Normally, this course is taken in the spring semester of the senior year (i.e., in the student's last undergraduate semester) and is organized around the writing of the honors thesis.

precede those of the Charles Center. There are several opportunities for funding that students can pursue to support their research. After consulting with their advisees, all ERE advisors must create a committee of 3 (including themselves) and any two other faculty/visitors/research librarians.

Step by Step. Mid-January. Preparing a thesis proposal. History 495BW is the thesis-writing section of History 495A. Brief description of your topic, including your principal research question. The best honors theses generally consider very focused topics through which the authors explore broader questions. For example, a novel by Ngugi wa’Thiongo would not be an appropriate source if you were investigating how black Kenyan civilians experienced life in detention camps during the guerrilla war of in the 1950s, but it would if you were examining how Kenyan intellectuals depicted life in detention camps. Such an experience is essential if you are considering graduate work, especially graduate work in history. Evaluation process for Thesis Seminar Experience: Recommend simple Honors (cum laude) by a simple email to the DUSa, who will forward it to the Honors Program Committee.

Call, email, or go to the department office (Daneene Kelley, 221-3720, [email protected], BLR 330) to reserve the department library for the oral defense. Finding a faculty member to direct the thesis. Students participating in the Senior Thesis program must also take at least one independent study with their thesis advisor. One of the most rewarding aspects of the thesis experience is the chance to work closely with other scholars. If you are accepted into the honors thesis seminar, you ordinarily take both the seminar and an independent study with your advisor (HISTORY 393/394) in both the fall and spring semesters of your senior year.

Once payment is made, the student returns a copy of the receipt to the department office. The Program Committee retains the prerogative to award less impressive Summa or Magna candidates simple honor. In turn, professors are more likely to take you on as an advisee if they know your work. Committee members also award the William T. Laprade Prize to the thesis deemed to be of exceptional quality. The body of the proposal should cover the following main elements: In two to three paragraphs, identify the historical problem that you propose to investigate, suggest how you propose to investigate it, and explain why anybody should care about it. The Department of History can arrange to have personal copies of the thesis bound at a cost of $40 per copy, which includes shipping. The deadline for informing the Honors program about the ERE is the last day of grade submission for Fall semester. The History Department will directly purchase any airline tickets for students who have received research funds for air travel. Latest about COVID-19 and the Path Forward for fall. We also will prioritize declared History majors, although the competition is open to non-majors. Engaging some of the relevant scholarly debates distinguishes a more engaged, analytical research project from a merely descriptive one. Departmental Honors in History The Department of History has an honors program, in which a student works closely with a faculty advisor to research and write a senior thesis. The Department's Business Manager will process the funds for fellowship students and make the arrangements for reimbursement. fax: (919) 681-7670, Thesis proposals will be subjected to highly rigorous standards. Theses are evaluated by the honors program director and a committee of History Department faculty who award projects distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction. An Honors thesis allows you to "do" history, to conduct original research into a subject that fascinates you, to interpret and analyze your findings, and to make them your own by formulating them as a coherent narrative or argument. Matters of style and format. A first draft of the thesis is usually due in March and the final version in April, but you will be informed of submission deadlines. The committee must be in place by January 15. Your thesis should make a contribution to historical knowledge.

After consulting with the thesis director and other faculty members, the candidate should submit to the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in History the names of faculty who have agreed to serve on the examination committee. A form is available in the department office to take to the Bursar’s Office along with the payment for the personal copies. But your range of options will be far, far greater if you come into the senior year with a solid ability to read a foreign language. Copies of the final version of the completed thesis must be submitted to all members of the thesis committee. Students pursuing distinction normally apply for a year-long senior honors seminar (HISTORY 495S/496S) in March of the junior year by submitting a research proposal and a faculty recommendation to the seminar director(s) at [email protected] Faculty may not advise Honors theses if they will be on leave for the entire academic year; they may do so if they will be on leave for one semester. This competition is open to all prospective thesis writers, whether or not you plan to join the honors seminar. In some cases, you may look at sources that no one has considered before.

