The local goats get crossed with Boer goat, to get Boer meat-producing characteristics along with local goats characteristics like multiple kidding or disease-resistant traits. I have boer goats and nigerian dwarf goats and they are both true escape artists, i had a 18 week old boer buck get out of his pen and was following my cat down the drive way!!.

In the winter, big human size wipes combat any raunchy smells. With poor pasture, you can sustain 2-3 goats per acre, but will be paying a much higher supplemental feed cost.

Though they have horns, they are more prone to run from danger before using their horns as a weapon. Still love goats, still go to goat shows to see beautiful girls with big udders (and lovely sweet stinky boys) Be warned tender people.

Then, a buck.

It takes about an hour but we can really see what’s going on with the herd and stay on top of ant potential problems.

A large benefit is that many goat breeds exist, and you can determine what your needs are and select accordingly. Not so true!

Like the Nubian goat, they possess long, pendulous ears.

Read more on the Boer facts. isn’t it so funny just watching them play around.

That should be #1 on your list of why NOT to own goats.

The breed has the capability to give multiple births. If you don’t train a dog it wont ‘behave’. I remember calling my ” goat mentors” in tears or panic or both many times…I always started with ” hi, it’s me, the dumb goat girl…” I hope I didn’t come across condescending or rude! They succumb easily to parasitic infections. The Boer goat has been into the National Mutton Sheep and Goat Performance Testing Scheme since 1970 making it the first goat breed involved in meat production performance testing. I really just LOVE goats and have learned to make it a little less trouble. This is one of the best meat purpose goat breeds in the world that gains weight quickly.

Do any of you live in WI and want to make lots and lots of extra $ from a crazy goat lady that just wants her 2 slaughter factory-saved goats to have a good life? We still laugh about the goats we had when our kids were growing up. But Bucks are aggressive when they are in a rut.

Great picture of the lass on the tire, I think I’ll try burying a few truck tires, maybe it will keep them busy and happy thru the winter months. My husband drove his truck to work and his boss said “I see you have goats.” because of the scratches all along the side where my toggenburg would jump up to look in the windows. If you formulate a schedule based on your area and needs it’s as simple as one or two maintenance doses a couple times a year. The bucks love playing in the water!

They get checked out regularly by the vet and they’re incredibly healthy and happy and they give me lots of beautiful milk. We had a few cement patios and bricks for the dog’s nails and those worked well for her too She snacked outside, but had her main bowl right next to her best friend’s in the kitchen. She later gave birth to two of the cutest babies. Running the sprinklers in the summer dissolved a lot of the ” nanny berries” and I think that helps. my goat acts more like a dog than an actual goat.

20 Goat Meat Benefits and Side Effects are presented here. She was never 100% on number 2, but that was easy to pick up when she had an accident. Boer goats are known to be hardy, but some keepers may experience increased struggles with internal parasites when raising these animals in hot climates. It gives maximum returns as compared to other breeds in a limited period of time. As typical browsers, the goats are able to suppress re-growth after bush thinning and to browse from plants up to 1.8 meters high, standings on their hind legs. Goat Farming Advantages # 1: As we all know that the goat is a multi-purpose animal which produces meat, milk, hide, fibre & manure. Fiasco farms (online) has lots of good info on natural worming/parasite control. Is that destruction? They are the most annoying animals ever. Not that they cant jump it, but they are happy so they dont. Multiple births are common, and a 200% kid crop is achievable in managed herds. Conclusion: Not sorry I did goats, will not be doing them any longer except for a few pets. My buck was once so tangled he couldn’t move at all and yet, when I found him, he was still… putting his mouth on himself. Herd management is seriously about staying one step ahead! Both of them can be used on multiple species so it was a great investment and the cost per dose is relatively small.

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