Is there a way around this? Anything I can do about CB or getting claims? I managed to get the event, but Spain was low on my priorities without it. Refuse to send troops to a war waged by the liege. The suzerain can also transfer occupation to their vassal whenever needed. However, if a vassal has provinces in states, is paying a high vassal tax and possibly transferring trade power, the difference to owning the provinces yourself as mere territories is not huge. Aggressive expansion penalty reduced by a third. Scales linearly between the following points: Nation has a different religion within the same religious group, Proposer economic base compared to target nation, Proposer military power compared to target nation, Proposer owns target nation's core provinces, In the bottom right hand corner of the menu that pops up, there is a button called.
Countries who are already vassals will only buy provinces that are either cores, claims, an accepted culture or formerly owned territory of the vassal. Large vassals can take thousands of diplomatic power and decades to annex, even with discounts from Influence ideas and Administrative efficiency. However, this province's culture is Kurdish, which is in the Iranian culture group; Iraq's historical culture is Mashriqi, which is in the Levantine culture group. Espionage ideas perhaps? The requirements for initiating diplomatic annexation are: Annexation progress of vassals appears in the diplomacy interface as a small vertical progress bar next to the vassalage icon . Countries can be force vassalized in a Peace Treaty or can agree to vassalization via a diplomatic offer. The new country will maintain its default assigned tech group but will start with all the technologies its master possesses. Through diplomacy: a suzerain can chose to release its vassal for a cost of, Offensive-Administration: Vassal Taxation Policy, Ashikaga idea 7: Reform the Shogun - Shogu System, Influence-Economic: Vassal Obligations Act, Influence-Quality: The Integrated Administration Act, Ashikaga idea 7: Reform the Shogun - Shugo System, Influence-Aristocratic: Autonomous Estates, Plutocratic-Influence: Unified Army Command. Will I get their colonies if I fully annex them, or should I take colonies first? When suing for peace, increasing the warscore cost of the demands will also increase the truce period, granting more time to improve vassal's opinions, build trust through wars, and allow bad opinion modifiers to decay. They can also receive autonomy from a larger country, either as a normal nation or as a client state. This cost is increased by the hostile core-creation cost modifiers of the vassal's corresponding provinces, and decreased by administrative efficiency and modifiers that reduce annexation cost. A province sieged by a vassal will be occupied by their suzerain, but an exception is when the vassal has a core in the province and is the siege leader.

222k members in the eu4 community. Interactions with vassals are done through the Subject Interaction section of the Subject Menu. Also the province to be sold needs to be within coring range. To see the target cost select a province and hover your mouse over the "Province War Score Cost", a crossed shield and star icon, it will also show you the total force vassalization cost. This is a good strategy when playing small-to-medium-sized nations with dangerous neighbors, e.g. Novgorod vs. Muscovy vassalizing Tver or Byzantium vs. Ottomans vassalizing Albania. Byzantium) to do my coring. Note that these provinces have to be states, or they will not count. This can help after gaining provinces in a peace deal that can't be cored or sold, drive overextension too high, or are extremely rebellious. Worst case just eat them (they have aragon and portugal as PU) in the late game? There is a waiting period of ten years in addition to the time that it takes to diplomatically annex the vassal. With DLC, they may also ask other nations to support their independence. For example, at least 3 through Russia, 1 into western africa, 1 into Egypt, 2 into Ottoman Area? He has like 250% LD because of combined strength of vassals. You should have at least 4 diplomats.
Influence-Administrative: Vassal Integration Act, Zambezi idea 6: Wealth of the Shire Valley, Control of all the vassal's provinces, army, and navy. Please help with verifying or updating this section.

As long as the march's development is less than 25% of its overlord's, it receives the following bonuses: A nation can be forcibly vassalized as part of a peace treaty (option in the Treaties menu of the negotiation screen). Vassals have liberty desire (introduced with patch 1.10) like the other subject nations. The armed forces of a vassal and overlord are stronger than the overlord's would be alone if those provinces were annexed, and often the vassal's religious and cultural tolerance enables them to exploit their land more efficiently than the overlord could. The vassal occupies a diplomatic relation slot, reducing the number of allies possible (but vassals are more dependable than allies). This part is determined by the ‘vassals tax efficiency’ of the overlord, which is the sum of all ‘income from vassals’ modifiers. Playing as Austria, year is 1540. Vassals will not accept a province if it will increase their Overextension to 100% or more, and by annexing the land directly the overlord might have to suffer more Aggressive Expansion and pay diplomatic power for the provinces, if the provinces being taken were not included in the war goal. From patch 1.16, care must be taken to balance vassal feeding with direct expansion as falling too far behind in diplomatic tech relative to administrative and military tech will increase corruption. [1] A overlord can increase its Income from vassals modifier by the following: The overlord can increase the paid vassals tax by +50% if he asks for scutage in exchange for the renunciation of military support from the vassal. A good candidate for diplomatic annexation has the following: It is sometimes advantageous to transfer provinces to a vassal. He has like 250% LD because of combined strength of vassals. All rights reserved. If you have a better Administrative Efficiency than your vassal, you will have to pay more war score cost to give him directly those provinces (via "Cede province" or "Return core") than taking them for you directly and ceding them to the vassal in peacetime (via the option in the Subject Interaction menu (available with the Common Sense DLC)). Since I revoked, I am not eligible for rivals anymore. In my game, Russia is my beloved ally, so I cannot say anything, but I would rather battle Kebab than Russia. If they are as big as always, buy down. Playing as Austria, year is 1540. If the released nation's core provinces include the releasing country's capital, the capital will not be released, even if it is in the list of provinces to be released. The Holy Roman Emperor can also vassalize members of the Holy Roman Empire by passing the penultimate Imperial Reform, \"Revoke The Privilegia\". A suzerain can also change a vassal (including a client state) into a march, which is a special militaristic kind of vassal. idk i norm keep my vassals loyal and almost never play the shogun (rather starting as a daimyo), well damm never would have guessed (theres only one nation you could attack anyway). Be careful if the country you are vassalizing is currently involved in a different war: In all other wars in which they are the war leader, whether on the attacking or the defending side, you will take their place!

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