Rotary eClub | WOKE is still active in virtual service, helping a non-profit in Buffalo NY transition their fundraising efforts for their girls school in Northern Tanzania, as well as helping a women in Costa Rica with their new website (watch for the next issue of The Rotarian!). Stay Home, Stay Safe.Rtn M Mayeen Uddin. RC of New Kent in District 7600 (Virginia USA) First we are holding our meeting on Zoom, then we looked to see where the greatest need was in our immediate community. We aim to crowdsource our wisdom for these unprecedented, challenging times. God, keep them safe and healthy. The Rotary Club of Portsmouth Virginia USA is proud to be part of connecting the world. The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County, Washington, USA, used crowdsourcing to create an online listing of area grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants that offer home delivery. I am working on setting up a zoom account so we can meet face to face virtually. We will be adapting in D1100 to fit our needs but it is a very helpful start and well will be circulating to all clubs and District officers.

If this is the case with yours and/or you are looking for online recovery meetings, here are some ways to stay connected. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Last Thursday the board of directors held a emergency teleconferenced meeting, with the question asked, “What can we do to help people in Lake Worth Beach who have been impacted by the Coronavirus?” I’ve included their responses here. This includes the provision of hand sanitizers, installation of sanitization units at transport hubs and a campaign to promote a culture of hand washing. Below are prayers that can be helpful in times of reflection and peace as we continue to serve the greater glory of God during this unprecedented time.

For Christian missionaries throughout the world, especially in areas with high rates of infection: God, provide them with words of hope, and equip them to love and serve those around them.

PP Peggy Simmonds A delivery of 1,480 Rotary branded hand sanitizers for distribution to commuters has been made to Santaco (South African National Taxi Council). Each one addresses the specific needs of a specific community.

Amen. Help them to provide more tests.

To date, the project has received R500,000 in sponsorship from Standard Bank, who have also included Hlanza Izandla in their CSI matching programme, which will ensure further funds during the lifetime of the project. All rights reserved. CAMPUS ALERTThe latest coronavirus information and fall 2020 updates: If Rotary Clubs do not adopt online, virtual meetings they will lose a lot of members when we get to the other side of this pandemic, meetings keep us together and informed.

The results of certain tests

One of our projects was donating an important amount of N95 masks to our local Hospital. We also pray: God, we trust that you are good and do good.

Club also working with DGE for supplying PPE to Health Care Professionals.

Our school district is 100% free breakfast and lunch and, unfortunately, that means that many children do not eat except at school. We suggest you check with e-clubs in your area for help and advice on structuring online meetings. A virologist spoke about the virus, how it spreads, and how to keep safe. Over 70% of the membership has responded by sending the author of the letter cartoons and jokes for inclusion and many of them have written how much they look forward to the daily letter and enjoy it. During this time of extraordinary disruption and anxiety, the Office of the Chaplain and Religious and Spiritual Life will be encouraging all of us at HDS to use the coming days as an opportunity to deepen our spiritual and intellectual practices. Industrial grade sanitizer, which works for much longer than the ordinary product, has been sourced through contacts in the poultry business and the first consignment has already been received. To report another problem, please contact [email protected] It’s probably more honest to say that I’ve obsessively refreshed my feeds. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads uncertainty and hardship around the world, Rotary members and participants are innovating, caring for those affected, and showing that even at a distance, there are ways to help. For single mothers and fathers, grow their networks of support.

About San Diego Rotary Key note: don’t go digital – be digital.

This fund started thanks to a coalition of philanthropy, government and business partners to rapidly deploy flexible resources to community-based organizations at the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak in San Diego County. Yes, I think that we will have two kinds of Rotary: one is the Rotary before coronavirus pandemic and the other will be the Rotary after the coronavirus pandemic! David Oates It’s the human connections…not the technological tools that make this real. Although clubs and districts are canceling or postponing their in-person meetings and events, they are still finding ways to keep up their fellowship, reimagine their service efforts and respond to the pandemic: The Rotary E-Club of Fenice del Tronto invited the public to its 11 March online meeting to raise awareness about the coronavirus. In recent days, as COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic and countries have taken urgent measures to stem the spread of infection, I wish I could say that my first impulse has been to pray. and we responded as Rotarians do! Keep members engaged through virtual meeting platforms. Now they’re helping health authorities communicate lifesaving information about COVID-19 and donating protective gear and other supplies to clinics and hospitals that are under strain because of the pandemic. Also the 7 Rotary Clubs and the Rotaract Clubs at San Luis Potosí City are working like one (Consejo Potosino Rotario) buying and manufacturing equipment for nurses and doctors obtain with donations (money and material), district grants, psychological support, media information. ( Log Out /  That’s why we activated a virtual fundraising. Due to COVID-19.

