There are clear instructions in the SR15 manual. Using the HiBy (software) is a joy: it does everything, it’s all logic and it works it with good speed. The lyrics are more easy to find but it’s not a 100% success rate either.

I have emails to that effect. The only little minus the unit got a little warm to the touch when using the balance port. Recorded Date Range: 2016-02-07 to 2020-06-17. Play-time wise you in theory are supposed to get 12h in single-ended mode and 8h in balanced mode, both at @32Ω. A steal. So I’ll never try to purchase a Hiby product ever again and I’ll get a Fiio M11 or Pro. But the most important things are the sound quality and everyday usability. But it´s impossible to test it first, could you compare it to ASTELL&KERN SR15 please?

A missed opportunity if you ask me. I tested my R6 Pro Aluminum with my tube integrated, Onix, connected via a silver interconnect with 3.5mm plug. This player has a beautiful, large detailed sound.

I’m ln the market for a DAP with Wifi and streaming capabilities, looking for something that is warm sounding, good battery life, and decently fast.

Pro League Season 9 APAC Finals Player Stats. And then there’s the power. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The HiBy R6 Pro music player is a great upgrade from the HiBy R6, the WiFi strength is better, it allows you to enjoy your favorite music and games via your favorite Android streaming apps.

The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time.

The ginger Scotsman played for Aberdeen, Manchester United, Coventry City and Leeds United. But it isn’t all good, there’s some bad as well, though that’s relative. Basically you get all the same amazing features as with the R6 and R3 and as said in the first paragraphs, the R6 PRO is a joy to use. The HiBy R6 Pro music player is a great upgrade from the HiBy R6, the WiFi strength is better, it allows you to enjoy your favorite music and games via your favorite Android streaming apps. Any particular or all past transactions occurred on Cash App couldn't be…, I am looking at getting either a CDM or WA8, previously owned the CDM and sold it. Is the Arya too much for it? Why would they make a $700 product with such horrible hardware? When connected to the internet the R6 PRO can also look for album art and lyrics automatically. Prior to his retirement, Mondragón was the last active member, besides Mario Yepes, of the 1990s golden generation of Colombian soccer. On the left side we have the MicroSD slot and both the volume buttons. Listening to Tidal or other streaming software seems to have a battery life of about one day. While I welcome the extra power – it’s more than double as powerful as the original R6 – it unfortunately results in large increasing volume steps.

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