Thanks for your advice. The other thing is his poop isn't as full, i guess i could say. They can poop more than three times a week. You were doing something right as they have lived this long, but it is very surprising considering they've only eaten once every two weeks for the past many, many years, and lived in chilled temperatures. I cant bring him to a vet because im dirt broke. After some internet research we discovered this was very wrong. from the looks of the cage, they only ate one mealworm. Leos originate from predominantly rocky and not sandy areas anyway. They do better housed individually. If your Leopard Gecko has impaction it means that the gecko can not produce feces. Otherwise, you may need ton consult the vet via phone to see what she suggests. when using any substrate, feed ur animal(s)in a separate container!!!!!!!!!! I was told I didn't need a moss hide, just make sure the temps are above 80 on one side and around 70 on the cool side. This can happen if you are not giving your leopard gecko the required calcium in their diet. I watch him as he eats, and he doesnt seem to ingest it by accident, only the first week when he was really young and a bit more clumsy. However, you can easily avoid this by keeping your leos hydrated all the time. I LOVE animals and really really really feel bad when i see injured, dead or abused animals. But, if it’s been 5 or more days, it’s time to start taking action. My garter snake ate some dirt while eating her worm and is now vomitting blood as well as the worm.

If you have a healthy leopard gecko, then you will easily notice this when your gecko poops. Also in consideration for pet stores, they house on sand but the reptiles are on the sand for short periods of time. HELP! For example, leopard geckos with vitamin and mineral deficiencies may try to make up for the missing nutrients by consuming the substrate. Prolapse hemipenis: this is a severe problem associated with male leopard geckos after mating. You need to unplug the heat rock, as it can and will badly burn the gecko's belly. EXCELLENT article! After all, your tank should have three hideouts in total: a warm place to hide in the basking area, a cool place to hide on the cool side, and a moist place to go somewhere in the tank. Is there anything more I can do for her to make her more comfortable?

Not to become an expert on leopard gecko care but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet lizard owners. We set the thermostat in our house lower during the weekdays, and I think that it made the temps in his cage go too low, even with the heat lamp. Your leopard geckos can get impacted if you are using loose substrate in your Leo’s cage.

Hey. Know how to tell if something is wrong with your reptile. Fully understanding your leopard gecko will help you better take care of them. As a suggestion, we would recommend you to get the best leopard gecko book. In the wild, Leopard geckos and many other reptiles eat dirt to balance their minerals. Now his tale is thining so I fear impaction. I am feeding him 5 crickets once every day, is that too much? After that, the vet will prescribe a laxative (usually the one used for cats, or medical paraffine), try to flush out the impaction using the procedure called enema, or proceed to do a surgery. The sooner, the better, as waiting can result in major illness or death. If your Leopard Gecko has the two symptoms listed above then I have a cure for you all to try and hopefully have success with: Get a tub of warm water and let your gecko soak in the water for 15 mins. if its smaller its illegal and we have to file a claim.. yada yada yada.. Brian Anthony Del Piano on November 20, 2011: I am a freelance writer. Try to give as much fluid to them as you can without too much force. If the gecko doesn't pass anything with the olive oil and warm soaks, you will probably need to see a vet. I only put in a small small small amount in his rear end. i read up yesturday as never heard of it before-for ourother we used-repti sand similar to play sand.

but i dont want these lizards to have died in vain and not try to figure out what it was that they died from.

Ideally, you want to shoot for 70-74 degrees °F. Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 04, 2010: Egg bound means that she's gravid (pregnant) and can't lay the eggs. Feed as much as the reptile will eat withing 10-15 minutes. Some of the other common health diseases of leopard geckos are stated below. They are getting gut loaded crickets daily. I've been giving him olive oil to help and warm water soaks while i rub his belly gently, because i was assuming he was impacted, but i don't really know why he would be impacted. Typically the shot of hormone to induce labor, so to speak works great, but there are cases where it's not perfect. Also, consider the following: As always, take your reptile to the vet if you notice any health issues. If your reptile is not doing well, you should take them to the vet ASAP. Putting a moist hide in the tank is a good way to do this. While you may think, “My gecko is in perfect health, so why not keep him on sand?”, the truth is that we can never know if our pet’s health is going to be jeopardized for any reason. this article along with others on the net has been useful. Whitney (author) from Georgia on September 07, 2010: I would remove any form of sand, especially any and all calcium based sand. or if i should just force feed him so water with a dropper. If you do I will not be able to approve your comment. After all, removal of this skin is healthy for your reptile. In a lot of cases, they don't know how to care for the animals they're selling you. What do I do in regards to getting calcium and water in him, because he refuses to open his mouth for me anymore. A leopard gecko poop is accompanied by a dry looking white and yellow substance, also known as urates. Thanks for the comment back. It's a struggle, and she still won't eat in the vivarium, but she's a little more active. I have never heard that. IN was asking myself what to put: towel paper or repti carpet and if any thing is better... Say me because my blizzard gecko does not seemed to like solid substract.

However, the loose substrate that we provide our leopard geckos is not suited for that as it is not digestible and contains no minerals. flushing is something that a vet normally will do to flush out the body. I am now going to give him 2 warm baths a day and i have given him some vegetable oil. Since leopard geckos are arid species, leopard gecko releases urates instead of urinating to save valuable water. This is usually some kind of material that is very difficult to digest or not digestible at all. what are your opinions. Just rub the belly gently with your finger – this could help get things moving for your leo. Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 14, 2010: Do you have a water bowl that the snake can drink from? When I first got them they said Calci-Sand was best and then they said walnut shells. In fact we measure it up to what the size should be. :). The bigger one is about the size of a hatchling.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 23, 2010: I'm sorry for the loss. What do you mean by this? So I spend approximately $260 that I don't have on what?

How often your leopard geckos poop will depend on your gecko’s diet and how much they eat. Paper towels, not regular towels. Whitney, Fluffy finally pooped. He has impaction. This is our first reptile and we are learning the care as we go. Whitney (author) from Georgia on October 18, 2010: Long-term, there is a high chance and possibility of impaction. well i took him home and thought problem solved.

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