The Gauja river rises in the Vidzeme upland and flows east, then turns northwest, becomes the border between Latvia and Estonia for a short distance, and then flows southwest to the Gulf of Riga. 0000006280 00000 n 0000002137 00000 n

See also. Both model and satellite images showed river water mainly contained in the bulge. Inverted vertical seismic profiling. [2], The river began experiencing environmental deterioration in the era of Soviet collective agriculture (producing considerable adverse water pollution runoff) and a wave of hydroelectric power projects.[3]. The Daugava river rises in the Russian Federation, flows through Belarus (where it is called the Western Dvina), enters Latvia in the southeast and flows northwest to the Gulf of Riga.

… [citation needed], Upstream of the Latvian town of Jekabpils the pH has a characteristic value of about 7.8 (slight alkaline); in this reach the calcium ion has a typical concentration of around 43 milligrams per liter; nitrate has a concentration of about 0.82 milligrams per liter (as nitrogen); phosphate ion is measured at 0.038 milligrams per liter; and oxygen saturation was measured at eighty percent. The fish-pass was built of 86 chambers, each 3x3 m wide and 1.5 – 1.7 m … egw�����>�KK|����䕮!i�^������4^!��*F�C�!WУ����|�t����د��,�刦��%E\Rk8e�C�Y �mٲ5/`�`!6�Po�:���%��9�.g9R�3��� ������B�����ȯ�y��\]a�Hr)��(a&�k0�����nM�� After the Second World War, the construction of another 547 small stations was planned, but only 267 were built.

A hydrogeological modelling and field investigation has shown that artificial recharging of groundwater resources in Baltezers does not put at risk groundwater quality to exceed permitted parameters’ values for drinking water.

In order to build Riga HES, a dam was constructed across the Daugava River through the middle of Doles Sala, half of which has since been flooded to make room for Riga Reservoir.

Crosshole seismoacoustic. The total catchment area of the river is 87,900 km2 (33,900 sq mi), 33,150 km2 (12,800 sq mi) of which are within Belarus.[1]. The local nature of palaeokarst manifestations, significant differences in the physical and mechanical properties of the filling material in comparison with the surrounding host rocks, increased water saturation and filtration flows create significant anomalies in geophysical fields, which create good conditions for the use of a wide range of shallow-depth geophysical methods for their area and linear mapping.

At present, no small power stations are functioning, though the reservoirs still exist. This area includes rivers such as the Irbe, Stonde, Roja, Svetupe and Vitupe. Dams have been constructed for two main reasons: to control floods and to build hydro-electric power stations.

For a considerable length the profile of the valley had a canyon-like shape, which contributed to the development of karst and landslide processes on its sides. In combination with the drilling data performed by Meridian Ltd (Daugavpils), the position of the sides of the buried pre-glacial valley was clarified and the areas of deluvial “plumes” – clusters of coarse-grained material with high filtration properties along the bottom of the sides, which are the target horizons for the installation of drainage filters, were identified. About 50-55% of the waters of the Daugava, Venta, Lielupe and Musa rivers is melted snow, while for the Gauja and Amata rivers it is 35-40%. A high-resolution (horizon- tal grid step of 125m) General Estuarine Transport Model (GETM) was used for detailed description of the develop-ment of the river plume in the southern GoR over the period when satellite images were acquired. The riverbed average width of the upper section 10-15 m, of the middle section 20-35 m, of the lower section 70-90 m. Depth of the river from 0.6 to 1.2 m. The gradient to the lake Dysnai 117 m / km. 2002.

���(@�y00��HH�`��*�^�. Bedrock and moraine surface depth determination. List of rivers of Latvia; This Vidzeme location article is a stub.

For a considerable length the profile of the valley had a canyon-like shape, which contributed to the development of karst and landslide processes on its sides. In 13th century river was called Wogen or Woga. Coastal north basin: It includes the small river basins within the coastal lowland on the opposite shores of the Gulf of Riga. The Salaca river rises in Lake Burtnieks in the north and flows west to the Gulf of Riga.

That part of the groundwater flow which does not contribute to the total IRWR (overlap) is estimated at 4 300 million m³/year. Venta river basin; Its total area is 11 800 km², of which almost two thirds is situated in Latvia. Krāslava, Daugavpils, Līvāni, Jēkabpils, Pļaviņas, Aizkraukle, Jaunjelgava, Lielvārde, Kegums, Ogre, Ikšķile, Salaspils and Riga.

%PDF-1.2 %���� This brings the internal renewable water resources (IRWR) to 16 940 million m³/year (16 540+4 700-4 300) and the total renewable water resources (TRWR) to 34 939 million m³/year (34 539+4 700-4 300) (Table 3).

Before the Second World War, about 300 such stations had been built. The Venta river rises in Lithuania, enters Latvia in the southwest and flows north through the Kurzeme lowland to the Baltic Sea.

River basins and surface water resources. Inverted vertical seismic profiling. Remote sensing imagery and numerical model study of river bulge evolution and dynamics in a... All site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the, Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 'Manuscript Revision: River bulge evolution and dynamics in a non-tidal sea – Daugava River plume in the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea'. herbicides, pesticides, nitrate and phosphate).

RIGA SHIPYARD dock No. Performing of long profiles and significant land areas is carried out using a low frequency dipole antenna, which allows in some cases to detect and delineate the anomalous zones of the paleokarst manifestations at depths of 5-8 m. Below figure shows an example of detection of anomalous zones on the profile along protective dam of the Riga HPP reservoir. The Musa river is a tributary of the Memele river. Electrotomography. Reflected wave method. Its length is 1,020 km (630 mi), of which 325 km (202 mi) are in Russia. About 36 percent of the lakes in Latvia are located in the Latgale upland in the southeast of the country.

In the Kurzeme peninsula and in the middle uplands, direct surface runoff accounts for 40 percent of flow of the rivers, while in the Zemgale plain it represents 20-30 percent. Methods . The cascade of the Daugava hydroelectric power plants forms continuous chain of reservoirs throughout the lower stream of the Daugava river, a substantial portion of the which is located along the buried preglacial palaeovally which depth in some places is more than 150 meters.

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