Er scheint Itachis Verrat am Clan geahnt zu haben, denn er weist Sasuke, der seinen großen Bruder verehrte, an, ihn nicht mehr als Vorbild anzusehen und verhält sich ansonsten auch meist sehr distanziert gegenüber seinem älteren Sohn. Initially, Sasuke still held onto the notion of sparing the innocent and cooperation, witnessed in his creation of a new group of shinobi. He can also concentrate it into a extendable sword and solid senbon for more precise attacks. Sasuke is moved when Naruto Uzumaki wants him to make peace with the village; he considers Naruto his only friend. He switches after Itachi's death, wearing a white (grey in the anime) zippered, high-collared, short-sleeved shirt and blue wrist warmers. He insisted that they were enemies who killed his friends. As he's talking, Madara is stabbed from behind by Black Zetsu and his body is converted into Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, which leaves Team 7 shocked. When the genjutsu fails to dispel after Karyū's death, Sasuke suspects the real culprit is on the loose. The now reunited Team 7 charges into battle, cutting through the Ten-Tails' army of clones. After Boruto asks Sasuke how his father overcame his hardships, Sasuke suggests Boruto ask Naruto in person and also telling him Naruto is stronger than him up until now, and to that end invites Boruto to join him in rescuing him. The birth of his daughter essentially marked the beginning of the restoration of the Uchiha clan, as Sasuke always wanted. With Momoshiki down, the uninvited Katasuke tries to finish him off.

Its evolutions are often marked by moments of intense hatred.

Gaara asks for a chance to speak with Sasuke, which the Raikage agrees to so that he can have his arm healed. His only goal in life became to take revenge for his clan's deaths by any means, even if it meant acquiring power that wasn't his own.[16][17]. From testing with different jutsu, Naruto discovers that Obito is vulnerable to senjutsu.

When they emerge, they find Madara has bound the world's population with God: Nativity of a World of Trees and trapped them all within perpetual dreams. Itachi then instructs Kabuto to end the Impure World Reincarnation. Seeing her with the Sharingan and having the Uchiha crest on her back, Sasuke suspects she is connected to the boy and almost attacks her until she calls him "Papa" and he realises she is his own daughter. Sakura gives him a bagged lunch and hopes for a kiss in return, but he leaves without further comment, only smirking in amusement as he walks away. He often channels his lightning chakra into his Sword of Kusanagi to increase its cutting power.


Sasuke using snakes to restrain Jūgo and Suigetsu. Itachi removes the cursed seal from Sasuke's body during Part II, preventing him from using it again. While drawing, errors and mishaps commonly result in Sasuke's youthful appearance being lost, a result of Kishimoto's inexperience in drawing characters mature beyond their years.

Sasuke is left badly injured and it falls to Jūgo to heal him. Sasuke and Naruto recognise Kaguya from his meeting Hagoromo as the origin of chakra.

He can also use Genjutsu: Sharingan for broad purposes such as distraction, interrogation, knocking targets out, or placing them under his control. Later, they would hang on both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks and later again return to their original style. He will never leave home until he was ready. Sasuke is accordingly careful not to follow Itachi's instructions too closely, such as by not acquiring a Mangekyō Sharingan, as he doesn't want Itachi to have the satisfaction. männlich Afterwards, Mitsuki decided to talk with Sasuke privately.

Before he can take Kakashi's words to heart, Sasuke is confronted by the Sound Four. Sasuke learned that Victor, president of the Land of Valleys' premiere medical and research company, and was in fact a member of Kara and somehow acquired a sample of the First Hokage's cells. While Sasuke is happy in his marriage to Sakura, he enjoys teasing her by declining to show her affection.

He is accordingly accustomed to coming up with tactics on the fly, choosing whatever approach, no matter how elaborate, will be most successful at the exact moment.

[71] To learn more about creating an effective rivalry, Kishimoto read a variety of manga to gather ideas on what constituted such a rivalry, and he coalesced these ideal elements into one relationship. Initially alternating between third and fourth places, he has finished first twice. For their performance in the Land of Waves, however, Kakashi decides to enter them in the Chūnin Exams taking place in Konoha. Sasuke's swordsmanship was even acknowledged by Mifune, a famous sword master after he effectively blocked the samurai's attack.

