through the land, emitting flames from her eyes and nostrils, drinking [9], During the 18th and 19th Dynasties, particularly during the Amarna period, Tefnut was depicted in human form wearing a low flat headdress, topped with sprouting plants. Although the n phonogram is a representation of waves on the surface of water, it was never used as an ideogram or determinative for the word water (mw), or for anything associated with water.[5]. goddess creates pure water for the king’s feet from her vagina, perhaps, That's called the Ankh, and it's one of the most important and powerful symbols in Egyptian mythology. retreats to Nubia in a sulk over being prevented from destroying mankind


Tefnut is a deity of moisture, moist air, dew and rain in Ancient Egyptian religion. The cause of the rifts is not reported, but once she Note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our websites and the services we are able to offer. Tefnut was a member of the Ennead, the nine most important deities in the religion, and one of the original children of the creator-god Atum-Ra.

In the creation myth Ra embraced his shadow, and put his seed into his own mouth then spat out the newly formed Shu and Tefnut. There are interesting facts about the city of Lentopolis. The Bremner-Rind Papyrus and the Memphite Theology describe Atum as sneezing out saliva to form the twins. The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, George Hart, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, page.

In ancient Egypt, few deities were as revered as Tefnut, goddess of rain and moisture. He sent for Shu and for the messenger of the In Heliopolis (Iunu, On) and Thebes (Waset) she was generally described as the daughter of the creator god (Amun, Atum or Ra), the sister-wife of Shu, and the mother of Geb and Nut. His son Shu became God of Air and his daughter Tefnut became the Goddess of Mist. It's time to bring Tefnut back to the Sahara, South Africa, the Sahel, Australia and other deserts around the World. It may have been quite the process, but it was worth it to avoid angering Tefnut.

imaginable degree, area of As they'd seen in their own history, entire dynasties could fall when the waters dried up.

Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. They mated and Tefnut bore two children: Geb and Nut. In this form, she greatly resembles another lion-headed Goddess, Sekhmet, but the difference is seen in their ears with Tefnut’s pointed while Sekhmet’s are round. Ancient Egypt: the Mythology - Tefnut; Tefnut; Tour Egypt: Tefnut; Wikipedia: Tefnut (2005) Document Source. And so, with her powers over the dryness of the atmosphere, she was also associated with the Right/Solar Eye of Ra as the hot Sun is associated with dryness. In another version of the tale it is Hathor or (Sekhmet) in her form of the “Eye of Re” who has left for Nubia and she has gone because she was tricked with blood coloured beer to prevent her from destroying mankind.

The Pyramid Texts inscribed in the tomb of Unas suggest that Tefnut and Tefen were closely involved in the weighing of the heart of the deceased by Ma´at. There are interesting facts about the city of Lentopolis. Their father, Ra, thought that he had lost them and sent his eye to find them.

Taking the form of a ferocious lioness that roamed around the land destroying and slaying all in her path.

", At Karnak, Tefnut formed part of the Ennead and was invoked in prayers for the health and wellbeing of the pharaoh. And brother and sister were born – that is Shu and Tefnut.”(Wattersons, 2003), and so begins the history of Tefnut. with the Great One behind me

In some versions of this story, Tefnut is replaced by Hathor, who courses that prepare you to earn You can unsubscribe at any time.

Being originally a lunar goddess she was linked to the lunar eye, although at times she was also associated with the solar and named “Lady of the Flame.”, As the Eye of Ra, she had gotten angry with her father and fled to Nubia. At Karnak, Tefnut formed part of the Ennead and was invoked in prayers for the health and wellbeing of the pharaoh. She took all the moisture away with her while blowing smoke and fire from her eyes and nostrils. They found Tefnut as a lioness in the desert, engaged in an unstoppable killing spree. Distant One, Tefnut, Anuris was a manifestation of the legendary hunter She was originally considered to be the lunar “Eye of Ra” linking her to the night sky as well as to dew, rain and mist. Clearly, there was a very real consequence to upsetting Tefnut. You can also change some of your preferences. The text states; “Tefen and Tefnut have weighed Unas and Ma´at has listened, and Shu has born witness.” However, Tefen seems to have disappeared into obscurity (one of the scorpions who accompanied Isis was called Tefen, but this may be a coincindence) and Tefnut´s role changed somewhat as time progressed, although she retained her connection with Ma´at.

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