He has been guiding for 30 years in Canada, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. They are the only calls on the market with this design, making them one of their own. About. About 500 duck decoys and 150 goose decoys.

Steve Barnett has been duck hunting with family and friends for over fifty years. 16). If you would like to become a part of Pope Lake Hunt Club contact us today to receive the necessary forms to complete and send back to us along with the payment of $2,900 as soon as possible. Here at Rivers Edge Hunting Club we believe that the right tool for the job is very important, that’s why we stand behind Browns Waterfowl Calls. Offer two memberships options, the 1st is a Diamond membership for $ 2,900.00 per year that includes the following: 7).

Duck and Goose hunting everyday that that is allowed by State and Federal rules.


Crooked Creek Duck Club has been specifically designed to attract an abundance of waterfowl. Hunting is done in one location with all blinds being located together. 3). This is easy access hunting with a spacious blind.

The owners all share equally in all other cost for the operation of the club that is not paid for by the shooting members. Thanks! For decades, this property has been well-known as a duck hunter’s favorite with large numbers of migrating waterfowl  returning year after year.

He has been guiding for 30 years in Canada, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Brad brings with him 29 years of waterfowl hunting experience and his club is located in some of the best areas to hunt waterfowl in Illinois.

Consisting of 1000+ acres with approximately 350 acres of flooded marsh, these marshes are equipped with water control devices throughout allowing water level management for the best water-fowling experience in Oklahoma.

Brad brings with him 29 years of waterfowl hunting experience and his club is located in some of the best areas to hunt waterfowl … The clubs primary focus is on duck hunting, but we also have other game to hunt including geese, dove, cranes, snipe, rails, and limited hog hunting.

Crooked Creek Duck Club has been specifically designed to attract an abundance of waterfowl. Proudly created with Wix.com. Expand the decoy set up from 600 to 800 decoys for the season with set-up changes on a    regular basis. Take a kid hunting and keep the tradition alive . Add 300 to 500 goose decoys for the 3rd goose season of the year. This information was prepared using the best information available but in no way is designed or intended to replace the accrual  accounting or other legal documents that define property line, easements or agreement with county, State of Oregon  or Federal Government and is only intended as a brief overview of real property, and how we operate the club. 5).

He has been guiding for 30 years in Canada, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Two of which are required or pay $200.00 to offset the cost of getting someone else to fill in for you. Welcome to Northern Flight Duck Club. You will experience a variety of hunting opportunities from dry-land, to open water and even flooded timber hunting out of layout blinds, pit blinds or one of their one-man satellite blinds.

Brad is no stranger to the waterfowl world, from shooting his first duck at the age of 15 to standing on the contest stage with the best in the business.



He has been guiding for 30 years in Canada, … Join us for some amazing duck hunting! Cold Front Hunt Club is owned and operated by Brad Peterson.

There is an initial 50% Non-Refundable deposit and tips are not included. each) fuel tanks. The Ram-Rod calls all of the shots during duck hunting time. One Trapp House with machine thrower and concrete shooting stations. We’ve had a wet cool spring which has provided plenty of much needed rain for the crops. This allows existing owner and prospective owners to get to know each other. Corn, sorghum, millet and buckwheat are planted liberally to enhance the natural food sources found in abundance on this unique property. Two diesel (150 gal. One John Deere Tractor, and farm implements.

At this time we have (8) Shooting member all paying  $2,900.00 per season. We offer fully guided waterfowl hunts during Illinois' regular waterfowl season. If the above sounds like something you might enjoy or be interest in contact me Bob Bachofner Club manager at 503-407-8114, or Email me at [email protected], 31207 NW Reeder Rd.

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