Over 1.9 million of these shotguns would leave the Cobourg factory before the Cooey brand was mothballed, and Winchester would follow up on the 84/840’s success with their own Model 370, 395, 168, and 37A; all based upon Cooey’s design. The Henry Pump Octagon, available in calibers .22LR or .22 Magnum, is one gun that is built for fun. Unlike most other break-action guns, there is no latch under the fore-end to secure the forestock to the barrels; instead it is simply held in place by spring tension.

A single-shot break-action. The lever action is the one you helped me with. Shipping and insurance by purchaser valid pal verification required. Blueing is good, bolt and receiver suggest very limited use. After dropping out of an apprenticeship with the Grand Trunk Railroad and quitting a job on an assembly line, the then 23 year-old H. W. Cooey opened his first machine shop up at the corner of Queen Street and Spadina Avenue in Toronto in 1903, referring to himself as a “mechanical expert and practicing machinist.”. Attached is a picture of a mess of Squirrels that I was able to harvest with my favorite go to gun.

$150,EMT or cash ftf in the Barrie area, shipping on your dime, pal a must. Complimenting and thanking you and your group for quality rifles made in the US. These guns were made by Winchester of Canada, and sold in Canada. Review our online safety tips here before you buy anything, Cooey Model 39 single shot .22 in excellant condition, new trigger lock, brand new Herter soft case Must have valid PAL, NO SHIPPING..... face to face sale in the Lower Sackville area. By 1929, demand for Cooey rifles had outgrown the production capacity of Herbert’s facility at Howland and Bridgman, so the new Cooey Machine & Arms Company left Toronto in favour of a new facility in Cobourg. stock for Cooey .22 cal Model 82 training rifle, Looking for a decent stock to fit Cooey model 60/600 repeater. Cooey Model 78. Still made in the Lakefield plant, where much of Cooey’s manufacturing equipment and staff went, the Savage’s design is almost unchanged. $150,EMT or cash ftf in the Barrie area, shipping on your dime, pal a must. Advertising the ever-popular Canuck (later renamed the Ace) in a myriad of papers and magazines, Cooey continued to put forth an image of excellent quality and wasn’t afraid to say so with ads that read “Make mine a Cooey – I want the best,” and “Don’t Take a Substitute.” But it was the ad in a 1922 issue of Rod & Gun Canada that perhaps best defined the Cooey rifle as “The ideal Christmas present for the red-blooded boy, whether he lives in the city, the town or the country.”. The best solution? Even today, well used examples are easily capable of shooting with accuracy that is on par with or better than many mainstream modern bolt-action .22s. In good condition apart from one mark on stock (see pictures). Savage Model 29-A 24" Oct. Brl Check Stock (B8056-17)(S) - .22 LR $499.99: 0 $499.99 5d 8h 41m 17110203.

The Henry Pump Action Octagon.22 rifle joins faded jeans, Mom’s apple pie, a restored ’57 Chevy as an all-American icon.

At the heart of Cooey’s new repeater was a new action, pictured here in the author’s Model 600, and easily identifiable by a new notch cut into the receiver to accept the cocking lug on the striker; Cooey’s first actual safety. It also sports a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, and Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8″ dovetail slots enabling you to change sights if you choose to do so. CONTACT RENÉ AT 514 713 2310 OR [email protected], COOEY MODEL 75 SINGLE SHOT 22 , NORMAL PATINA ON GUN, EXCELLENT RIFLING ,NO RUST OR PITTING, NICE WALNUT STOCK.

Model 150 (1967) lever-action .22 rifle (Model 250 variant) Model 190 (1966) semi-automatic .22 rifle; Model 255 (1964) lever-action .22 WMR rifle (Model 250 variant) Simplicity was at the forefront of Hubert’s mind while creating the 84, as the simple single-shot design kept the lockwork separate from the action and required the shooter load the gun and then cock it in a separate action unlike many other break-action shotguns. Gun was manufactured by Winchester. Cooey 64B “Rabbit” .22 LR semi automatic with clip, in fair condition with Bushnell Custom X4 .22 scope made in Japan and had sling mounts and loops. CONTACT RENÉ AT 514 713 2310  OR  [email protected], COOEY MODEL 750 SINGLE SHOT 22 , EXCELLENT CONDITION EXCEPT SCUFF ON LEFT SIDE ON WOOD, EXCELLENT RIFLING  AND BLUE. Hello i have a cooey model 60 with scope mount in great condition ,once upon a time someone carved in a squirrel in the buttstock and some checkering on 1 side of the forestock, i'm looking to trade for a rifle for deer hunting i will not "ship" local only thank you. CAN BE SHIPPED FOR $40 EXTRA.

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