$30/h is double what most 1st year aflac agents make if they figured it out into hourly pay. They ended up spending 15 a month, cancelled it right after the pregnancy and AFLAC paid out a few grand. Insurance is always a gamble. If you don't get cancer/ a payable accident in those 5 years, you win.

I'm 23 and adding my max to my 401k for what my company matches, trying to save up for a house. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I have short-term disability insurance through my HMO, the short term disability insurance company is MetLife.

I'm wondering if it's better to look into just disability insurance? It's never worth it until you need it. There could be others based on your situation. If you can save $134 a month, for say 5 years, that is $8,000. We used the hospital indemnity plan when the kid was born.

In the middle of her sunshine and rainbow speech about how "We PAY you THIS! You're a good bunch. My wife has these coverages. (1) save money – could save on your overall …

To me, that's definitely worth $34/mo. I've worked in many sales roles, and my gut reaction to this presentation was "ripoff" and "nope.". I broke my back at 29 and was out of work for 3 months.

like, I use marijuana, but never work or drive under the influence, but that stays in your system for a while. All of the exclusions and conditions are listed in the brochure - they have to be, by law (in CA - in other states it still should be but YMMV). I paid something like $500 to get $1000. Supplemental policies frequently offer a wider range of payment options. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you get the hospital and sickness indemnity plans, it pays $5,500 total for a vaginal birth. Yeah I feel the life insurance is pretty important to buy soon because the rates keep rising every year I delay it. I'm a licensed agent, so let me make some recommendations. This. Press J to jump to the feed. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners. True that. This was approximately my experience. And this!" I do have an emergency fund with 12+ months' expenses in it. Otherwise, I haven't gotten injured at work or outside of work to use this insurance.

Insurance. If you do it before, then the disbursements, or payments to you, are taxable. Though Aflac is the most recognized supplemental insurance company, many others offer comparable products. There are many reasons for this success, including the wide variety of products, low cost, little paperwork, speedy claim turnaround, and yes, even the duck. I learned that I don't qualify for the cancer coverage (you have to be 5 years cancer free, which I am only 2). Another effective use of supplemental insurance is for dental and vision coverage, which sometimes isn’t included in employer’s medical plans. When purchasing supplemental insurance, it’s important for you to understand exactly what will be covered by the policy. What does AFLAC pregnancy coverage provide? As a rule, a more comprehensive medical plan, like Medigap or a Medicare Advantage plan, is a far better option than supplemental insurance for covering the gaps left behind by Medicare A (hospital coverage) and B (medical) plans. That said, it's only like $20/month for the accident coverage. 336$ a year. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If they will only 5000 max and you are paying in 350 a year, that's not a great deal, but if they will pay out 100k max, maybe its a better deal. If she had a cancer insurance policy, these out-of-pocket costs may have been covered. GO with the cheaper option. One of the accidents was an ankle injury which required surgery, so I ended up getting approximately $3,500 in cash benefits as a result of the various services and follow-up appointments and physical therapy required. My question is am I spending money that would be better put in a 401k or just a simple savings account? AFLAC cut us a check for $350 a day for that entire time (just over $30,000!). Background: We currently have supplemental insurance with Allstate, but our former agent left so now they want to switch to Aflac.

I probably would not pay for the coverage on my own, because these are risks which I can afford to self insure. Thank you, r/frugal! I failed out from a couple of companies myself before finding my niche. Absolutely! They also have an accident plan. Is it cost effective? I briefly had the cancer, dental and vision before cancelling all three. I would weigh the annual cost in premiums vs. the annual cost in contacts and exams, etc.

The cancer plan is ~$90/month ($43/pay period) and the accident plan is $44/month ($22/pay period.). THey're not required to pay for any portion of supplemental, it's just an added benefit to you by being their employee. Yes, it's cheap, but you're asking for $240 per year from me and I want to see that it's a benefit to me.

Allstate sells accident and disability, critical illness, and long-term care supplemental insurance, while State Farm offers supplemental medical insurance that covers the added cost of hospital stays. Messages: 1,262,266 | Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Many older Americans seek additional insurance to supplement what’s available through Medicare, the universal federal healthcare program. AARP offers a range of supplemental insurance products, for example. We recently did our open enrollment, I have enrolled in Aflac accident insurance the past 4 or so years. You know you, but they usually make money on plans over the group. That is true of almost all life and health insurance agents.. Not just AFLAC. I got aflac for pregnancy coverage as well.

My company is "offering" us supplemental insurance, I'm not sure how they're offering it to us since there is no discount or matching and it's just taken out of our wages. I'm the primary source of income in our home, and sleep much easier at night knowing that there's a safety net in place.

I don't believe in cancer insurance because your health insurance covers that. Press J to jump to the feed. For example, if you’re recovering from a stroke, you may request that the entirety of your benefit is paid to you all at once, or elect for smaller payments as you go through recovery and therapy. I am a agricultural machinery technician, fancy words for I work on tractors and other farm equipment. The older you get, the more expensive it will become. Depending on the policy you have in place, the specific situation you’re dealing with, and your preference, you can elect to receive your benefit as a lump sum or have it disbursed over time.

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