Cool and smoky, hot and smoky, anywhere in between, it's up to you! Homebrew Cold Smoke Generator: Control your smoke independently of your temperature! This will depend on your technical abilities and the fanciness of the design. Cool and smoky, hot and smoky, anywhere in between, it's up to you! This pretty nifty. on Introduction, This has inspired me.

I'ts cooler too. Be warned, though, that the aluminum tube and the metal ducting get uncomfortably hot during the smoking process, so you will need oven mitts if you need to add more wood while it is still generating smoke. Cold smoking requires little more than a cardboard box and a way to generate cold smoke. I have found that anything close to the scale above that looks right is bound to work. A bitter taste could be from the wood type (are you sure they are pure beech and not a soft wood). Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. It was a fun project and turned out much better than I anticipated. It was aprox .020 oversize and a sander cleaned that right up. Bigger is better for the air end - if necessary, you can drill a hole into the cap for a nut and bolt and chuck it up in a drill press or drill motor. I've used a length of pipe "capped" on both ends with a coffee can.

There are units for sale in New Zealand (Venturi 500, 400), Poland (Roger) or in the USA (Smoke Daddy™), and although they may differ slightly in construction details, the engine that powers them is in all cases the same: an aquarium air pump. Put a bottle over the end of the pipe and you end up with very strong liquid smoke! BTW, I smoked the cheese for an hour, which turned out to be 'way too long...too smoky for our tastes (using hickory). Now tap the cap into the end of the pipe using a hammer and a block of wood around the rib of the cap. The high nozzle configuration induces stronger draft, providing that the smokebox is placed below the smokehouse.

made of thinner copper tube. The disadvantage of this design is that larger wood chips can get lodged in on top of the pipe and prevent more chips from dropping down. Umm...these are cast aluminum fence post caps. This pipe may be inserted loosely, threaded on both ends and secured with nuts, threaded into the smokehouse wall and the wall of the wood burning container, etc. on Introduction. "I mean increase airflow of the pump. I punched a couple of holes in the appropriate areas, bolted it to the vent, and taped it securely. I also added a 90deg fitting so ash would not fall directly into the venturi. I have run mine off an industrial compressor with an abundance of air, the overall effect is surprisingly not much different.

Any idea how much air your pump moves or what size aquarium it would be good for? 10 years ago 9 years ago The top of the container (cover) is loosely attached, but should make a reasonably tight connection to prevent the loss of smoke. This is the best instructable I have read yet and the first one I will do. I have looked at the Smoke Daddy cold smoke generator and can only determine that the air pump is much bigger than mine-something I would have overcome when I created the air compressor adapter. i have also made my own external smoke generator. Good design. There is a negligible amount of information on Spanish sausages in English, and even the Spanish books offer only a few recipes with general information, very skimpy instructions and hardly any explanations. A hole is made for the pipe that connects the smoke box with the smokehouse. I laid out a criss cross pattern on 1/2in incerements and drilled holes all in it to Swiss cheese it. looking at the pet shop wood chips, are you using the bigger wood chips (10mm)? The idea is to be able to expose your cured bacon, salmon or other delicacy to smoke without any heat being added.

method of making charcoal. here is an earlier smaller box: Here is some added info on the wood chips I use. Fit the exhaust hose over that (drill some holes in the top first to let the smoke out) and you just remove the top coffee can to add more chips. I was actually going to start looking for a "better" smoker but now I don't have to! This is however completely unnecessary and also has the disadvantage that you burn lots of wood chips and generate a huge amount of tannin / creosote which are bitter from the high temperature of the wood burning. I have a 6" cast iron floor drain about 1 3/8" from the bottom with a nickle sized hole in the side for lighting and air. this allows the most flexibility between free standing or clipping onto the side of you smoker box (you would need a wooden or steel cabinet for this). This is a simple but effective smoke generator. Very helpfull, thanks.I allready thought to have wrong chips or something wrong in construction.I suggest it also has nothing to do with the aitflow.I will go on trying to fix it in a way with less creosoot, and hope to smoke my first cheese and maybe bacon in a couple of days. Very nice design!How does the pipe stand up in the briquette starter?Is the small black line on the ground the air supply to the generator?Since the volume of smoke is low, do you think a coil of 1/4-1/2" copper tubing (say 10' ran through ice water for really cold smoke) could be substituted for the flex ducting? This should increase the velocity of the air which in turn should help to pull more with the venturi effect. This I have found is quite normal and isn't something that has ever negatively affected my smoking. Don't know if that was necessary? I measured how far down the pipe seated on the taper, added about a half inch, and... ...found something of suitable height to mark the perimeter. apple wood chunks in pipe,and put end cap in place.Fill the chimney As it burns away it turns into ash that sinks to the bottom of the hopper. I love oak wood and I should have used it, but hickory is so cheap and so plentiful in my area... lol good call " I didnt inhale"- bill clinton after being charged with smoking I was searching for more hints and found your instructable. Is around 5,000 cc/min sufficient?

Reply Not wanting to add any holes to my smoker, I used a 4" duct cap as an adapter, drilled a hole in the center, and then marked it so that it lined up with my vent opening. That task became easier to accomplish when venturi smoke generators started to appear around 2005. This is a typical venturi smoke generator. You can also use copper in the construction. Some duct tape, a couple of hose clamps, and we're off to the races!I used a well-used charcoal chimney to support my smoke generator simply because it was available, but I kind of like it because the smoke generator gets very hot during operation and it isolates the generator from the dog, the grandkids, etc.I have an 80 gallon air compressor in the garage, and I have an airline with a flow control and regulator that supplies my air. Reply on Introduction.

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