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By Blaster Date 12-20-2009 20:39 When comparing similar machines (and I am not familiar with the L255) I sometimes find asking about the country of orgin makes the decision an easy one. During welding, actual voltage is displayed. Power MIG 256 welder performs MIG and flux-cored welding in light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance or repair work. & .045 in. Shield Arc, I know you spoke poorly of the 250; what do you think of the 252? Millermatic350P/Python, MillermaticReach/Q300.

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Had a lot more problems with out 300 amp machine and remote wire feed. Crops. The POWER MIG® 256 sets the standard for MIG and flux-cored welding in light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance or repair work. In comparison, Miller 20 series wire feeders can barely push wire when the hose is perfectly straight, let alone bent in any way. They are both fine machines. New media New comments Search media. (0.9 & 1.2 mm) wire. Pick the color you like best, unless there are other attributes about one or the other you like better (besides the color). Kubota L4240,Case 580K backhoe, Case 450 Dozer, Deere X500, Improving BX Fuel Filtration With Racor Filter, Family and Friends (Announcements & Notices), Well it finally came in...millermatic 252, Millermatic 210 MIG Welder with 3035 SpoolGun. I cant speak to the guts of these units, but i'll assume that because the Lincoln is heavier by 15 pounds that it has something to do with more substantial … Livestock. I had never used anything but Lincoln or Miller before but I found that machine to be an absolute rockstar. Home.

What's new Search. I'm looking at getting a MIG to use in my farm shop and am trying to figure out what the real differences are between the two machines. ... connections and Lincoln’s 100% wire supporting split wire guide system. We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs.You can read our Cookie Policy here, which describes browsing and search options available to you.By clicking "Accept" you agree to us using cookies in the manner described in our Cookie Policy. Search titles only. Livestock. Trending. Its auto-set mode really helps to choose the right weld parameters. check out the. Magnum® PRO 250L gun with 15 ft.(4.5 m) cable assembly (K3081-2). Update: the local Airgas had the Miller on sale for about $1750 (before tax). Menu. During welding, actual voltage is displayed. I originally trained on Lincoln back in the day, and used diesel engine drive at one job I had that was beat to death and neglected but welded really good. Their home office confirms they can't sell it this cheap. I have ran 7 lincoln 255s and they are a tough machine to beat. Yes, their arcs are in fact "smoother," than Miller's. POWER MIG ® 256 with Magnum PRO 250L Magnum® PRO 250LX Spool Gun (K3570-2) Dual Cylinder Mounting Kit (K1702-1) Regulator (K586-1) Input Cable (1) The POWER MIG® 256 cannot be powered by an engine-driven welder. But that's not a good opinion cause once you get set on your machine a new machine seems to never weld as good as the last one you spent a few years on lol. Media. Thanks for all the replies. This page was generated at 06:59 PM. Would you go with a Miller 252 or a Lincoln 256 welder? Machinery. Home.

Had to modify it already for the different gasses, the factory double bottle holder was only for the 80s. One thing that I do like about most of the newer Lincoln machines is that you can hook a laptop up to them and they will tell you exactly what is wrong with them and everything that has went wrong with them since last time they were in the shop. Moreover, the Miller 211 is very lightweight and has even more power than the Lincoln 180 (230 Amps max.

Especially Miller, Bernard and Hobart, they are very good companies to deal with. I don't know much about Lincoln, as I've welded with and owned mostly Blue equipment. I'm a Miller fan for some things and a Lincoln fan for others. Currently, I own a Lincoln Power Mig 216. Probably used 30 of the 20 series feeders... new ones, old ones, ones I had rebuilt and set everything according to the book specs. NOTE: The POWER MIG® 256 cannot be powered by an engine-driven welder. with the Lincoln 180). Shown K3068-1 THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY 22801 St. Clair Avenue • Cleveland, OH • 44117-1199 • U.S.A. 10 ft. (3.0 m) 230V input power cable with plug. Menu. Shown K3068-1 THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY 22801 St. Clair Avenue • Cleveland, OH • 44117-1199 • U.S.A. However, their double roller feeders are great and I've almost never had a problem with them. The Millermatic 255 also comes … Just a couple welders and a couple of big hammers and torches.

Search titles only. Lincoln PowerMig 255C vs Millermatic 252 This is probably a Coke vs. Pepsi type question, but are there any real substantive differences between these two welders?

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