An active, shoaling species; keep in groups, but may be aggressive with members of the same species in smaller (under 40 gal) tanks. . Does not breed in captivity. All guppies and mollies are hardy fish that tolerate lower oxygen levels and temperatures than most aquarium fish, give birth to live young, and readily breed in home tanks. Similar to neon tetra in care, size, and behavior but fish sold in pet stores are wild-caught. Many species of this fish exist, but are not yet officially identified; the three common aquarium species are known as L-018, L-081, and L-177. Electric catfish are found in several parts of Africa. Require small tanks 1 gallon or more. They got in an electric catfish, made me hold it (it was so cool) and said how great it would do in my 55 with my fish because it's a species that doesn't get very big, and me never having heard of them, purchased it without first researching, and, well, now I have an electric catfish that's known to get up to 2 feet long in a 4 foot long aquarium. Needs somewhat more space than N. multifasciatus, Males very aggressive; juveniles distinctively colored, other hemichromis species are sometimes sold under the same name, Lifalili jewel cichlid, blood-red jewel cichlid, Readily breed in small aquaria. Other pencilfish adopt this barred pattern while inactive at night; only N. espei has it at all times. Hunts and eats small shrimp.

Like most barbs, needs a diet with some vegetable food or algae. Kissing prochilodus, flagtail Prochilodus. Note that Amphilophus labiatus is also called red devil cichlid, Note that Amphilophus citrinellus is also called red devil cichlid, Exceptionally beautiful adult coloration; large adult size, Common, very easy to breed, aggressive. They are good fish for beginners but only if you pay attention to their tankmates and temperaments. Always do your research before purchasing a fish! Very likely to jump out of the tank unless there are some floating aquatic plants. Can live without aeration. They are called Kissing Gouramis because the seem to pucker their lips outwards.

Needs generous amounts of plants. So ive had two cory catfish for a few weeks... Cory catfish may be pregnant... Is there a way to tell if an albino Cory is... Electric blue Jack Dempsey (How to keep a happy healthy little "Bruiser"), 5 species of catfish every aquarist should know about.

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