Discuss research interests with faculty and subject area librarians, Consult with relevant faculty and identify thesis advisor, Please include a tentative research budget with your proposal. They may also take up to one additional independent study with the same advisor or (after consultation with the History DUS) a separate faculty member. The Program Committee will choose one paper for the La Prade and ordinarily award other La Prade candidates Summa. For these students, the History Honors program offers a separate track known as the Enhanced Research Experience, which will go into effect in academic year 2019-20. A. Tahbaz, The Origins of the LGBT Movement in Cuba, 1959-Present, Emma P. Willems, Teaching History in Soviet Latvia: Latvian SSR Students’ Experiences under Stalin and Khrushchev, Madeline Cooper, A Progressive Tradition: Three Generations of American Jewish Political Radicalism, 1880-1980, Pascal Croak, Christ in Nazi Germany: A Battle for Identity, Nicholas Duva, Mayor Frank Hague and American Democractic Anxieties, 1938, Kelly Emery, Memory of Holy War: World War I and the Crusades, Timothy Harrison, Divided College, Divided Nation: Left, Right, and President Clash at Dartmouth, 1986, Carson Hele, An American Town Inside Japan: The Making of Wasington Heights in Tokyo and the Everyday Life of its Residents, 1946-1962, Lewis Lee,  Olyphant and Co.: An Exception to the ChinaTrade, Roger Lu, The American Aid Responsse to the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Myles McMurchy, Black, White, and Red All Over: Media Coverage of the Scottsboro Boys, Christine Mozer, Eccles and Keynes: Forward Thinkers in the Great Depression, Vivien Rendleman, Daughters of Freedom, Daughters of War: Practicing Citizenship in Richmond, Virginia, 1865-1902, Margaret Shields, Leading Ladies: Experiences of Co-Education at Dartmouth College, Kohar Avakian, "Yankees of the East”: The Racial History of Twentieth Century America Through the Eyes of Worcester Armenians and Their Descendants, Emily Burack, We Are Speaking of Jewish Survival”: The Emergence of the Jewish Defense League, Maria De Guardiola, Blood has told': The Pursuit for a Eugenical Solution in the Green Mountain State. Before you go, you might schedule an appointment with the librarian at Perkins who specializes in your area so that you can use your time abroad to take maximum advantage of archives and resources unavailable through Duke. Propose higher Honors (magna or summa): in the event that one or more committee members feels higher Honors are merited, the committee must meet in person. While much of the research and writing is done on your own, you work in consultation with your advisor – usually a history department faculty member – and receive critical direction and feedback from other participants in the weekly honors seminar.

: A Case Study of Philip II Auguystus and John n II the Good, Nicholas Binder, Analysis of the Connections and Similarities between the Foreign Affairs Policies of the Reagan and Bush Administrations, Whitney Buckholz, Health and Hygiene Education in Nineteenth Century France, Bryan Chong, Eyeing the Dragon: American Views of Chinese Military Power, 1969-1979, Arik Clausner, An Examination of the Background and Roles of Student Members of the British Union of Fascists, Sharon Dauson, Migration of British Women to the Colonies, Sarah Galligan, British Clothing in Colonial India, 1857-1914, Marina Galkinas, Examination of the Record of U.S.-Peruvian Relations Surrounding Cocaine, 1920 to WWII, Eric Lairitsen, The Untold Story of New Hampshire and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Andrew Lebivich, Marianne and the OAS: Identity and French Nationalist Terrorism in the Algerian War, 1961-1962, Yangyang Liu, Explanation of the Failure of the Construction of Nuclear Stategy as a Field of Scientific Expertise as Envisioned by Bernard Brodie, Albert Wohlstetter, Herman Kahn, and Thomas Schelling, Justine Modica, The Krewe of Zulu and Mardi Gras Indians, Devin O'Connor, The Impact of the South African War on Irish Nationalism, 1899-1902, Hannah Perham, Visualizing Morality: The Image of Good and Evil in the Middle Ages, Jordan Rose, Voices Crying Out in the Wilderness: Revolutionary War Veteran Officers and Frontier Federalism in Postwar Ohio, 1775-1803, Joseph Wood, Civil Rights Movement in Danville, Virginia, Marcus Gadson, Reagan vs FDR and LBJ: Inside the Gipper’s War on Welfare, Nathaniel Obler, Modernity’s Jews: Benedict Spinoza in Maimon, Hess, and Freud, Christine Tian, Thatcherism and Health Care Reform in the United Kingdom, 1979-1991, Cynthia Kahlenberg, Same Goal, Different Game Plan: How the UK and the American Health Care Systems Responded to the Outbreak of AIDS in New York and London, 1981-1996, Uma Mullapudi, Thirty Years Later: Delayed Justice and the Cambodian War Tribunal, Julia Cheng, Constructing an Alliance: Islam and Catholicism at the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development, Connie Lam, Russell & Company: The Lost Voice in Early Sino-American Diplomacy, Allyson Bennett, London Newspapers and the French Revolution: Partisan Politics and the British Press, Lucy Pollard, Johny Cakes and Cider Mugs: History, Memory and the Culture of Food over New England’s Long Nineteenth Century, Emily Ulrich, Rauner Codex MS 003183: Marginalia in the Brut at Dartmouth College, Georgiana Smyser, The Making of a Historian: Catherine Macaulay and the Revolution, Sarah Frostenson, Beyond the 1984 Famine in Ethiopia: Addressing Issues of Chronic Food Insecurity, Kevin Mallen, Joan of Arc, Charles VII, and the Crisis of Kingship in Late Medieval France, James Shinn, Imagining Spanish America: U.S. Attitudes, 1800-1850, Ellen McDevitt, Outside the Boundaries of Empire: Everest Expeditions in British Popular Culture, 1920-1954, John Burden, Clerical and Monastic Perceptions of Religious Skepticism (1200-1500), Daniel Hochman, The Shifting Status of Reserve Currencies during the Interwar Period, Matthew Forman, Science and Skill: Artisans, Natural Philosophers, and their Knowledge in Restoration London, Charles Quincy, Marketing of US Bonds during WWII, Maya Granit, Out of Invisible: The Kensington Welfare Rights Union and Homeless Antipoverty Activism at the turn of the 20th Century, Henry Yan, Furnace and Kiln: The Retreat of Iron and the Advance of Porcelain in Late Ming China, Kimberly Waters, The Media’s Role in the Destruction of Black Wall Street, David Mainiero, Iran: One Nation, Competing Nationalisms, Hillary Mimnaugh, Strawberry Fields Forever?

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