For example, they do not realise that people connect their mobile devices to 5 GHz wifi and then won't allow those mobiles to see things that are using 2.4 GHz wifi. I'm having the same issues as OP and tried re-installing the app and resetting my phone, but it's still not working. @Korc14 wrote:. The adapter gives the doorbell consistent power from the transformer while being able to “switch” the circuit and ring the chime without losing power to the doorbell. But I will try that if all ellse fails.,, If you cannot force your mobile to connect to 2.4 GHz, one way around this is to.

Modem is an Arris Surfboard SB6183. It seems the Ring needed extensive settings changes for many users to get it to work with thier Routers. I can't get over though the fact that the unsecured linksys in the neighborhood is able to provide my doorbell with the internet connection it needs to be useful to me but the R6400/Eufy can't.

It was also able to connect again after I returned to the house and was back on WiFi for a short while. have you tried downgrading the firmware a version or 2? Good luck! It will however work if I take off the mount off the wall and try to snap it into place freely. When I had this issue it was the little tab that covers the USB port that was the culprit.

Tried removing the doorbell and re-adding but no luck. I have two eufy doorbells that have been working flawlessly the past two months. HomeBase 2 Required: The eufy Security Wireless Add-on Video Doorbell requires a HomeBase 2 to operate. Things I've tried on my Netgear R6400 that haven't changed a thing: -Opening my network, removing all security WPA protocols, -Ensuring 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz are on separate SSIDS, -Ensuring there are no basic restrictions in any setting, -Rebooting the router many times throughout this, -Specifying specific radio channel as well as using Auto, -Changing router modes from 450Mbps and down, -Shutting my router off and moving it right next to the damn doorbell. That’s the thing.

So what gives, why can't my R6400 work ?? 8 comments. Brand new Ethernet cables. Router is a year old. No idea what hardware they are running there. > [...] they do not realise that people connect their mobile devices to> 5 GHz wifi and then won't allow those mobiles to see things that are> using 2.4 GHz wifi.

Never miss a knock with the eufy smart Doorbell. Removing the screws and replacing them so that they went straight in (perpendicular to the back of the mount which is now 15-degrees turned from the wall) allowed the screw head to seat and the doorbell to snap in. I have been in contact with Eufy reps to try and resolve the issues as well but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Reason why is the doorbell is functional when devices aren't on wifi. What's got me somewhat convinced this is a Netgear issue is there is an unsecured Linksys in the neighborhood that through all my troubleshooting has been able to accept the wifi-connection step without issue. It’s a single function modem only, not one of those combo gateway things. I had this problem and I solved it when I noticed that the screw head was blocking the doorbell from seating into the mount. To control Eufy devices with your voice, say simple commands to Google Assistant: "OK Google, turn on my smart bulb." Did you ever get it off? Having the same trouble!

Really what gives, and when both companies are pointing at each other the consumer loses. so to get this all correct. Pre-record responses or talk in real time to any visitor. Its visible and usable if a phone/device isn't connected to the wifi. In order to function, all smart bulb and smart plug products must have power.

I’ve verify the internet signal, disconnected and re-connected the doorbell and all I get is the yellow pulsing circle, no doorbell, no connect.

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