There is no definitive answer about Jorgensen's net worth. However, it's like the advice many of us got about dealing with a bully on the playground. Moreover, she will assign a spending reduction target for her Cabinet to keep the government accountable. In 1996, Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee alongside presidential nominee Harry Browne. In case you missed it, please see my endorsement: I Endorse Jo Jorgensen for President. She will let parents, teachers, and students decide how the education system runs.

Her proposal also presents a choice for Americans to “opt-out” of Social Security in order to “take complete control of your financial future.” Although many would still opt-in to Social Security, this policy could lessen the overall tax burden of the program. She was married to her husband, whose name has not been revealed by her. Jorgensen is the Libertarian Party's nominee for president of the United States in the 2020 election. Continuous involvement in a costly and neverending foreign war, Republican: Current President Donald Trump with Mike Pence as running mate, Democrat: Former Vice President Joe Biden with Kamala Harris as running mate, Libertarian: Dr. Jo Jorgensen with Jeremy Cohen as running mate, Green Party: Howie Hawkins with Angela Walker as running mate. Do you think she and her 0% tax is every entrepreneur's dream, or is it just fantasy? "A majority of states have accepted petitions to allow Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen to appear on the ballot. ... Married US-Constitution. The biggest decisions in the world start with what truly matters to the people, not whose golfing.

In 2002, she founded a new company — a business consulting company through which she continues to work with select clients. "As president, I would remove all bureaucratic roadblocks that stand in the way of Americans getting tested," she said. In 1983, she started her own software sales business. She's taught at Clemson University since 2006.

It's irrational to think that politicians could make promises about social security you're entitled to decades from now. With peaceful, free, and open trade and travel.". Instead of relying on the government, Jo believes a vibrant economy is the solution to poverty. Jorgensen supports mail-in ballots with a caveat. She has two daughters. However, education quality has declined, and college tuition costs have skyrocketed. In 1992, Jorgensen was the Libertarian candidate for South Carolina's 4th congressional district. Many explain USPS does not have the resources to accommodate mail-in voting on such a massive scale. They are "fiscally conservative, socially liberal.". "Being Libertarian means being on the side of the people," she explained, "not the side of special interests, lobbyists and bureaucrats in D.C.". Her many proposals include: vetoing several bills that increase spending, borrowing and regulations; balancing the budget; making the FDA advisory rather than “dictatorial”; and launching a competitive health care market in the place of Medicare. That’s why we are 100% dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get started.

She's garnering support and throwing her hat in the ring for the Commander in Chief. Read our editorial standards. It’s entrepreneurs who take ownership of problems, create solutions, and serve humans far more effectively than any government ever could.

"I think government is too big, too nosy, too intrusive, and often hurts those it intends to help. #jojo2020 #teamjo #votegold, — Jo Jorgensen (@Jo4liberty) May 25, 2020, With real pressing issues that every day Americans care about, it’s important we address those above petty political rivalries that don’t help the people.

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