[19], Cole persuades Phoebe to move into a penthouse suite, ostensibly so they can have peace. [17], By this time, virtually the only thing remaining of Cole's humanity is his love for Phoebe. As Cole expects, the Charmed Ones storm the penthouse, intent on vanquishing him once and for all with three of their most powerful potions. Cole is crowned the new Source with Phoebe as his Queen. Cole knocks him out of the way, knowing that Coop's death will devastate Phoebe, and sacrifices his own soul in the process. Under pressure from the Triad, Cole employs the help of, Cole's love for Phoebe prevents him from killing her, When Phoebe goes to see Cole at his apartment, she finds that Cole is wounded and calls Leo to heal him. Male Phoebe's body is breaking down from the weight of having two souls in it, and Cole offers to transfer Isis' soul into Paige's body, in exchange for having Jeric mummify Phoebe until he can figure out how to make her love him again. Cole Turner was born on January 19th, 1885 to Benjamin Turner (mortal) and Elizabeth Turner (demon). Cole begs Phoebe to use a spell in the Grimoire to bring him back to life. His plan is to get the Nexus underneath the Manor, intending to use its power to not only turn Phoebe evil, but reorganize the underworld under his leadership and take control of the city. Rather than renew the previous Source's war against the Charmed Ones, Cole planned to use Phoebe's love for him to turn her evil and permanently shatter the Power of Three. Cole is able to gain Piper's trust and convinces Piper to give into death to call out to an amnesiac Leo, restoring the couple.

Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? However, just as the Tracker is about to kill Sam, Cole kills the Tracker instead--he wanted Sam alive so he could heal Paige, believing that his massive powers meant only the Power of Three could put him out of his misery.

He even goes as far as to stir up legal difficulties for the Charmed Ones in hopes of tricking them into giving up the manor. Cole dies on his 118th birthday (January 19th, 2003). Later, he makes two attempts to steal the Charmed Ones' Book of Shadows. He is vanquished by the Charmed Ones, but not before Older Phoebe tells Phoebe to marry Cole. Cole finds out about Dantalian and goes back to warn Phoebe. Cole had done extensive research on the Charmed Ones, and he set his sights on Phoebe because he believed that, as the youngest sister, she was the most vulnerable. Piper is then able to save Phoebe from near death with Leo's healing power. Cole believes Paige was responsible for turning Phoebe against him. Love, Cole" —Cole in his goodbye letter to Phoebe. However, Cole instead works hand in glove with Jeric so they can both get their lovers back. Isis is the only person who knows how to demummify a body. Cole also arranged Piper's attack by the Thorn Demons, as he had to "risk everything for this one.". Patty and Penny tell him that if he wants redemption he will have to do something bigger; they want him to find Prue, who has apparently gone missing. As Piper is about ready to relinquish her powers, Cole bombards the Source with Energy Balls as he stands immobile controlling Piper's mind. When Cole has to embrace his demon side in order to defeat another demon, a Potion is used on him to strip him of his demon side, leaving him merely human. They believe that having even one Charmed One on their side will give them enough power to take over the Underworld before Cole can consolidate his power. He … He tells her that being with her reawakened his human half; over the years he'd forgotten what it meant to be human. The Seer and Cole create a tonic which will ensure that the child is evil. Meanwhile, the sisters acquire a target in the red-and-black-skinned demon Belthazor (Michael Bailey Smith). Gender Later he talks to Paige and Darryl, who convince him to let Phoebe be if he really does love her, and he finally agrees. Elizabeth taught Cole to despise his human side for its "weaknesses." As a lawyer and a demon, one writer notes that Cole is part of the same "corporate" metaphor as the Wolfram & Hart firm in the television series Angel. Belthazor then vanquishes Andras, but Piper manages to gash off part of his flesh so she and her sisters can create a vanquishing potion. Avatar Alpha transforms Cole into an Avatar. He then begins uniting the various demon and warlock factions in preparation for formally being crowned. Cole rose in the ranks of demons to become a demonic mercenary called Belthazar.

He is nearly paralyzed from his victims' cries, but as planned, it lures Piper to the manor and gives Phoebe, Paige and Leo the chance they need to turn her human again.

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