he dies after. If you would like, you can wear gloves or use tongs to move the beetles. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Try lifting up rocks and pieces of wood. So if you have a 5g, you could fit 10, a 10g, 20, and so on. For this reason, the blue death-feigning beetle is becoming more and more popular as a pet, and just may be the best pet beetle. Last Updated: March 29, 2019

Just make sure you are gentle! Also, as their name suggests, if startled they can actually play dead. Healthy Blue Death-Feigning Beetles kept in appropriate humidity and good ventilation have a light blue color to them, from the waxy secretion that protects them from the sun. For substrate, sand, or a mix of sand and coco fiber works well. References It is likely just in shock from you moving it from one habitat to another. Get a custom drawing of your pet, in wikiHow style! All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. If the beetles get wet, they will temporarily become much darker in color. They cannot climb on smooth surfaces (plastic or glass).

You can sex blue death feigning beetles by checking their antennae.

Blue Death-Feigning Beetles are quite hardy, and can live long lives at room temperature with ambient light. Would reptibark work instead of bark from outside? These beetles secrete a wax-like substance that protects them from the sun and gives them their blue color. Will blue death feigning beetles get used to their owners?

Blue death feigning beetles are found in the SouthWest U.S. but are also commonly found in Mexico. Vegetables and fruits provide both food and water to your Blue Death-Feigning Beetles. They also need a protein source, so dog, cat, or fish food works really well.

What is the best sand to put into the tank? This beetle is extremely hardy and very long-lived, not to mention fascinating to watch as it goes about its business. Blue Death Feigning Beetle Facts First of all, the name of the Blue Death Feigning Beetle remains rather unique, to put it mildly. It usually takes about 5 minutes for them to get up from playing dead. Very excited to have these lovely little creatures in my home. They can also be found on sand dunes, or at the base of many desert plants.

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A water dish is not necessary as if they fall in or get wet from it, they will temporarily turn black, for up to weeks at a time. I stick with the general rule, 2 beetles per gallon, as they are very small. Once you figure out their favorites, rotate between them. Chopped organic carrots are a staple I use. Beetles living in a habitat with higher humidity will turn a blackish color, while beetles that are kept in low humidity, are bright blue.

The color of the beetles is based on the relative humidity. Easy to care for, cant harm you, easy to house. Do blue death feigning beetles mate more than once? It only takes a few days for their color to return to normal.

Males will have small but visibly noticeable hairs extending from the antennae. For larger numbers of beetles, use a larger enclosure, I currently have 7 Blue Death-Feigning Beetles in a 20-gallon reptile enclosure with a screen lid, something like this one. Females are usually bigger than males. You may want to invest in a heater if the temperature drops below 70 degrees. Some keepers will also mix in coconut fiber or peat moss into the sand. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. If you use live plants, there is a good chance that your beetles will slowly eat them. [1] Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I stick with the general rule, 2 beetles per gallon, as they are very small. First, make sure that it is actually dead. Blue Death-Feigning Beetles will mate and lay eggs often in captive conditions, as long as you keep males and females together. You can usually tell by looking at their sizes. They will get all their necessary moisture from their fresh fruits and veggies. Blue death feigning beetles are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day and sleep at night. Beetle Jelly is also a good food item. Females can mate repeatedly. Made for all reptile, invert, and amphibian keepers to learn & make new friends! They are omnivorous beetles, with a preference for protein-rich food. While fruits will provide vital nutrients and water, it’s nice to vary the food you give the beetles so they don’t get bored. They are increasingly becoming popular in the pet trade, due to their ease of care, hardiness, and longevity. If you take good care of your Blue-Death Feigning Beetles, you may have them for years…it is said that at least one BDFB lived for 17 years!

Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Learn more... Blue death feigning beetles, sometimes also called ironclad beetles, are native to the American southwest. When they feel threatened, they stop moving, roll on their backs, and feign death. Approved. How big should the cage be (in gallons) for my blue death feigning beetles? Just make sure you are gentle! If you prefer to have a lid, be sure it’s ventilated so air can flow in and out of the cage. The beetles are active, so they need some space to move around in. For more information on Blue Death-Feigning Beetles, check out my videos: Enter your email address to subscribe to the Podcast and receive notifications of new posts by email. They can also eat small insects such as mealworms, crickets, and dubias, but they will if had to be previously killed. I personally use a mix of 50% sand, about 20% reptisoil, 10% coco fiber, and 20% bark that I found and … Blue death feigning beetles have been successfully kept with desert hairy scorpions. If you live in an area of high humidity, you may want to invest in a hygrometer to measure the level of humidity in the terrarium. No water dish is required, and they can be fed foods such as apples, carrots, and dog and cat foods. What should I do with my beetle if it dies? Blue Death-Feigning Beetles can go a long time without food or water, but normally, they have hearty appetites and should be fed several times per week. Blue death feigning beetles need absolutely no added humidity. You can buy a glass terrarium or plastic critter keeper from a pet store, but a plastic storage bin also works. Overall these are amazing inverts, definitely on my top 5 list! Beetles can’t climb glass or plastic walls, so you don’t need a lid for the habitat. These beetles will not bite, and are perfectly safe to hold in your hands. They can’t climb up smooth surfaces so a lid is not a necessity. Give it some time and make sure that you have it in a comfortable environment.


They also need excellent ventilation. However, they may be more active if the temperature conditions are similar to those they encounter in the wild. The unique coloration of the blue death-feigning beetle is due to a waxy secretion that may help protect the beetle from the hot sun. It is important to keep the food you feed your beetles off of the substrate to prevent mold growth.

No it can’t, but you can choose other species of feigning beetle that are black and smooth.

Do not use a dirt-based substrate.

This article has been viewed 42,772 times. I also offer zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, apples, melon, and orange.

In this thread, he indicated how they will pupate when isolated in their own containers at temperatures between 80 and 88 F:

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