If you know Titan mount, this is probably old hat for you, but for us poor G11 guys, it's just an amazing thing. There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. What did was its good weight to payload ratio.

Your scope looks right at home on the G11T! The support is top-notch, the system is well designed and transparent, and the community is maturing as a great support resource in addition to the competent and responsive support folks at Explore Scientific. In regards to the maintenance of the mount I have not done anything too extensive as it has not been required during my ownership. The G11T has tucked in RA motor already. Once you have used it a few times it’s actually not bad at all though. This allows you to really crank down the clutches so that there is no movement when switching eyepieces or even switching to the very heavy Binotron binoviewer.

The smoothness of the mount is matched nicely by the very fine machining of all the components. I do not autoguide this setup as I do not use exposures longer than 60sec and did notice some elongation in the stars in some exposures. i'm using an ONAG so it's doing autofocus for me. This G11T RA i'm sure is much higher than that, and probably titan-level. One thing that is a chore with the Gemini is that the system really needs at least a 3-4 star alignment to have decent pointing accuracy.

I also really like that most of the accessories/tripods are interchangeable form the g8 to g11. Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811. You'll find on the Groups.IO page that folks are also using The Sky X, Stellarium, SkySafari (with WifiScope), Cartes du Ciel, and AstroTelescope (Mac application that uses INDI). Give Losmandy a call, something does not sound right.

Pick up the phone and call.

I can easily do unguided exposures of 1 minute with my c8HD at f/7. G11T is much heavier, you need two hands to lift it. I will start off by talking about what I thought of the mount when I initially got it and progress to the work I have done on it and what I think of it now.

The other thing that I like about Losmandy is that you can pick up the phone and talk to the guy that makes these things! There is also an INDI driver for the mount if you're a Stellarmate/KStars/Astroberry fan.

The g11 was certainly a much more solid mount! Have you run it through PEM Pro or PECPrep yet? The process is well documented on multiple websites, but rather than learn the process, I opted to upgrade to the one-piece worm block on each axis and found the adjustment process to be easy and simple. Overall I could not recommend the Losmandy mounts enough.

For visual use, a spot-on polar alignment is not necessary, as the app dynamically points/tracks on both axes to compensate for drift due to a less than accurate polar alignment.

it's a solid piece of machining. they can get you anything. The new G11T with the Gemini looks to be a worth while upgrade for me. I haven't yet been able to test the PE on this due to something being loose somewhere, but i'm working on that now and like you, i'm curious about this.

But they are all at least twice the price for the equivalent capacity.

I've had the PMC-Eight for a little over a year. I really like them.

Just a quick note - the G11T (as it's been explained to me) is basically a G11 with a Titan RA. This "wavy washer" makes the RA axis much less stiff and easier to balance, but isn't necessary. © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. The two-piece worm block wasn’t a problem until I adjusted the mount and found that working with the two-piece worm block is a bit of a challenge. I haven't seen any focusing vibrations. In the early 2000’s I had an observing buddy that had a g11 that he used with a c14 witch created some long lasting memories of the setup.

If you already have a G11 w/ Gemini 2 is this just a simple upgrade? There was a discussion between ES and Losmandy on whether or not the mounts should come with this spring washer, but I'm not aware of the outcome.

Well of course. Back then that seemed like such a setup, and it was! it's a pretty simple iterative process. I've been a G11 user since Scott first sold them to Celestron back in 1992. Tracking   Tracking is what I expected from a mount in this class. There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. i haven't had a chance to see what the periodic error is yet, i did some roughed in guiding and it was around 1-2" via PHD2 and ONAG, so it looks okay but seeing here in los angeles in the red zone is probably causing that havoc. As I noted earlier, I definitely prefer the iPad version and it performs flawlessly. They're open during normal business hours, the only thing to remember is they are in CA so please account for the time difference. I don't recommend the app for scope control while imaging.

If 3-D printing is your thing, there are a number of files to download from the Groups.io site and print your own mods, including cable management gadgets, tablet/smartphone brackets,  and an improved mounting bracket for the controller.

Very nice! Back then that seemed like such a setup, and it was!

That’s more than enough for round stars with my imaging rig which is an Explore Scientific ED127CF FCD100 with their .7 Reducer, a cooled DSLR, and a 60 mm guide scope with an Orion SSAG. so that's all my existing stuff. The app connects over WiFi and works well. The Chinese mounts (with the exception of the iOptrons) have a fatal flaw for those of us who don't want to … At this point, I have used a dozen other mounts in this class that are made in China and none of them come close in the precision and finish of all the components.

Some users have reported issues with the installation process of the Android version.

I wish I could come up with another adjective but all that comes to mind is..... beefy. regarding how much weight to shift it, it really depends on your OTA. The mount comes with a high precision worm gear but does not come with the one-piece worm block. ES migrated from Yahoo Groups to Groups.IO. It too has the upgraded clutch knobs and the Gemini 1 GOTO system. This was remedied by upgrading to the clutch knobbes that have the 3 protrusions from Losmandy. Comments must be approved before appearing.

For the Gemini Mount Parameters Setup menu do you need to enter custom gearing settings since the RA gear is essentially a Titan now or does that automatically change in the updated firmware? Losmandy mounts are machined from stainless steel and aluminum in California and have a much-deserved reputation for being one of the finest precision mounts in the world. I get very good GOTO accuracy now and it’s a breeze to get going as it remembers the alignment model from the last time I used it. My journey with the Losmandy line of mounts started way before I first owned one. As mentioned in the inro the first g11 that I bought was already hypertuned by Deep Space Products. The DEC is still G11 as is the Gemini 2, tripod, etc.

The EQMod ASCOMPad driver works well with the PMC-Eight and your favorite game controller if you are interested in having a physical controller. My particular g11 is outfitted with a Gemini 1 GOTO system, hypertuned by Deep Space Products, and has the Olivia gear upgrade. Since I’m a bit lazy I do not want to remove this mount from the pier when I want to take it to star parties. Losmandy g8 / g11 GEM Review. The aluminum case has a clean look to it and mounts easily on the tripod leg. Need any replacement component? Edited by rkaufmann87, 06 April 2018 - 10:20 AM. It looks great. With Celestron and Meade you also only need a two-star alignment. I can't wait to try one out at NEAF in a few weeks. I've had the PMC-Eight for a little over a year.

THe mount is just so sturdy and beefy. i'll be assembling things hopefully tonight and the weekend, and having more info. Software   There are two ways to control the PMC-Eight. It increased the carrying capacity from 30lb to 70lb. Alas, it is just not enough mount for my 178ED…. You currently have javascript disabled. Fortunately, the PMC-Eight is an open-source project and there are user-contributed applications that perform such maintenance functions with the click of a button.

I'm to the point now where I'm happy to recommend the mount.

Just a quick note - the G11T (as it's been explained to me) is basically a G11 with a Titan RA.

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