[5] Some legendary sources from the Kathmandu Valley describe the Kiratas as early rulers there, taking over from earlier Gopals or Abhiras, both of whom may have been cowherding tribes. Maithili,

Magahi, Newar, Kham,

After the completion of the conquest of the Majha Kirat (Khambuwan) and Wallo Kirat, the Gorkhali army marched east towards the Pallo Kirat (Limbuwan) territory.

Kiratology is the study of Veda of Kirats the Mundhum along with history, cultures, languages and litaretures of Kirat ethnic people in Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam, Myanmar, China and so on. Hindu myth has many incidents where the god Shiva imitates a married Kirati girl who later become Parvati.


Similarly, the over 200 non-Sanskritic place names found in the Sanskrit inscriptions of the Licchavi period of the first millennium C.E. Kirat Rai Yayokkha a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. "Rai" word is one of the Kirat ethnic groups. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The Kirati people, also spelled as Kirant or Kiranti, are a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group.

[4] The mention of the Kirats, the ancient inhabitants of Nepal, in the Vedas and their involvement in the battles of Mahabharat indicate the historical relation and population movement between India and Nepal. [citation needed] The - Rai, Limbu, Yakkha and Sunuwar are different from one another and yet they all sit under one umbrella in many respects.[17]. The original inhabitants of the Dooars region of Assam and North Bengal, are the Koch Rajbongshi, Mech ethnicities. kʰoci kʰaːru kʰonki sinpoksenaːna mataːo juŋa kʰonki akacʰaːdaːŋakaː nimanaːcidaː dakcʰaːbuwaːwaːtni jaːŋamaːci madota. They have two main festivals: Sakela/Sakewa Ubhauli during planting season and Sakela/Sakewa Udhauli during the time of harvest. [citation needed], The word Kirata is a derivation from Kirati or Kiranti to name the group of people in Eastern Nepal and Northeast India. It was divided into 10 Limbu kingdoms; Morang kingdom was the most powerful and had a central government. Awadhi, They believe they are indigenous aboriginals of the Himalayas, mostly the Eastern Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent, extending eastward from Nepal to North East India - predominantly in the Indian state of Sikkim and the northern hilly region of West Bengal, Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts.

Dogri, From around the 8th century, areas on the northern frontier of the Kirat region began to fall under the domination of migrant people of Tibetan origin.

Gellner, David N. and Declan Quigley (eds.)


Nepali, Gopal Singh (2015) "The Newars (An Ethno-Sociological Study of a Himalayan Community)", Mandala Book Point, Kathmandu.

Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar, Yakkha and few segments of the Kirat people like Bahing, Kulung and speakers of Khaling, Bantawa, Chamling, Thulung, Jerung, and other related ethnic groups. The Kirat Rai script is used to write Bantawa, a Kiranti language spoken mainly in Nepal. ɟʰaːraːka manaːci saːwaːloŋa ki tokmaːjuo saːwaːdaː mapukahidaː nutokapoka ki akahaːmao majuŋa. The Limbu rulers of Limbuwan, known as Raya (King /Hang) had established a weak rule in the Limbuwan region by adopting a policy of mutual understanding with the local limbu leaders. [23], Even though most modern Newars are either Hindu or Buddhist or a mixture of the two as a result of at least two millennia of Sanskritization and practice a complicated, ritualistic religious life, vestigal non-Sanskritic elements can be seen in some of their practices that have similarities with the cultures of other Mongoloid groups in the north-east region of India. The Mundhum is the book of knowledge on origin, history, culture, occupation and traditions of Kirati people. This flux of migration brought about the domination by Tibetan religious and cultural practices over ancient Kirat traditions. Dialects include Eastern Bantawa (Dhankuta), Northern Bantawa (Dilpali), Southern Bantawa (Hatuwali) and Western Bantawa (Amchoke).

