That's Spanish for how do, yer bastards, yer! When somebody says something as a joke, the British press take things and twist them. I'm just me. Mel B . The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Registered in England. Yohooo (long) . He said: “I’ve come on to ask you what blood group you are. The comic previously insisted Mel loved the character, saying: “People always ask me what Mel thinks of Bo Selecta.

I've always been pretty independent, no matter what situation: good, bad, ugly, happy, sad. I've always said that kids should enhance your life, not hinder your life, so I just try to make the most out of being with my kids. So what's going down, Liz? Flashing her famous peepers, she emerged bleary-eyed from her latest fashion launch in a grey suit and clutching her phone and handbag. But what about Lenny Henry?

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Running strips you and works your core, mixing it up with different exercises so your body doesn't get used to one thing, so you can really get intense with your workout. movie on - Mel B: Ola! Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard. Mel B . Dec Pet: Ooh, howay son. I just recently bought two gorgeous photographs of Marilyn Monroe by international photographer Eve Arnold and I know it sounds horrible but when she dies all her pictures are going to be worth triple. Membership is free, secure and easy. Bo Selecta - Craig David & Mel B. Mel B Funny. Bo’ Selecta first aired way back in 2002 and saw comedian Leigh Francis portray a number of black celebrities on the show, including Craig David, Mel B and Trisha Goddard. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Leigh Francis's Bo Selecta parody of Mel B will be making a comeback after ten years, Leigh, better known as Keith Lemon, and Mel B will be teaming up for new show Mel B & Mel B: What A Fookin’ Year, The pair have become great mates since Mel B became a team captain on ITV2's Celebrity Juice, Mel B is said to think the parody of her is 'hilarious', Cara Delevingne emerged bleary-eyed from her latest fashion launch, The model wowed in a grey suit and cropped white top, Sergio Pizzorno is writing Kasabian's seventh studio album after taking a break for solo work, Kasabian have booked in an enormous one-off gig in Leicester next year, Miley Cyrus posted a revealing snap to Instagram, Denise Van Outen has branded 2013 flop Run For Your Wife 'one of the worst films you've ever seen', Kate Beckinsale looks sensational in a white gown after agreeing separation terms with her estranged husband, Mel B slides down a bannister over a hot dog on Celebrity Juice, became a team captain on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), John Travolta  and Olivia Newton-John reuniting to host special screenings of Grease in December, Chris Hemsworth wants a role in   Star Wars movie, Bebe Rexha wins £4,000 gambling in Las Vegas, SELENA Gomez has slammed Justin Bieber for moving on from their relationship to his now-wife Hailey within months last year. Gandalf the White: Thou shall not pass! Mel B . ---- Please select a track ---- At the weekend it was reported she had agreed separation terms with her estranged film director husband Len Wiseman. The textual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know The visual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know Both the textual and visual content are harassing me or someone I know 1:11. mel b bo selecta at work funny vid with urs truely enjoy. Heal the world And my holiday just turned into me loving it and wanting to stay there longer and longer. Craig David - kes, i dont think hes right for you, i mean look at the size of his bastard head. I love the Scary hair and platforms. Forum Member. my minge is kicking off a right pong. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app .

Mel B . 2:20. Made me think I deserved it.”, No wonder Sharon Osbourne never seems to shut up – she can’t feel her mouth due to too much ­plastic surgery. 34 Tracks 275641 Views. He added: “As a personality I am a complex soul.”. “It’s going to be funny, fabulous, fantastic and completely crazy. Craig David: Reeto! 02/09/05 - 16:30 #6. Michael Jackson Now Leigh Francis’s Bo Selecta TV ­parody of Mel B is being united with the real-life Scary in new show Mel B & Mel B: What A Fookin’ Year. Craig David: The ICE is THAT thin... and YOU'RE SKATIN' ON IT, LAD.

