RINCON CAMP – The Rincon Fault (an earthquake faut line) runs in a north-south direction, on the east side of Kern River. Caution for cattle in roadway. Keep in mind that hikers will have to climb back up over 1100 feet in elevation to return.

i just missed this comment altogether. This day hike can be expanding into several great backpacking adventures.One great option is Kern Flat and beyond for river lovers. Or better yet….

any chance I can ask you to guide me? Kern River can be divided into 5 different & distinct regions: Granite gorge, Kern River, South of Whitney Kern River High Country. And let’s go up stream a couple hundred feet under the trees.

1525 Faraday Avenue, Suite 250,Carlsbad, CA 92008, Office: 760-444-8640 , Mobile:: 619 990 9200, Backpacking the Forks of the Kern River Trail.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. By this time it was dark. Dry and high desert terrain. RINCON is favorite mountain biking trail, that is also open to dirt bikes (OHV) & equestrian, so share the trail and play nice. sorry for the tardy response, Jack.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. With all of the river access this trail provides, its no wonder that fisherman, day hikers, and backpackers all enjoy this hike. The Kern River Sierra Mountain Hiking Trails in Sequoia National Forest, Kernville, Lake Isabella, California Hot springs, Camp Nelson, Kennedy Meadows, Johnsondale, Ponderosa, and Giant Sequoias Big parking lot at the bridge. But, lake fish don’t fight as hard as river fish and stripping streamers just is not as technical or difficult for that matter. I looked at his face and I could tell. I said like I always do when guiding him: “What do you see?” He said, “I see two good runs with two separate seams.” “Yep.” I said. Troy Meadows

Backpacking to the Upper Little Kern River – Success!

Water recreation is one of the most frequently cited reasons for visiting the Kern River Valley. Can you tell me, when I hike past the Little Kern River and reach the Kern River should I proceed upriver or downriver if I wanted to catch a Kern River Raimbow in the shortest time. In the late Spring and early Summer, one may run into a strange type of hiker - whitewater kayakers! Long dirt road might require high clearance vehicle or possible 4×4, if weather is wet. I carried a cup of JD and he carried my fly rod. Thanks so much for your guidance. Certainly my trips in Montana measured up in terms of quality and quantities of fish…but many times that was guided on drift boat flinging the bobber….just not the same as hunting wild fish wading on a technically difficult river. 20 minutes, 4 takes, 2 landed. Chimney Peak Backcountry Byway. Jerky Meadows Trailhead to Golden Trout Wilderness. As I hiked out with the boys I tried to think if I ever had a better 3 day stretch of fishing in my relatively short, decade long fly fishing obsession. The Forks of the Kern Trailhead, and the optional trails are depicted on the 2019 Kern River Sierra topo map, Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, 6th, Hike Freeman Creek Trail to the Giant Sequoias, Hike the River Trail at Johnsondale Bridge, Mountain Bike the IMBA Epic Cannell Trail.

Near the bottom of the trail in the Spring, at the Kayaker Put In on the Little Kern River. Take this almost 20 miles, (past Freeman Creek) to dirt road 20S67.

Nothing was said as he fought the fish for an eternity until I said, “if he gets any farther down river you are going to have to chase him.” That fish ran again down river, shook his head and he was off. Hiking Options. Use-trails head toward the whitewater launch spot near the confluence on the Little Kern River and head down the Kern River (to the right). Here's the GPX file of the trip. Hikers on the way back up.

backpackers & fishing trailheads GREAT HIKING TRAILS IN THE SOUTHERN SIERRAS. Off-Road Camping. Chimney Creek Campground

©  2020 Extremeline Productions LLC, All Rights Reserved. EXIT#  intersects w/ CA 155 to reach Alta Sierra, Wofford Heights, Kernville and all place north of there. We bushwhacked through the heavily overgrown stretch, guarded by trees on both sides. The official trail heads north and briefly up the Little Kern River crossing. And there was the many October trips in float tubes in Lake Crowley. Kern River Backpacking. There is a 10-inch maximum size limit on Rainbow Trout with no size limit on Brown Trout on this section of river. Lower Peppermint Campground Miss. Just past the ranch turnoff, turn right onto Lloyd Meadow Road, 22S82. California State Route 178 (Hwy 178), which connects Mojave desert w/ Bako.

Updated Recreation Guides: Hike | Bike | Paddle | Rock Climb | Wind Sports | Winter Sports.

Second cast, Whack! Big Meadow Note that the Forks Trail (Kern Flat Trail, 33E20) also continues back toward Lloyd Meadow Road via Freeman Creek from the parking lot.

“You also see it guarded by overhanging trees on both sides and water too dangerous to wade so you’ll have to sidearm roll cast it under the trees.” First cast, whack! Numerous small lodges between Kernville & Johnsondale. In 2.4 miles the road ends at the large picnic/corrals/trailhead/parking area. Primitive camps – Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3, Camp 4, Camp 5

Many curvy mountain miles, one lane, paved, several flat spots for easy road-side camping. Kern River is a top recreation destination for the lower half of the state, since it is the only big Sierra river within easy reach of Southern California. So just Mark and me. Breckenridge is a Mountain to the south of Isabella and Lower Kern. From the Kern River Valley, drive up M99/Sierra Way north along the Kern River about 20 miles.

The trail crosses the Little Kern River here, at lower summer flows. Of course having my son Mark with me, just a few weeks short of him moving out of the house and off to college weighed in heavily on that conclusion too.

The "Forks" refers to the confluence of these two rivers. (Use this for hiking a large loop). Most seclusion for overnight spots, can be found along the empty stretches of the Old Kern Canyon Road. Dear Tim, I have thoroughly enjoyed your fly fishing blog.

Boy Scout Camp Whitsett I said, “Take my rod; it’s rigged. trails travel rivers edge into a tight canyon, impressive rock gorge continues up to the tallest mountain peaks in the High Sierra.

2 miles: After passing views of the southern Kern River Valley and mountains, some amazing metamorphic cliffs in the distance, and eventually the rugged land to the north, the trail arrives at a junction in a flat area near the two rivers. This day hike can be expanding into several great backpacking adventures. This time on the stonefly nymph dropper. Huge recreational reservoir in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains.

My 70 year old knees can only take so much hiking so I have to plan my trips very efficiently. Frank Ferraris. Popular Kern Recreation – backpacking, camping, fishing, hiking, river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, off-roading & floating (inner tubing).

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