Some websites like Amazon have a cancellation procedure where you should be able to cancel for free if your order hasn’t shipped yet. I recently ordered some enterprise earth merch from MERCHNOW and it was extremely expensive (with postage 1 poster alone was £10), the items were not as described, wrong size, damaged and of overall poor quality. Lol I’m in a damn pickle...pls help, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the dancegavindance community, Press J to jump to the feed. I've always used Merchbucket, Impericon, or IndieMerch instead. I just checked on my order and they haven't even shipped it yet, it's still "being processed" after 10 days, realize that they give you the option to pay extra for next day shipping. They also sent me a free CD and stickers for the error.

The only notification I got from this was from Paypal, MerchNow hasn't even notified me of this happening. Chat:

Merch. It got here in a decent amount of time. FUCK MERCHNOW. // labels_new: '',

it took upwards of three weeks for it to arrive though, but the vinyl was in fine shape and overal I was content. // locale_code: '', It is an amalgamation of death metal with metalcore or hardcore punk, or both. I was just wondering if anyone knew how long it'd take for it … They emailed me and sent me a different shirt I picked out. Bands: Please choose your merch companies/distributers wisely! The last time I bought band shirts they were $25 each at local stores in Toronto. I will say that I placed an order with IndieMerch a couple weeks ago and was pretty happy with it. Please be sure to search for your question before submitting an email! I ordered an At The Throne of Judgment sweatshirt from them, and I got a sweatshirt from a band I'd never heard of. // desc: '', However, other websites like eBay might not allow cancellations on some purchases.

Got everything I ordered so no issues there. Don't even get me started in their shipping prices.

Shipping is the only issue I've had from them. Merchnow blows. They shipped my package to the wrong address, didn't alert me until they had got it back and said I could get a refund for the merch(not the $12 shipping) or pay shipping again to have it sent. I don't do preorders tho so. It's roughly $27/shirt.

offerAgentsOnline: false,

They replied, asking for my order number and pictures of the wrong sweatshirt, so I obliged. Seriously fuck MerchNow, they're ripping everyone off with shipping bullshit.

Email: This route usually takes the longest.

They processed and shipped my order out very quickly.

It seems that a few people don't have trouble. There are other indivudals, such as xascensionrecordsx on discogs, that sell products for an absurd price and then scam their clients. You may have to call a few times to get someone, but this method is usually the fastest. Some websites have an online form while others require you to email them. I ordered 4 t-shirts, shipping was about $18 USD (I'm in Canada).

// title: '' Noped on out of that deal. // desc: '', The only notification I got from this was from Paypal, MerchNow hasn't even notified me of this happening.

They charge so much postage that it isn't affordable to get a return and even if you tried to they have terrible customer service.

I had to email then because they were closed, but I'll definitely call during normal business hours.

Fans: Urge bands to do the above and don't order from, quite frankly, the thieves at companies such as merchnow. I understand lots of people apparently have issues with them, but this has always been weird to me.

That was like 15 years ago. customer: { This was for a gift that was going to be at best 2 weeks late now.

I emailed earlier and have got nothing back.

// company: '',

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. port: '80',

Full Name* Email* Order …

I always see shit like this, but it's crazy because I order from MerchNow at least once a month and I have literally never had a problem. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Phone: If you get a hold of someone when you call, they'll cancel your order right there over the phone and send you a confirmation of cancellation via email shortly after. },

Realized my mistake, ordered that and then send them a cancel email from their support. site: '',

I don't like merchnow either, but shipping is fucking expensive. I've ordered multiple things over the years from them and haven't had any other issues. I try as hard as I can not to order from them. version: 1, Wondering the same.

Sadly some merch companies ruin a band's reputation.

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