Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The night the sea caught fire: Remembering Piper Alpha", "Appendix 11 - Offshore Oil and Gas Trunk and Interfield Pipelines", "Engineering Disasters: The Failure, Explosion, and Sinking of the Piper Alpha Platform", "Learning From Major Disasters - Piper Alpha Oil and Gas Platform Explosion and Fire", "Deepwater aftermath - exploring the parallels with piper alpha", The Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 1992, "Piper Alpha rewrites the rules on offshore safety", "Piper Alpha: Aberdeen offshore conference teaching disaster lessons", "Stephen McGinty: True cost of a nation's wealth", "Appendix to Opinions (Lord Caplan) pgs 560-739 0/1261/5/1990", "Appendix to Opinions (Lord Caplan) volume 2 chapter 5 Causation 1", "Oil and Gas Resources of the United Kingdom Volume 2 1998", "Piper Alpha - the event, Richardson, S., LPB Issue 122, April 1995, IChemE, UK", "Piper Alpha Memorial Window, Oil Industry Chapel, St. Nicholas' Kirk, Aberdeen. In 1991, Scottish composer James MacMillan wrote "Tuireadh", a piece for clarinet and string orchestra, as a musical complement to the memorial sculpture. There is controversy about whether there was sufficient time for a more effective emergency evacuation. 06:21: Uninjured survivors of Piper Alpha leave, 07:25: "Rescue 138" picks up remaining survivors from, 37 recommendations covered procedures for operating equipment, 32 the information of platform personnel, 25 the design of platforms and 12 the information of emergency services. Alexander also wrote that "some of these lads are stronger than before Piper.

In 2008, to mark the 20th anniversary of the disaster, a stage play, Lest We Forget was commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and written by playwright Mike Gibb .

In the late 1980s, major construction, maintenance, and upgrade works were planned by Occidental and by July 1988, the rig was already well into major reconstruction, with six major projects identified, including the change-out of the GCM unit. Twenty-eight said they had difficulty in finding employment following the disaster; it appears that some offshore employers regarded Piper Alpha survivors as Jonahs – bringers of bad luck, who would not be welcome on other rigs and platforms. However, the fire-fighting system was under manual control on the evening of 6 July: Piper Alpha procedures required manual control of the pumps whenever divers were in the water (as they were for approximately 12 hours a day during summer) regardless of their location, to prevent divers from being sucked in with the sea water (fire pumps on other platforms were switched to manual control only if the divers were close to the inlet). During the late 1970s, major works were carried out to enable the platform to meet UK Government gas export requirements. At about 21.45 on 06 July 1988, condensate pump B tripped. A few hours before the explosion, work on a valve connected to a gas condensate pump had been suspended. A lasting effect of the Piper Alpha disaster was the establishment of Britain's first "post-Margaret Thatcher" trade union, the … They appointed Lord Cullen, a very experienced Scottish Jurist, to conduct the Public Inquiry into the cause of the disaster. The second gas line ruptured, spilling millions of litres of gas into the conflagration. But the competitive ruthlessness of the oil industry bred a working culture, which meant that nothing should stand in the way of pumping oil and gas.”, Ed said: “Unsafe working practices had turned the rig into a petro-chemical timebomb… and the clock was ticking.”. Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.[1] The platform began production in 1976,[2] first as an oil platform and then later converted to gas production. At the time of the disaster the platform accounted for approximately ten percent of North Sea oil and gas production, and was the worst offshore oil disaster in terms of lives lost and industry impact.[5]. Furious mum says Primark trousers got daughter excluded from school. Celtic player ratings as Shane Duffy suffers another nightmare in Sparta Prague thrashing. The explosion ruptured firewalls which were designed to withstand oil fires, but not gas explosions, and were not retrofitted when the rig was modified to accept gas. 10:20 p.m. “Piper Alpha was no accident, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Twenty-eight said they had difficulty in finding employment following the disaster; it appears that some offshore employers regarded Piper Alpha survivors as Jonahs – bringers of bad luck, who would not be welcome on other rigs and platforms. It was a heavy rig, one of the largest of its kind. Woman agrees to move 9000 miles for Scots Tinder date before being cruelly dumped. Ian Geddes ANDERSON, dual service operator, Mark David ASHTON, trainee technician/cleaner, Amabile Alexander BORG, non-destructive tester, Alexander Ross Colvin BREMNER, production operator, Gordon Craib BRUCE, helicopter landing officer, Carl William BUSSE, directional drilling supervisor, Hugh CONNOR, instrument technician/lecturer, John Thomas COOPER, Instrument Technician, Edward John CROWDEN, Electrical Technician, Bernard CURTIS, Deputy Production Superintendent, Douglas Newlands FINDLAY, Supervisor Mechanic, Harold Edward George FLOOK, Production Operator, James HEGGIE, Production Services Superintendent, William Howat KELLY, Electrical Technician, Alistair James McDONALD, Mechanical Technician, Thomas O’Neil McEWAN, Electrical Chargehand, Neil Stuart Ross McLEOD, Quality Assurance Inspector, David Allison McWHINNIE, Production Operator, Leslie James MORRIS, Platform Superintendent, Raymond Leslie PRICE, Production Operator, William Wallace RAEBURN, Maintenance Controller, Gordon MacAlonan RENNIE, Process Operator, Robert Miller RICHARD, Production Operator, Alexander James ROBERTSON, Lead Production Technician, Donald Nicholson ROBERTSON, Mechanical Technician, James John Dearn SAVAGE, Electrical Technician, Michael Hugh Brodie SCORGIE, Lead Foreman, Colin Denis SEATON, Offshore Installation Manager, Robert Hendry SELBIE, Turbo Drill Engineer, Richard Valentine SKINNER, Assistant Driller, William Hamilton SMITH, Maintenance Lead Hand, Thomas Cunningham Boswell STIRLING, Cleaner, Stuart Douglas SUTHERLAND, student/cleaner, John Edward WAKEFIELD, instrument technician, Gareth Hopson WATKIN, offshore medical attendant, Kevan Dennis WHITE, maintenance supervisor, Paul Charles Ferguson WILLIAMSON, floorman, Billowing black smoke enveloping the accommodation block and helideck on The Piper Alpha, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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