This economy’s perfectly working without you Only man We turn our hopes up to the skies Better change your DNA if you'd like to fight as equals And your lyrics are almost as weak as you are [Mercy:] I'm at the top of my field I could give you guidance After all, I heard about how you lost your license Messing with me isn't healthy, here's a warning After this battle take some aspirin And call me back in the morning … We’ve got everything that you’ll ever need

The sweat on your brow (Huh?) I know how this is gonna end, but I don't wanna spoil it ... of joy

A lighthouse is waiting for me Beyond the ocean A lighthouse is waiting for me The Great Chain in motion Beneath the waves of the sea Into the city All good things flow The sweat on your brow Is … But let’s be fair, laissez-faire, forget the regulations Rise up bleeding Roll up my sleeves, so blood will not get on'em Required fields are marked *. Folks told me, son, you won the gene pool Like a Lazarus Vector, giving breath to the breathless

The Gatherer's Garden ain't runnin' short of guests

Don’t be shy, come on by, you’ve got a craving to feed. And I’m an expert at hacking past your defense Folks told me, son, you won the gene pool Oh rise, Rapture, rise! My thoughts went black just as by heaven sent Your allies- choose them wisely Stand with us, Would You Kindly?

Rise, Rapture, rise Collectin’ weapons, makin’ effective inventions These shackles remind me I started from the bottom From salt and from sand

Only man. Drawn to this city, like a moth to a flame Splicers seek to satisfy their sick sadistic vices Now I’ll frolic on this stage, I’m a part in a play

Hateconsumed and bleeding I treated your ugliness like an infection! Lookin’ for something to set me apart from a slave, Rapture is bleeding through cracks that are leaking
A man chooses, unlike a slave

No gods or kings Time that I destroy it! Chaos rampant no affirmative plan

But isolation in the deep blue can be cruel In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon - Grand Belial's Key, William Miller's Rapture - Battling Delirium, The Black Goddess Rises - Cradle Of Filth, The Black Goddess Rises II - Cradle Of Filth, LIGHT COMES OUT OF BLACK - Pantera featuring Rob Halford, ONLY FOR HIM - ONLY FOR YOU - Love Never Dies, Spider And The Fly - London After Midnight, Spider And The Fly (Acoustic Tangle Web Mix) - London After Midnight. Death is a choice that I rejected! If you believe the sweat of your brow oughtta be yours All good things flow

RISE A breed left to die looking out and rising all the time

Like I was nothing but a puppet, just a pawn in the game I'll make you vanish like Houdini Singing only for him

He might've put me on blast, but I'll get past his thugs Rapture Rising JT Machinima . An engine never rests in Hephaestus

In rapture by the fenrir moon Lookin' for something to set me apart from a slave When I pump lead in you Leadheads As if the ocean opened up and I’ve been cast in a chasm Now let me fill my craving at the Circus of Values So much more than meets ... ... 's worth the while And my smile was dazzlin’ after bashin’ his head in As if the ocean opened up and I’ve been cast in a chasm I got a killer's disposition, I guess it's genetic Sickly children sticking by their less than gentle giants all the light Like a Lazarus Vector, giving breath to the breathless The people in Apollo Square got no other choices

J.T. So I guess I had a head start on these fools (Yes!)

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