for Pastoral Care During the Coronavirus Outbreak, by Eileen R. Campbell-Reed, Copyright © 2020 The President and Fellows of Harvard College, Religious Resources for Living Through Crisis, Contact Development and External Relations, Online Spiritual Gatherings for the HDS Community, Caring for Self and Others in Times of Trouble, Spiritual Suggestions for Living Well During COVID-19 (PDF), Chaplaincy at a Distance: The Art of Spiritual Care During COVID-19, Spiritual Care At A Distance, Masked: Chaplains During COVID-19, A Joyful Sorrow: Providing Care and Comfort for Those with COVID-19. © 2019 Rotary International. Clubs in District 2041, also in Italy, raised funds online to buy protective gear for health workers who will care for COVID-19 patients at a 400-bed hospital being built at Milan’s fairgrounds. For the sick and infected: God, heal and help. I led the way in securing a place for the drive where social distancing would be possible, and created a sign-up genius to recruit volunteers to help with the drive. God, give them compassion for every patient in their care. It is our first point of action. 12. #RotaryResponds

The Rotary club of Metro Bethesda, Maryland, USA, is contacting neighbors who live alone and are quarantined. Rotary Club of Chittagong Heritage , RID 3282 of Bangladesh distributed hand wash materials to 200+ orphans to protect COVID’19.

Christians Invented Health Insurance. The suggestions are not exhaustive, and many clubs will surely come up with new ideas as their ingenuity and adaptability finds new and innovative ways to maintain our fellowship. 17. Charter President [ This article is also available in Funds were donated to our local charity/foodbank to go towards feeding the hungry and local children out of school. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Rotary Club of Kalayaan Cagayan de Oro donated personal protection equipments to hospitals in Cagayan de Oor City. Beside you in hope,Kerry MaloneyHDS Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life.

(Italy – District 2060 – Zone 3) It auctioned more than 100 items and raised more than $100,000, about the same amount as in previous years. Since we are limited on our grocery shopping, it was suggested that they buy for another family at the same time, and this food is given to the food banks. The Rotary Club of Palm SprIngs, CA. The fact that our weekly meeting has been suspended until further notice and we all have already paid for our meals it was decided to take some of those funds and give each of the fourteen waiters and waitresses at Brogues Down Under, where we meet each week, a Publix $50.00 gift cards, as their employment is day to day and Rod Regan, the owner, is thinking that the state could possibly close all restaurants. A prayer for peace during COVID-19; From darkness into the radiance of faith; Yes, this is grief – Sifting through emotions of a semester cut short; Finding God in the Midst of the Storm; A reflection on COVID-19, by Rev. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It really hard to deel with.

In Hong Kong, Rotary clubs have raised funds, packed medical supplies, and visited public housing to distribute masks and sanitizers. Here in the Philippines especially our District 3820 headed by our Champion Governor Everett Olivan with all of the 130 clubs , since Day 1 we started giving mask,PPE,ventilators etc. 19. As many of us we are holding virtual meetings each week. May we who have the luxury of working from home. Not only are we staying connected through a series of video meetings that we call Portsmouth Rotary’s Virtual Connect. Out of this there are opportunities but we will have to work on them. Our aim was to save people lives. As many of you we are connected throgh virtual technologies and celebrating our weekly meeting as always. The project’s primary purpose is to support the sanitization of public transport hubs. The project was conceived at an RLI training session on 14 March by Rotarians from the above clubs, just as the virus fears were starting to grow. Now we will do it remotely, via electronic platform. Gabriel Zimmer. Virtual tools allow us to remain united and thus be able to continue coordinating in favor of our communities.

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