This tool eliminates all these catastrophes from happening and is a must have for a clock service center. A clock should be able to run with no lubrication at all anywhere, lubricating just being something to help it work and add some preventive maintenance to reduce pivot hole wear. If the clock is an American 8 day time strike movement chances are the dimensions of the spring is ¾ x .018 x 96”. If you have the clock movement out of its case, and you see the clicks rivet is loose, best to do something about it. Mainsprings can do alot of damage to a clockmaker. As far as the mainsprings in the barrels go, they sometimes can be removed from the clock without taking the movement completely apart, but still needs the power released first. Plain Barrel: i.e. This could have consequently been bent. It consists of the main winding component that has a switch to flip from wind to unwind. We have a chart of all the Loop End Mainspring sizes available to be purchased new. Now you have the arbors and pivots straightened it is time to inspect the pivot holes. With a flat screwdriver, move the click out of the way. Often a clock mainspring barrel can be removed without disassembling the clock movements outer plates. The purpose of cleaning the spring is so when it is wound up it won’t stick to itself. The arbor that connects to the center of the spring is only connected by a nub hooked inside the hole at the beginning of the mainspring.

I have never gotten injured doing this and hope you won't either. Trifix brand carbon "TEXTUR" steel mainsprings made in Germany. This takes strong hands and alot of guts, if the spring gets the best of you, it could hurt. With the barrel out of the way, you can now put the holder with the spring in it back into the machine. This is done with a mainspring let down tool, do not attempt to use the clock key, this could cause an injury. If you do not have confidence in doing this, buy a new spring (they do not cost much) or get a hole end mainspring winder tool from us here at Clockworks. Vintage NOS Clock Mainspring made in France 80-921 3/8" x .015" x 53" $9.99 +$4.20 shipping. Then reverse the tailstock so the bar that sticks out of it can be inserted into the loop of the mainspring and the whole thing can be positioned as to secure the other end of the winding arbor. On rare occasions the clock requires a strange sized spring that is not available. The hole end mainspring winder will again make this safer and easier. Please select sizes in the drop down boxes below, now available with lengths; a World first! Of course the spring goes wild when this is done and its moderately dangerous. Drum has 60 teeth. Lots of different sizes available with the best stocks.

Then attempt to straighten the pivots. If they are broke then there is still hope. Timesavers is now selling a new mainspring for American clocks, part number 18790. The loop end mainsprings are the type that are visible from the back of the clock and they have a … Replacing teeth is covered later on. The cap of the barrel can be put back on easily with a vise. See how safe and easy a mainspring winder makes it? If the pivot holes are oval instead of round then it is time for bushings. Just turn the arbor the opposite way of the spring winding direction, and you will see the nub pop out of the mainspring hole. It is really an arbor, but the skinny end of the arbor that sticks throughout the plate is called a pivot in clock world.

For this reason, a clock with a broken loop end mainspring must come completely apart to replace the spring. It is quite an impact on the clock when a mainspring lets loose and it is good to check the following: See if the click, the part that keeps the mainspring winding in only one direction, is okay and not to loose. This would call for re-pivoting and that is a whole different topic to be covered later. Mainsprings are serious business, they pack a punch, so please do not take them too lightly and end up getting smacked by one. If greasing is your option then it should be done when it is out side of the clock movement and uncoiled. Pop off the cap to the barrel by whacking the end of the arbor with a wood hammer just enough so the cap pops off, but the mainspring stays inside. Let us help you! Wear eye protection when doing this for sure. Barrel is 44.55mm outer (teeth) dia, barrel 39.89mm dia, drum depth 21.31mm, and shaft height from front to back 33mm. The mainspring let down tool allows the release of the mainspring with the fist rather than the fingers.

If the movement is an antique and no longer in production, then you may still be able to get a movement (that is not the quality of the new one) that is made in Korea. Sound encouraging? Mainsprings that are in barrels are always hole end mainsprings. Now all you have is a barrel with a broken spring in it. Now you have a mainspring that will not stick to it self and that is the goal. Using a mainspring winder is the safest way to work with mainsprings. This is what holds the mainspring so that it winds in only one direction. Start with the outer hole of the spring hooked to the barrel hook and curve the spring from outer to inner until the spring pops in. When a mainspring breaks it can cause a lot of damage to the rest of the clock. Pop off the cap off with a appropriately sized screwdriver inserted into the slot provided and you will see the broken mainspring. The mainspring should be greased or nothing at all.

To put the new spring into a barrel is easier because the new springs come already wound up. If the movement is still made, its time for a new one, check with us to find out. That's easy! Image is for illustrative purposes only and you will receive the size selected. without teeth, used in fusee watches and clocks. French & German Hole End Clock Mainspring Height 20 Force 0.45 Diameter 45. It should be called a hole end and loop end mainspring winder and unwinder tool. If the unwound spring is a foot or more in diameter (in a American 8 day time strike movement taking a ¾ x .018 x 96 spring) than it should be good to use after it is cleaned. And I mean low heat, if you get this sucker to hot it will break when you wind it and that would be a lot of wasted effort. On the flip side if you use the warm water and it is not dried all the way, you risk it rusting. This tool takes the fear from clock repair. Give the movement a visual check over to see if anything was damaged due to the mainspring breaking. £4.00 postage. © 2020 Clockworks. Put the mainspring let down tool over the square post the key goes onto.

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