The experiment received extensive press coverage in Europe but has been less of a fascination inside France, where it faded quickly from the news. “It’s not about a de-radicalization center,” he said.

(Photo: Eric Feferberg). “He asked about my family, where I was coming from, where I was going,” said Amamra, a slight man of 23 with a wisp of a beard. “The only state institution present in the region is the Ministry of National Education. “So there's parents that detect that with their children and need support. Mohamed Guerbi (left) and Oussoufa Hassani. Young people don’t like to say where they’re from anymore,” said Rey. There’s no obvious graffiti here, and the only people doing illegal business on the corners are selling corn on the cob, barbecued on ad hoc hibachis.

He attended a mosque in the next town, not far from his family’s house in Grigny. “Valls spoke about political and economic apartheid and territorial separation” between Paris and its economically struggling suburbs, said Frédéric Rey, a spokesman for the Grigny city government. I want to lead them to a mental declaration of independence.” he said. The threshold between holding ‘radical’ views and becoming violent is still subject to debate.”. Grigny is a tight community. We have some kind of power because we are the future,” he said. In neither Amamra’s nor Hassani’s case is there any evidence of a crime, and certainly not of terrorism or violence. A year? The Chef show is one of the most favorite cooking shows in America television series.

We need to check your ID. Bronner was skeptical of the common narrative of terrorists created within a few weeks—by a lightbulb moment when a particularly impressionable or bitter person watched the wrong YouTube video.

Djelloul Attig, who has run the youth services department in Grigny for the past 12 years, said most of his budget for job training and migrant services was eliminated during the global recession and has yet to be reinstated. The young people don't know it exists. This section contains mature content and you need to be at least 17 years old. They’d both worked with Benyoub in the film program, and Hassani was later hired to do office work for it. That France faces a complex, lethal problem is not disputed, and its storied capital is still coming to terms with the events of the past two years.

It's pretty humiliating,” he said. What if Hassani had stayed six months in class with his uncle? One of the program’s goals was to interrupt this slow process of crowding out.

He thought about calling the police, but, he said, “what would I tell them? His conclusion: That wasn’t the right question. “It’s like they’re parents getting divorced and fighting over you,” he continued. Nous, jeunes des quartiers solitaires et loin des centres, des banlieues ou des campagnes, sans contacts dans ce monde en paillettes. The technocratic shift meant Grigny kids found it difficult to leave town for jobs or university.

Friday’s show, a concert by Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour, is sold out.

Unstated in Valls’ speech was that the de-radicalization scheme comes on the heels of steep reductions in local government budgets.

“I knew people who did things, stole cars, sold drugs,” said Guerbi. The confusion over the de-radicalization scheme extended to where it would be operating, Beaumont-en-Véron, a farm town with a picturesque stone bridge in the Loire Valley, three hours from Paris. He believed that he could build a profile of a violent terrorist while excluding the more common campus firebrands and young poseurs. “The radicalization of part of our youth, seduced by a deadly antisocial model,” was the greatest challenge his country had faced in a generation, he said. When you've dropped out of life and you are trying to find the taste to life, radicalization seems to make so much sense. Discover Mounir #RisingMounir #RisingMounir Ask For Franchise . GRIGNY, France—Half an hour outside Paris by train, the suburb of Grigny has a quiet main street of small shops and a post office, and a school nestled behind a two-story city hall. Bronner theorized that by defining how a person’s perspective had narrowed to a single ideology and profiling a person’s journey along that path, it would be possible to distinguish between somebody being pulled into a violent militia and somebody attracted to radical messages but unlikely ever to pull a trigger.

But at a heavily promoted press event in May, Valls sounded more like a sociologist than like a member of a war council. (Photo: Jacques Demarthon/Getty Images), Should the experiment work, and be expanded, then the profiling component of the system would become much more visible in day-to-day police work. Amamra allows that he really has no idea what the man wanted.

When one of its native sons proved to be among the killers in the Hyper Cacher siege, the whole town came under suspicion. Drawing behavioral profiles of members of a subgroup of French society—young Muslims—was both a clear part of the exercise, he said, and its great danger. We came from the same place.

[1], Benyamina cast Amamra for a lead role in Divines, although initially concerned that the project could threaten their relationship. We headed to a pizza place to meet Mounir Amamra, who grew up in La Grande Borne. After a year of attending the mosque regularly, Amamra was returning home one evening when a man approached him in front of his apartment building. After chatting a bit more, the man invited him to attend a special session of religious study at the mosque and told him, Amamra recalled, “Listen, Mounir, I just want to tell you you’re a great guy.”. He felt he was being forced to take sides between two massive forces, France and extremism, and each put its own interests before his.

Collect bonus rewards from our many partners, including AMC, Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club when you link accounts. Religion, inevitably, would be part of it. On Saturday, Oct. 8, an unknown assailant hurled a Molotov cocktail at a police officer patrolling La Grande Borne. Benyoub was still celebrating her acquisition of half-price laundry detergent at a street market beside La Grande Borne when two young guys slipped quietly into open seats beside her on a Grigny city bus. Pointing across the table at Hassani, he said, “We’re the ones who are going to save France.”.

In the Place de la République, friends of last year’s victims, family members, and the occasional overwrought tourist still bring photos and fresh flowers to a memorial on the plaza stones. Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. Amamra said the man was dressed smartly in streetwear. Amamra is the younger sister of director Houda Benyamina.Amamra attended Catholic school and studied classical dance for 15 years. She won the César Award for Most Promising Actress in 2017 for Divines. “Statistically, the deaths from the recent terrorist attacks are due to jihadists. Add context and dimension to the issues you care about with personal stories and gripping long form narratives reported from the inside of where news is happening.

“I saw Coulibaly around the neighborhood, and, you know, you say hi. Today the program operates largely out of the public eye. [1] In January 2017, Amamra won the Lumières Award for Most Promising Actress for the role. He attended a mosque in the next town, not far from his family’s house in Grigny.

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Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. “What if we all four at this table decided to stand up in the café and gave a speech denouncing France?” he said. “Some people wanted to leave Grigny after the Hyper Cacher. French police recently said they were following 1,400 cases of radical recruitment, though a report by French police put the figure at 8,250, according to Le Figaro. A guy talked to me?” This was a year before the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

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