Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. After a while I told Kapechos that we had better go over and see what Big Bear was doing and he agreed after some hesitation. ( Log Out /  I said to him: "I am very sorry but it must be God's will." When morning came, Big Bear put up a large tent for a dance, and a general meeting was called to discuss future plans. One of these policemen was a big man. Don't you know that Simpson is the man who had provided us with food? He had his eyes closed but was still breathing as the blood trickled away from his throat at intervals.

In June, the First Nation ratified a settlement for outstanding agricultural benefits promised in Treaty 8, originally signed in 1899. The Indian Agent spoke first. Accordingly the half – dozen Mounties quietly took their departure. We might get a railroad here in four years' time.". COWS AND PLOWS STATEMENT. They were now going to have a business meeting. I never have ill feeling that my Great Great Great Grandfather was a Brit cant turn back History to 1776  But he was the last Full Blood Brit in our mothers family  I am very Proud that my Great & Great Great Mushum saved the Women. Scarcely had they gone when Wandering Spirit seemed to lose all restraint. Big Bear now spoke and expressed his surprise at the way they were carrying on. ( Log Out /  I will speak for you.".

When we got there everything was damaged. It is now in the process of resolving outstanding claims from 21 different First Nations that signed it, including the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and Mikisew Cree First Nation in northern Alberta and the N.W.T. But the most plausible one is that he was in the service of The Hudson’s Bay Company, with which it was policy on the part of the Indians to keep on good terms. As I came along by the Agency I noticed several dead people there, and the build­ings were destroyed. A spokeswoman with the federal government said in an email to CBC News that the next step in this process is for the government to approve the settlement agreement, then the money can be paid to the First Nation. He got half way up but could not get any further as there were too many Indians.

The door of Mr. Simpson's private room was open so I walked in to have a look around. But I am translating this oral interview of my Great Grand Father Salamon Pritchards  taped interview of his recollection of Frog Lake 1883. here was a medley of war whoops from the Indians, the groans and cries of the dying, and the incessant reports from the Indian guns. Though the grocery store was built by funds the band raised before the settlement, in the future money from the trust fund could finance similar projects, Adam said.

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