Miniature of a Mughal Prince (NOT ON DISPLAY). Inca Gold Llama (Peru, AD 1400-1550) The Inca! They also have an infuriating habit, when tired, of just stopping and refusing to move.

In the next programme we're with another empire . Lake Titicaca was a sacred space to the ancient Andean empire of the Inca, which at its height in the early 16th century controlled territory from modern-day Colombia to Chile. A gold cup such as this may lie among the thousands of priceless items thought to make up the mythical lost Inca gold. The gold llama figurines were buried with the dead as offerings to the Gods to ensure the fertility of the Inca herds. A mere couple of hundred Spaniards massacred the Inca army, captured their emperor, installed a puppet ruler and seized and melted down their gold treasures. The Inca revered gold, believing it to be the sweat of the sun and that it represented the sun’s regenerative powers. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

As in all societies, planting and harvesting are accompanied by rituals and offerings to the gods, and with the Inca this often involved sacrifice of living beings, from guinea pigs to the children of the elite. . During the last five centuries several functions of the llama, and the other Andean camelids, have been replaced by animals of Old World origin, like the cow for meat, and the donkey for transport. . and A.D. 1,000. “I suspect that there were a limited number of places that the Inca made offerings, and these were made for reasons that existed prior to their occupation,” National Geographic explorer Johan Reinhard, an archaeologist specializing in pre-Hispanic sacred landscapes, said in an email. Gold was the emblem of the great Inca sun-god, and represented his generative powers. On another level, the archaeologists believe the cylinder of gold may have been fastened to the llama in a nod to the Inca having expanded their empire into this gold-rich region in the mid-1400s. Libby Purves meets actor Brian Cox and singer June Tabor. In the school they always say we need to learn the 14 Incas one by one, and we need to know that they were great. “The underwater world has been very little explored and offers infinite possibilities for research and discovery.”, Photograph by T. Seguin, Université libre de Bruxelles/Antiquity Publications ltd, Centuries-old Inca offering discovered in sacred lake, Related: Archaeologists unravel Incan records. “The Inca believed in religious traditions that were never separate from political and economic ones,” said Reinhard, who was not part of the discovery team. The llama also was an animal big enough for meat production and its manure that dropped on the fields would increase the production of crops such as potatoes and other Andean crops. As scientists continue to comb the extensive depths of Lake Titicaca—which covers some 3,200 square miles—they will surely accumulate more evidence of the Incas’ strange and mysterious rituals.

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