Check it with me brothers... Liz Taylor: [giggles] I'm gonna marry that bitch, Michael, just for you! Lots of Mother F**ker

It goes numb. OW! Drunk rant

Bo' Selecta! Rightly, she was mocked on social media, with one person asking: “Can I trademark ‘Good Morning’?”, My heart goes out to James Blunt, who asked Good Morning Britain viewers to donate a kidney for his father, Col Charles Blount, who has chronic kidney disease. I really try and mix it up a little bit so that it keeps me interested. If it's bad, it's bad. Mel B's catch phrase is "Ya bastards, ya!". Mel B . Craig David: Ya wot, Kes? movie - add it here! Her best known catchphrase is "yer bastard ya! Add a Quote. I don't mince my words.

I canny believe it man, I've been wanin' to do this since SMTV, he gives me a reet Wonkey Donkey, and no, I won't be usin' an implement, I'll be usin' me manhood, I haveney bummed him before but like me father said when I were a bairn, there's a first time for everything, so lets get crackin' with the knackin'! I didn't want my daughter to grow up in that intense attention - wherever we went, we'd get paparazzi. All of the classic o... BACK!

We always knew Victoria was going into fashion, Mel C was going into music, Emma went into radio, and I wanted to do a bit of everything. She has white skin, red hair, and a massive nose. Michael Jackson, Other Inmates: That Country fried Chicken is finger-lickin'!

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Share with your friends. ... Mel B: Ola! Mel B . Ozzy Osbourne: You're all [bleeping] mad! U.S. only. Mel B wears an old pair of glasses, a leopard print dress, and black boots. David Blaine: As a kid I would spend many hours in my bedroom jerking off to pictures of beautiful women. Dec Pet: An I'm Dec Pet, and this is the part of the show where we don't know what's gonay happen. Mel B . Mel B lives in her crib.'_selecta!_quotes_100812. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Mel B Funny. View our online Press Pack. Martay Michael Jackson: Chamone! “Even I don’t know what to expect, except it’s going to be hilarious. But I won't tell you how much I got them for - let's just say it was a lot. Mel B . ... it's shaped like two tits! Kate wore the strapless gown at the New York premiere for new film Farming. Sure, she had an amazing voice, but that doesn't change the fact she's a total [bleep]! Sometimes I can be tactful and sometimes not. I went to St. Croix in the West Indies at Christmas and it had been hit by a really bad tornado. Michael Jackson: Today is visitay day and I got that Liz Taylor bitch coming to see me, that's the American Pat Butcher. You turned me down and now it’s showing. Chamone Ant Man: I canny help it man, the blood rush round me head keep me pantin' all the time... weyhey man, I'm Ant Man.

Surrounded by party food and a fridge full of bevvies, they will cast a Gogglebox-style eye over the year’s top TV moments. Michael Jackson, Other Inmates: That Slop and Shit, it makes us mad That Slop and Shit, it makes us mad. It all depends on the mood I'm in. Share your thoughts on Bo' Selecta! Coming soon! 26 Tracks 385358 Views. Peace out I have a gym in my house, so if all else fails, I'll get on the running machine and book a movie or some crappy reality TV and just zone out. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share.

Then which one is you? Don't call her that, Kes! She told singer Kelly Clarkson’s US TV show after her latest operation: “I can hardly feel my mouth now, to be honest with you. Talking chicken Kelly Osbourne: Not me, I'm just slightly overweight. Richard Pryor be a bad motherf***a in Superman 3! Look, everything that you experience as a kid is the foundation of how you are today. Jaymes Rolla. I always liked Michael Jackson talking about Uri Geller: Bo Selecta was bloody genius. Weyhey that was a long one, alreet pet, this week, Ant Man will be getting' bummed by a special mystery guest, I go gan see if their ready. Give us some Chicken, you'll know who's bad! 11 Tracks 306676 Views. Mel B . News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. I never like to stick to one thing; otherwise, you don't really see that many results. It seems I’ll have to change my morning greeting to my kids. I couldn’t find my mouth! Pokemon Soundboard. Mel B . Marilyn Manson: This is the living room, where I like to relax and sometimes stick my penis between my legs and pretend I'm a lady. . That Country fried Chicken is finger-lickin'! Green giant I donay need no butta, this is goin' straight in.

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