Great instructable! A wooden resizer, however, may only last one nesting season. This will keep a dominant bird from chasing other visiting chickadees away. How to Attract New Birds to Your Backyard. This is because our base just rests on the four beds, for a dirt cheap mechanism. Since you will be cutting the slant for the roof in the sides, you can keep them as long as you want if you are just cutting up scraps and won't re-use anything else, and just trim it to size when you add the taper. Floor Size (Inches) Box Height (Inches) Entrance Hole Above Floor (Inches) Hole Size (Inches) Entrance Hole Above Ground (Feet) Chickadee: 4 x 4: 8 - 10: 6 - 8: 1 1/8: 4 - 15 No need for hinges, and it will hold just fine..

For a more permanent solution consider using thin sheet of metal that will resist chewing and talon damage from resident birds. A very tiny hole will exclude all cavity-nesting bird species, while a very a large hole is a welcome invitation to squirrels, rats, large snakes, raccoons, opossums, or other animals to use the house instead of birds.

When you’re ready to build a birdhouse, one of the most important considerations you must make is the birdhouse hole size.While the floor space, entrance height, and roof height are also important birdhouse dimensions, it is the diameter of the entrance hole that will most accurately determine which birds find the house attractive and which birds can use the house safely. Even if a bird nests in an unexpected birdhouse, however, backyard birders should never attempt to remove a nest unless it is obviously unsafe or the feathered family has left and it is time to clean the house. Making a birdhouse hole smaller is easier than it may seem. If your piece of wood allows it, you can make the house a few inches higher. Similarly, birds may often use houses with larger than typical entrance holes, though they can be at greater risk from predators or other threats. Everything except the base just gets glued together. If many chickadees visit your yard, add multiple feeders to allow more birds to eat at once. Plant trees and shrubs of different sizes in mixed clumps to provide better foraging areas and denser shelter for protecting the birds. For Chickadees, 1-1/8 inches is the normally quoted size, but this will be a bit too small in northern areas where they get plumper. If you are doing this with a table saw and are comfortable using the fence, you can get away with a list of the dimensions and just use the fence to size everything. Participated in the Homemade Gifts Contest 2016. The first 9-1/2 of the back make up the wall, and the rest will keep going below the bird house so you can easily fasten it.

Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. You may need to use a small piece of wood over the original entrance to brace and guide the bit, and it may be necessary to sand away any rough edges after drilling. I chose chikadees because they are friendly birds that stick around through our cold Canadian winters, and can easily be tamed to come eat out of your hand, especially if you are giving them tasty treats like sunflower seeds.

Be sure to increase the hole size uniformly around the circumference to preserve the circular shape as much as possible, though it does not need to be perfect.

About:, Electrification & Restoration of a 1970's Raleigh Shopper, a piece of ply (at least 14 inches x 19 inches). The chickadee prefers 1 1/8-inch diameter openings, the titmouse, Bewick's wren, and the downy woodpecker look for homes with 1 1/4-inch diameter openings. This bird house is tailored for chickadees, but you can of course modify it to suit whatever bird you are trying to attract. Nuthatches prefer 1 1/4-inch to 1 3/8-inch diameter openings. She has over 16 years experience writing about wild birds for magazines and websites. The drill bit size you select should match the nails you are using, so that they can slide in and out, but not fall through. What you will need are two pieces that are 4 inch wide for the front and back. If you have more than one, make sure they are very spaced out, as the chickadees could get a little territorial. Chickadees are not shy and are easily attracted to bird-friendly yards, but there are several easy ways to make your yard even more welcoming for these curious and charming birds. So the sides are 4-1/2 x 9-1/2. Laser lines on saws are genrally pretty gimicky, but this is where I actually like having one. In this case, I am making a 1-1/4" hole that is centered just over 6 inches away from the bottom edge (kinda eyeballed it). Chickadees are an energetic, exciting addition to any birder's backyard, and fortunately, it is easy to encourage these curious birds to visit. When you’re ready to build a birdhouse, one of the most important considerations you must make is the birdhouse hole size. Although the birds have simple needs, maybe you see the bird house as a decorative item for the backyard. Position bird feeders and baths close to thicket-like areas to provide a safe, easy retreat for skittish chickadees and tits. Fortunately, it is easy to increase or decrease the size of a birdhouse hole and still use the house design you are interested in. Other options include using a thicker wood piece, an old shingle, or even a chunk of natural bark for a rustic, somewhat camouflaged entrance. It is possible to hand-feed chickadees as the birds become accustomed to your yard, and even if you enjoy them from afar, these are fantastic birds to appreciate at your feeders and birdhouses.

In preparation for installing the base later on, we want to drill two holes in each side.

Right Bird, Right House. You can now go out and install your bird house.

These basic entrance sizes can help attract just the types of birds you want to become backyard residents. Depending on the bird and climate, the size of the hole will varry. Many birdhouse kits and novelty birdhouses come with pre-drilled entrance holes that may not match the optimum size for birds you want to nest in your yard. Entrance Hole: 1 1/8" Depth: 8" Width & Length: 5 1/2" ... 1" wood shavings in box floor. If the hole only needs to be enlarged a small bit, a round file may be sufficient or you can use a smaller drill bit along the edges of the hole. By keeping birdhouse entrance holes to the proper sizes, the houses will be more attractive and birds will be more likely to raise their families safely and securely. The house I am building is meant for chickadees that live in northern climates. © The Spruce, 2018, Optimum Hole Sizes for Common Birdhouse Nesting Species, How to Make a Bird Feeder from a 2-Liter Plastic Bottle, Different Types of Electrical Boxes in Your Home, How to Use Screen Mesh to Guard Attic Vents Against Animal Pests. Birders in some areas, such as the boreal region of Canada and the western Rocky Mountain area, may even be fortunate enough to attract more than one chickadee species where their ranges overlap. Chickadee houses should be mounted on a tree, wall, or pole 4-15 feet above the ground. Learning how to attract chickadees is just a matter of knowing what these easy-to-please birds want and how to meet their needs in a bird-friendly yard.

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