Dhimal, Sunwar,

Onge, P.11 Origins and Migrations: Kinship, Mythology and Ethnic Identity Among the Mewahang Rai of East Nepal, Martin Gaenszle Mandala Book Point, 2000. Fools and infantrymen: one view of history (1923-1993), E. A. Vas, Kartikeya Publications, 1995, "Nepal - ANCIENT NEPAL, 500 B.C.-A.D. 700", "Food, Ritual and Society among the Newars", https://www.scribd.com/document/56572645/Temples-of-Kirat-Nepal, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kirati_people&oldid=985403113, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from September 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2011, Articles with Encyclopædia Britannica links, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, King Shree Palamba - 81years/राजा श्री पलाम्बा- ८१ वर्ष, King Shree Melam - 89 years/राजा श्री मेलं - ८९ वर्ष, King Shree Changming - 42 years/राजा श्री चंमिं - ४२ वर्ष, King Shree Dhakang - 37 years/राजा श्री धस्कं - ३७ वर्ष, King Shree Walangcha - 31 years 6 months/राजा श्री वलंच - ३१ वर्ष ६ महिना, King Shree Jite Dasti - 40 years 8 months/राजा श्री जिते दस्ति - ४० वर्ष ८ mahina, King Shree Hoorma - 50 years/राजा श्री हुरमा - ५० वर्ष, King Shree Tooske - 41 years 8 months/राजा श्री तुस्के - ४१ वर्ष ८ महिना, King Shree Prasaphung - 38 years 6 months/राजा श्री प्रसफुं - ३८ वर्ष ६ महिना, King Shree Pawa: - 46 years/राजा श्री पवः - ४६ वर्ष, King Shree Daasti - 40 years/राजा श्री दास्ती - ४० वर्ष, King Shree Chamba - 71 years/राजा श्री चम्ब - ७१ वर्ष, King Shree Stungko - 54 years/राजा श्री स्तुङको - ५४ वर्ष, King Shree Swananda - 40 years 6 months/राजा श्री स्वनन्द - ४० वर्ष ६ महिना, King Shree Phukong - 58 years/राजा श्री फुकों - ५८ वर्ष, King Shree Singhu - 49 years 6 months/राजा श्री शिंघु - ४९ वर्ष ६ महिना, King Shree Joolam - 73 years 3 months/राजा श्री जुलम् - ७३ वर्ष ३ महिना, King Pagan Min - 40 years/राजा श्री लुकं - ४० वर्ष, King Shree Thoram - 71 years/राजा श्री थोरम् - ७१ वर्ष, King Shree Angsu Barmma - 73 years 6 months/राजा श्री अंशु वर्म्म - ७३ वर्ष ६ महिना, King Shree Thuko - 83 years/राजा श्री थुको - ८३ वर्ष, King Shree Gunjong - 72 years 7 months/राजा श्री गुंजं ७२ वर्ष ७ महिना, King Shree Pushka - 81 years/राजा श्री पुस्क - ८१ वर्ष, King Shree Tyapamee - 54 years/राजा श्री त्यपमि - ५४ वर्ष, King Shree Moogmam - 58 years/राजा श्री मुगमम् - ५८ वर्ष, King Shree Shasaru - 63 years/राजा श्री शसरू - ६३ वर्ष, King Shree Goongoong - 74 years/राजा श्री गंणं - ७४ वर्ष, King Shree Khimbung - 76 years/राजा श्री खिम्बुं - ७६ वर्ष, King Shree Girijung - 81 years/राजा श्री गिरीजं - ८१ वर्ष, King Shree Khurangja - 78 years/राजा श्री खुरांज - ७८ वर्ष, King Shree khigu - 85 years/राजा श्री खिगु - ८५ वर्ष, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 19:19. Jarawa,

Marathi, The early political order of the Kingdom of Bhutan had been established under the political and spiritual leadership of the lama Zhabs-drung Ngawang Namgyal.

[32] The names of some of their festivals are Sakela, Sakle, Tashi, Sakewa, Saleladi Bhunmidev, and Folsyandar.

Dhimal, [19][20] The language of the Newars, Nepalbhasa, a Sino-Tibetan language, is classified as a Kirati language. traditional, Gurbani derived, contemporary, nick names and common last names can be found here.

Santali, [35] 11 Gorkha Rifles composed entirely of kirati non-optees for the British Gorkhas.[36].

When King Mahendra ascended the throne he banished the law which prohibits other tribes right to buy land without permission of Subba (Head of Limbu) of particular area as well as levy and taxes to Subba in 1979.

Omniglot is how I make my living. Rai are the native or indigenous people of east Nepal. Malto,

After Chemjong, PS Muringla, BB Muringla and Bairagi Kainla also contributed towards Kiratology. Limbuwan had a distinct history and political establishment until its unification with the kingdom of Gorkha in 1774 AD. They are first mentioned in the Yajurveda (Shukla XXX.16; Krisha III.4,12,1) and in the Atharvaveda (X.4,14), which dates back to 16th century BC. The continuity of Newar society from the pre-Licchavi period has been discussed by many historians and anthropologists. Bodo, Gurung,

Kirati people worshiped nature and their ancestors, practice shamanism. [21] Although the 14th century text Gopalarajavamsavali states that the descendants of the Kirata clan that ruled Nepal before the Licchavis resided in the region of the Tamarkoshi river,[22] a number of Newar caste and sub-caste groups and clans also claim descent from the erstwhile Kirat royal lineage.

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