So just know that numbers like the CAGR are not solid values but speculation on the future, based on mathematical models. The shorter ones offer less empty space—this would yield a higher density than the taller blocks. I’ll have to sit down a take a look. , Hello, I found the converters helpful. This is where BrickEconomy comes in. The converter also shows scaled results for a specified scale in the right column. Jang is the best! This could be interpreted as the average mass of a piece in a kit—if the $8.99 per quarter pound is realistic. Personally I look at the average price it has been selling for as a good indication of where the value exists among all the other totals you see on the page. If you have a lot to tell us, use this contact form. As have been noted before, one problem with “minifig scale” is that minifigs are uniform and approximative. I have my own metric I use which tends to serve me pretty well--I subtract $2.50 per minifig (counted as 5 pieces), $8 for a bigfig, and count every other part the same, then do a PPP calculation. They allow to do some extract, so maybe it would be interesting to check the price-per-weight ratios on licenced and un-licensed. Perhaps new prints are one of the reasons that City has gone up in price lately. BrickEconomy uses statistics and machine learning to model current and future sets and minifigure prices over time based on sales trends from multiple secondary markets.

A very important not is - In Poland (and in EURO countries for some reason, licenced sets are priced much higer than others - even if US they share the same price.75173: Luke's Landspeeder = 60148: ATV Race Team In US - they have same price - 19,99$ while in Germany (and Poland) Lukes speeder is more expensive - 29,99€ while Race team costs just 19,99€. Instead, I will look at two different kinds of volume. It would only work in practice if everyone on earth was built like Oliver Hardy…. The slope of this fit is also a great way to estimate the density of a Lego piece. For the brick above, it seems clear that the length and width are two studs long. So, I am eager to see the results if trains are left out of the "normal" city sets.Plus, as many said above, there are some discrepancies regarding sales policy of certain themes around the world, i.e. What does this say about the distribution of Lego blocks? If you take the thinnest Lego piece, which resembles a slice, you find that three of them is the same height as one "normal" brick. On the other end of the spectrum: LEGO has released quite some large sets recently with great price-per-part ratios.

I remember one converter that recalculated the scale of the build depending on how tall a representive human would be in cm or inches. If you know what a Duplo block is, you probably aren't surprised that they are the most expensive (63 cents per brick). The pricing I've seen runs licensed typically at around 25-30% RRP mark-up, whereas self lines like city, technic, Ninjago etc run at closer to 35-40%.

I see that Sariel’s converter is more precise than Dave’s, as it goes out to the thousandths place. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. So let’s walk through the process. I suspect if you removed these train sets from the plot, it would be a more normal price. If I understand it, LEGO charges the consumer for every piece individually, charges for the instruction books, and even charge for the box it comes in (rounded to the dollar). @MrFlame > at least Juniors have all printed parts :D I guess the higher price-per-part is also due to the bigger parts. Boom. Here are the brick prices for some of the Lego themes. The biggest issue for LEGO collectors and investors is trying to accurately track the current value of a given set or minifigures. Meanwhile Creator's slightly older audience would be much more likely to actually look at the PPP and determine whether the set is worth the money. But this is deceiving due to the high set prices of the train kits.

As you probably know already, eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, where everything can be found under the sun, including LEGO. There are a number of disparate markets that sell and resell retired LEGO making it difficult to get an accurate understanding of the potential growth. We are currently in early beta and welcome any feedback you have to help us improve. If your country pays relatively more in wages than another country, you can afford to pay more for your goods. Sweden has 10 million residents, USA 320 million. sets. The value from the fit is 7.34 USD. Find out the best time to make your purchase of track major deals on the open market. It's not difficult to find the mass of a Lego. I have never done it myself, but I have heard other people discussing it. Our video review partner JANGBRiCKS has used Brickset's data to get to the bottom of it once and for all and presents his findings in a short video which you can view after the break. – Zhaph - … See the latest added LEGO sets to BrickEconomy. I just need to find the correct buyer that would be willing to take the whole collection in one shot! List everything you have at the BrickSet marketplace, take a few good pictures, and you will get interested buyers. As you can see both calculators cover some of the same basic measurements and also have some nice features on their own, so it is a good idea to know about both of them. First, I can determine the price per gram with a simple unit conversion. DaveE) and basically does the same calculations as the converter above, however it has additional useful measurements based on the size and scale of either standard LEGO minifigs or LEGO Technic figures. After all, there are brick and mortar stores who’s entire operation is based on buying and selling LEGO sets and parts. In fact some people refer to the site as heaven for LEGO … Once you have the set, click on its name to open up the details. Jillian, what size are you planning to build? You can choose what size you want a minifig to represent. Now using the 10.4 cents per piece, I can do the following unit trick: If I invert that, I get 1.35 grams per piece. Having been privy to wholesale pricelists over the last few years, and noting that there may well be a license component to the wholesale pricing, the other interesting observation is that the RRP vs wholesale markup is quite a bit less for licensed sets.

Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! This is especially relevant for using SNOT techniques over any significant distance (the two studs/five plates ratio only works because of a little ‘give’ with the pieces) but also affects how many plates you can stack next to a stack of bricks, or even wall panels; worth considering.

This remains true, even if the pieces are not rare in the set. a hugh price tag will also discourage potential buyers too, so think small lots and combined postage, often selling the little men in lots seperate from the main amount might add further interest and attract customers wanting for example to increase their lego armies etc.

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