Searching through Kaguya's Dimensions, Sasuke returns to earth through his portal. 33 Main article: Chūnin Exams Just as they get the last of the lifeboats to disembark, a tentacle starts attacking it. Sasuke and Suigetsu attack him with their swords, but he proves to be a better swordsman than they are and stabs Sasuke with several of his Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords. Upon arriving in a forest, both his dōjutsu weaken from overusing them. Fugaku schenkte deshalb Itachi mehr Aufmerksamkeit als Sasuke. Lee is stopped by his teacher, Might Guy, whose emotional method of punishing Lee disturbs Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. Sasuke cuts through several with his Complete Body — Susanoo, but he isn't able to reach Madara in time to stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi from being cast. To this end, Sasuke has realised Itachi's sacrifices were truly his own choice, seemingly reverting to his former personality and going so far as to apologise to Karin for what he did to her. Erster Auftritt With Itachi's parting words, Sasuke starts to question the meaning of a shinobi, a village, and a clan, and doesn't know what he should do now. The two meet attacks once again, this time creating a giant explosion that strips away their avatars and leaves them with too little chakra to use it practically. Sai tries to engage Sasuke by discussing Naruto, prompting Sasuke to knock him over with killing intent. However, he still maintains his superiority complex around them, having spoken rudely to both Sakura and Kakashi by telling them to shut up and condescendingly stating that they can't do anything and that he would stop the Infinte Tsukuyomi himself. He later receives half of Hagoromo's power, which he evidently is able to keep. After his battle with Itachi, which concluded in the latter's death, the revelation that he had actually been ordered by the Konoha Elders to eradicate the clan coupled with the new knowledge that Itachi had truly loved him, Sasuke vowed to kill the elders for using his brother and ordering him to massacre the Uchiha clan. Sasuke begins using a sword after training with Orochimaru, wielding it just as skillfully in either hand. Sasuke's father in particular took an active interest in Itachi, thereby neglecting Sasuke. ", (To Sakura about Team 7) "I know the four of us have worked together. Due to the curse of his clan, Sasuke continued to sink deeper into darkness, which caused his chakra to become noticeably darker. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. When Sasuke took a mission to the Land of Redaku as a disguised prisoner in order to locate the Polar particles needed to heal Naruto of his illness that would eventually strip the latter of his ability to use chakra, Sasuke kept a low profile by pretending to be weak. Sasuke's father in particular took an active interest in Itachi. Despite Sasuke's protests, Naruto convinced him to return to Konoha so that he can live to fight another day. Seeing how strong Naruto has become, Sasuke grows jealous and angry. Leading up to and during his battle with Itachi, he replaces this top with a sleeveless dark grey shirt and the arm guards with bandages on his wrists. His attributes are: 200 in chakra, 165 in perception and dexterity, 142 in negotiations, 130 in strength, and 100 in intelligence. Sakura and Kakashi arrive and Sakura begins healing them. One of his teammates, Sakura Haruno, tries to bond with him by sharing her envy of their other teammate, Naruto Uzumaki's, lack of parents, but this only offends Sasuke. He tells Sasuke that Itachi was a very good person, which Sasuke agrees with before departing once more. As time passed on with this new path of revenge and with further corruption by Tobi and the Uchiha curse, Sasuke had grown much more cruel and ruthless, with the remaining morality he showed during his time with Orochimaru fading rapidly; by the time he launched an attack against the Kage Summit, he killed anyone who stood in his way, not caring about his team,[20] and after cornering Danzō, Sasuke turned to sacrificing Karin who got taken hostage to accomplish his goals of vengeance,[21] and attempted to kill Karin and his former team-mates and teacher whilst experiencing neither shame, guilt, nor remorse for any of his actions. At the beginning of the anime's first part, Sugiyama had difficulty voicing Sasuke because he knew little about his personality; he began to understand the character at the point in the story where Sasuke encounters his brother, Itachi Uchiha. [7] With the Sharingan, Sasuke can see the flow of chakra, accurately reproduce any movement he sees (his own physical skill permitting), track fast-moving objects, and, by the end of Part I, predict opponents' movement to a degree. He stopped using honourifics like "sensei" or "sama", something considered rude in the Japanese language. Quality-wise, Sasuke's chakra is very powerful: its strength is compared to that of Madara Uchiha's, whose chakra was particularly strong even amongst the Uchiha.

[95][96] Sasuke is also a very capable leader, able to form a team from specific ninja after scouting them out and quickly command their respect and cooperation. Sasuke first awakened his Sharingan at age 7, with one tomoe in each eye, after seeing Itachi murder their clan. [38] Sasuke also seems to have regained his instinct to protect his comrades, having saved Naruto on numerous occasions since his arrival to the battlefield as well as rushing almost instinctively to protect the original Team 7 from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Sasuke is paired against Yoroi Akadō for the first match.

Because of the nature of the seal containing Rōen, they have only ten minutes to perform another seal or Kina will die. Sharingan,  Mangekyou Sharingan [2] However, before Manda was de-summoned back to the Ryūchi Cave, they were hit by the explosion, which ultimately killed Manda. Kishimoto conceived Sasuke as a rival of the series' title character Naruto Uzumaki. There was a need to make every movement in the fight look realistic, giving Sasuke a scary look as well as hair movement in order to express the idea of both fighters willing to do anything to kill each other, which confused some due to Naruto's wish to avoid this fate. [145][146] Reviewers also applauded Sasuke's acknowledgement of his crimes, his agreement to go to prison, and his decision to begin a journey of redemption, indicating an acceptance of responsibility for his misdeeds and a response to Sakura's feelings. His most consistent physical display is his speed, and by extension his reaction time: Haku remarks on how impressive Sasuke is in both regards during their battle. This also suggests Sasuke has developed a do-or-die personality as he believes anyone incapable of doing anything in any situation is as good as dead. Sasuke ist der bisher einzige Charakter (abgesehen von Anwendern des, Sein Aussehen in der zweiten Stufe des Juins ähnelt dem eines, Sasuke und Sakura sind die einzigen Mitglieder eines selben. Some time later, Sasuke also made an additional summoning contract which allows him to summon hawks. Soon after entering, Sasuke discovers that what appears to be Naruto is an Ame-nin, Oboro, in disguise.

Despite not bearing the title of Hokage, Sasuke is referred to as the "Shadow Hokage" by Naruto because Sasuke protects the village from the outside whereas Naruto, as the Seventh Hokage, protects it from the inside.

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