I can fit them in the JPC but it's tight. Both adjustment of the straps and routing cables and the like is easier for me with the JPC 2.0, because of the Tweave cover’s Velcro opening. Is it worth paying a significant amount extra, for what some might refer to as the luxuries of the 2.0? I’m using TFT Training Plates in the following pics, which I reviewed here. Yeah, not to get too far off track but I use a belt for primary reloads and use the chest rig when I need to carry more mags than is comfortable on the belt. Basically anything that's based on the original swift clip system.

But, for those who prefer a middle of the road (in a good way) stripped-down carrier, the JPC 2.0 may strike just the right balance between light weight, ventilation and comfort. The AirLite Skeletal Cummerbund is composed of a webbing sandwich containing a hidden stiffener. The S/M cummerbund which ships with the medium plate carrier is adjusted to its limit in my iteration. It wasn’t until 2015 that Crye launched the JPC 2.0 – again recorded by SSD: It was an instant hit, giving users some of the versatility of the Crye AVS but in a more stripped down package.

I currently have PPI/CPC level 4 stand alone plates that are pretty thick and cut a bit different than standard SAPI plates. It is fully MOLLE compatible on its inside face as well as outside. That makes sense. Some images contain optional accessories, other AXL products, or other company’s products, all sold separately. Drop in panel for your MOLLE carriers to add a 6"x9" field of loop Velcro for chest rigs, other swift clip/placards and cummerbunds to attach to either the front or back of your carrier. -- FromMyColdDeadHand. Drop in panel for your MOLLE carriers to add a 6"x9" field of loop Velcro for chest rigs, other swift clip/placards and cummerbunds to attach to either the front or back of your carrier. The shoulder straps are covered in Tweave stretch fabric wraps, which are secured with Velcro. Having said that, for a plate carrier of its ilk it really is very wearable. I am trying to make it easy to run a chest rig as well because I also compete in several run n gun competitions and during the middle of summer I’m trying to keep weight and ability to keep cool as a priority. I can only say that I prefer the 2.0 because for me it’s more versatile. Simply pop the two buckles and swap panels. Customers Also Viewed: ... Had to use the swift clips to attach a Haley Strategic D3CRX-Heavy on to my Crye JPC 2.0 and man do they all compliment each other perfectly. There are some variations in the height of the placard itself, the length of the buckle webbing, and the placement of the female buckles on the chest rig itself. Just add the appropriate female Fastex buckles to the loops. I won’t go into any detail about these features, except to point them out. Like the JPC, the JPC 2.0 is sized by the wearer’s plate size. There is, however, a popper at the base of the front plate bag for additional security. Allows you to attach velcro cummerbunds to your plate carrier like Ferro Concepts, SKD STT, FirstSpear Tubes, and more (when attached to the back of a carrier).

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There truly is a clue in the name, here. My plates measure 9.5 x 11.5, but the JPC's sizes are based on the SAPI plates. The real gem, however, is the Tweave stretch fabric at the sides of the plate bags. Being deceptively comfortable, the shoulder straps are also worth a good look; quite apart from their e-doff functionality. I look at FL93 and wonder, "How can we lose?". https://www.axladvanced.com/collecti...-retention-kit, MISC Training Course Announcements & AAR's, Former Vickers Shooting Method Regional Instructors, Pacific Northwest Training and Networking, All Other Longgun Parts, Accessories, & Magazines (EE), Handgun Parts, Accessories & Magazines (EE), If this is your first visit, be sure to Enter the JPC 2.0. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Made entirely out of our lightweight composite material, the loop field becomes a second skin on your carrier adding almost no weight and without having to MOLLE the adapter on, all while remaining rigidly attached. I usually buy from bulletproofme.com level 4 stand alone would be nice. Do you like plush padding and the feeling that your carrier surrounds you like an amniotic sac (e.g. It’s difficult to convey the paradigm shift the JPC represented when it was released, but it set the bar and inspired a whole new generation of minimalist plate carriers which punched well above their weight. As well as doffing, it makes the cummerbund a little easier to don than the original JPC. So their medium would be designed for a 9.5 x 12.5 plate and their large would be designed for a 10 x 13 plate. Flipping the carrier over, two more enhancements are exhibited in the form of the drag handle and parallel zips for securing Crye Zip On Panels. By the way, that PC show above is in MultiCam camo pattern. However, while I can’t ever see myself using this, I’m sure it’s a nice to have for those at the sharp end. You can find a whole list of them here. You’d be hard pushed to find a lite carrier as forgiving. For me, this small detail is a decent improvement over the closed-loop tubular wraps of the JPC. The list is updated as more reviews are published. got in a trade a crye JPC size medium. Want more Crye reviews?

It just takes the normal ITW split female buckles. The plate bags also feature a generous segment of spacer mesh at the top inner face, for breathability. Sign up for the latest news and product drops.

They are also highly discrete, which makes shouldering a weapon second nature. There are a couple of other details which are not in use in my iteration of the carrier. Equally, the JPC 2.0 doesn’t feel as stripped down as the First Spear AAC. I would guess many people first saw the JPC on Soldier Systems Daily (SSD) in this report. It wasn’t until 2015 that Crye launched the JPC 2.0 – again recorded by SSD: JPC 2.0 (source: SSD) It was an instant hit, giving users some of the versatility of the Crye AVS but in a more stripped down package. After a jaunt of up to 24 hours, it’s unlikely you’ll be looking for alternatives.

Crye's website says to size the JPC based on the size of your plates. The ride height of the carrier is controlled at the shoulder straps as usual and for this purpose the straps are a two part affair, secured with Velcro. It’s meant to be more scalable and modular than the original JPC – combining some of the gold standard AVS’ features – and I think it does a good job of that. I would kind of suggest rethinking the whole plan, though, and just getting one of the placards offered by Crye specifically for the JPC. Ideally I could just transition easily between the PC and CR with the same front setup. It exhibits a Velcro loop field on the inside for adding accessories next to the body, and Velcro hook at the front plate bag ends, where it secures to the carrier. For our issued carrier Adaptive Vest Placard, follow these links: Army Issued Carrier Adaptive Vest Placard, Marine Corps Issued Carrier Adaptive Vest Placard. As well as third party attachments which follow this standard, you can of course use AVS Detachable Flaps – as mentioned earlier. The Daedon front panels are removable via velcro (they act as the cummerbund flap) and use two ITW QASM Buckles at the top.

Like all features of the JPC and JPC 2.0, it’s a simple but effective system. It terminates at the front plate bag with a JPC 2.0-specific webbing handle, because it is part of the 2.0 emergency doff (e-doff) system. I feel like any plate carrier is going to make it extra hot when I really just need my hydration and a couple of extra mags. The Reptile House Blog is also on Facebook and Instagram, Enter your email address and click follow to receive new posts by email. It’s nice to spread the weight out. Haley, Spiritus, etc. In conjunction with my review, it’s worth reading Crye’s JPC 2.0 Operator’s Manual.

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