If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will be able to order your choice of model to arrive within a few days. And when you’re tackling any hill or mountain, you need enough torque to get to the top. And don’t be afraid to do some light trail riding with a hybrid. High Country E Bikes is one of the top Haibike specialist-dealers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Women love the ladies line of hardtail electric bicycles for cross-country riding. We can only advertise retail pricing so please contact us directly for the super savings.​. We believe eBike should not hide its characteristics. The advantages of this approach are having an expert answer your questions and the opportunity to truly experience and get to know our bikes through test rides. Enduro is one of our favorite style of racing, with downhill portions that aren’t time, and cross-country section. You’ll see slightly better traction and control when climbing or cornering. With Haibike, you’ll see the XDURO and SDURO types of electric bike models. While some dealers sell Haibikes online, if you go this route, we strongly recommend you make sure the dealer professionally assembles your Haibike and offers long-term support for service and technical questions. Check it out. We can upgrade the wheelset, grouppo, suspension or any aspect of your Haibike at an unbeatable rate since we will use those take-off parts on one of our standard LaMere bike builds. Monster traction gives you the confidence to explore anything you like. They revolutionized the technology and are currently the world leader in developing the best mountain, hybrid, and road bikes with electric motors. But the torque-sensing motor will help your child keep up with the family on a mountain or road trip. The hills aren’t severe enough for full-suspension. Based in MN, LaMere Cycles is one of the USA's largest Haibike dealers offering free shipping anywhere in the USA. The FullSeven is the ideal trail rider, with a comfortable rake on your front-end, and suspension on your front and back-end. For training, consider one of these e bikes by Haibike. Combining the light frame you may be used to on a high-performance off-roader, with Haibike’s power-system and top-of-the-line components, these bikes are supernal. Similar to Enduro-style bikes, but designed for more all-around riding, the All Mountain style e bikes are our favorite. anywhere in the USA. Buy this with a Yamaha or Bosch motor and there won’t be a hill you can’t climb.

Our dealers will service your new Haibike, fulfill any special requests, and support any technical problems. And for commuter who ride longer than 20 miles, you won’t beat the range on the Radius tour. ePerformance is not directed against cycling and does not want to replace it (nor could it). You have items in your cart and won't see them in the other site.

Here's an example of the upgrades we can do.... so for this Full FatSix 7.0 we switched to our carbon wheels 65mm rear to fit a 4.6" studded tire, and a big 85mm wide carbon front, with Onyx flourescent yellow instant engagement hubs that match the logos on the bike, both set up tubeless. Hybrids are a popular style of bikes these days.

Please keep in mind the shipment of electric bicycles is complex. Also please visit. We’re picky with the brands we carry because we don’t mess with faulty products and all of our models come with a manufactures warranty up to 2 years! The ideal e bikes for kids is the HardFour line-up by Haibike. The Yamaha motors also make great commuters, with extended range and torque-sensors for hills. We love the new PWX motor on the Yamaha. Check out our end of year clearance! We want you to find the Haibike of your dreams. Some people prefer to ride on 29-inch wheels. Haibike is passionate about bikes and a leading engineer of non-motorized sportive bikes.

While some dealers sell Haibikes online, if you go this route, we strongly recommend you make sure the dealer professionally assembles your Haibike and offers long-term support for service and technical questions.

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