No way. This list of Hannah Montana characters includes characters appearing in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana as well as the related film Hannah Montana: The Movie.The characters listed are almost all fictional, except for stars who appear as themselves.Still others, such as Aunt Dolly, intentionally blur the line between fiction and non-fiction. Siena admits to Jackson that he is right, because he is "way better," and they share their first kiss. Miley Cyrus performs at RodeoHouston 2007.

For years, the two were best friends, but after a beach party they decided to start dating and we first see this in "What I Don't Like About You" while Miley was away shooting her feature film Indiana Joannie. When the show ended, he was in his mid thirties.

Then, in "I'll Always Remember You", it is revealed that Jesse knew that Miley was Hannah when he told Miley that his dad was in Afghanistan. The Samoa native is widely known for her role as Ginger Warnick on the 2014 romantic comedy movie, Blended.

In the season 3 episode "Uptight (Oliver's Alright)", it is mentioned that Lilly had a crush on her French teacher during 7th grade. She lives next door to the Stewarts and has a cousin named TJ.

In order to help Miley keep her secret, Lilly attends all Hannah Montana events wearing a disguise and posing as Hannah's companion and assistant "Lola Luftnagle."

Lilly and Miley have been best friends since about the 6th grade. Also in "He Could Be The One", she gave advice to Miley stating "whatever choice you make, it's gonna be okay... let's face it, they're both gorgeous! The opposite of this plays out in "When You Wish You Were the Star."

Jake first meets Miley at Seaview Middle School where he attends as a part-time learner before relocating. by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

In 2014, she started her acting career from the movie, Blended, portraying the character of Ginger Warnick. Roxy's catchphrases are "Roxy like a Puma!" Emily Osment once said in a backstage interview that Lola has some very tight pants that are impossible to sit in.

Paul returned in the episode "Killing Me Softly with His Height" in the role of Dontzig's sister, "Donna", who is a huge Robbie Ray fan. Jake serves as Miley's foil and represents the over-exposed lifestyle she is trying to avoid. This takes place in a parallel universe in which Miley is Hannah all the time.

", Miley realizes that she is not over Jake, as she feels jealous about him spending time with Mikayla.

I thought it would be worth it — that it would compensate for my own mental anguish — but it leaves me with such a bad feeling.

Jessica, who has not revealed her age till date, holds an alluring physique with perfect body measurements. Jake's arrival at Seaview causes a big stir among the students who are all big fans of Zombie High and are starstruck at meeting him.

She often shares the glimpse of her parent's love, growing with their ages. Target has a wide assortment of home decor options for every room in your home.

Cooper often plays the straight man to Jackson's antics. She later worked as a security guard, and while on duty at a place called "Wig City", she met Miley and Robby for the first time. In "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On" Miley talks about her and Lilly's custom of celebrating their friendship's "weekiversary."

However, in the episode "Cheat it" Lilly says "Sometimes I wish I had a brother, then I come over here. Susan B. Stewart portrayed by Brooke Shields (season 2–3) was Robby's wife and Miley and Jackson's mother. Serious Eye Candy!

In "You Are So Sue-able to Me," Lilly has a crush on her schoolmate Matt Marshall, but it is never revealed if they actually dated. This results in Siena finding out that Miley is really Hannah.

Emily Osment has said that she has around 80 wigs for Lola, and that her personal favorites are the purple and white wigs. Siena portrayed by Tammin Sursok (season 4) is Jackson's long-term girlfriend.

Dontzig also has a cousin named "Francesca" (Lisa Rinna) who is also a Robbie Ray fan.

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