Hu is known as an avid cat lover, and has revealed that he own five cats.

To avoid being typecast, Hu subsequently stopped accepting any role in period dramas after he finished filming The Myth. In 2014, Hu Ge starred in modern drama Life Revelations alongside Yan Ni, and won the People's Choice award at the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards for his performance. He won the Best Actor award at the 2nd Denny Awards for his performance. Fighting!. The drama acquired very high viewership ratings, and boosted Hu's popularity to a new high. Hu Ge attended Shanghai Xiang Yang Elementary School (1989–94) and Shanghai No.2 High School (1994-2001), both known for their educational rigor. He acted as Patient No.5 in Stan Lai's A Dream Like a Dream, which served as the opening act at the 1st Wuzhen Theatre Festival. Hu Ge was born in Shanghai in 1982. Hu returned to period drama in Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky, adapted from the video game of the same name, where he also acts as the series' producer. He returned to the big screen in December 2016, starring as an antagonist in the crime suspense film Cherry Returns. Credits go to Hu Ge … Goal! alongside his then-girlfriend Jiang Shuying. Part 3. He also starred in the 2011 historical film 1911, playing Lin Juemin, and was nominated as Best New Actor at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards. His past relationships include actress Xue Jianing, whom he dated early in his career, and Jiang Shuying, his co-star in Go! He survived with severe injuries while his assistant died. Hu Ge expresses how he felt of the incident through the performance of his single "Dare to Love", and filmed a music video with his co-star from the two series and friend Cecilia Liu. Goal! Love reading about your accident going to see if i can buy the book,glad you are doing well and waiting on the other part of Romance of the Condor.take care and god bless. He won the Most Popular Actor award at the Shanghai Culture Center, and the Most Popular Theater Actor of the Year at the BQ Magazine Popular Artists Ceremony. The filming of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, which he was working on then, was temporarily halted due to his injury, in addition to being unable to complete promoting his finished project The Young Warriors with his fellow cast members. Hu Ge expresses how he felt of the incident through the performance of his single "Dare to Love", and filmed a music video with his co-star from the two series and friend Cecilia Liu. With three successful dramas, Hu won the Most Popular Actor award at the 6th China TV Drama Awards. His excellent portrayal of his character's paradoxical personality earned him another Best Actor in the legend genre at the 2012 Huading Awards, as well as the Most Popular Actor award at the 4th China TV Drama Awards. He then starred in the horror film The 601st Phone Call (2006), which won him the Film Actor with the Most Potential award at the 6th Tencent Star Ceremony. Scavenger hunts can be played in several different ways depending upon the type of scavenger hunt that it is – there are scavenger hunts where the objective is to seek and find a checklist of items, and there are scavenger hunts that lead you from one place to another, usually collecting a new clue and/or an item at each location. In October 2006, Hu made his debut as a singer and released his first EP, titled Treasure.
Credits go to Hu Ge for the amazing book he has written. In addition to excellent academic work, Hu Ge's talents in a variety of extracurricular endeavors were also recognized.

Following his surge in popularity and public awareness, Hu has also been appointed the Shanghai Tourism Ambassador in 2015. Hu Ge decided to attend the latter, particularly attracted by its strong major in acting. However, on the 26th of August during the late hours 10:51pm, along with an incident of a huge impact car crash, I helplessly began my journey as a scavenger with some acceptance. The same year, he garnered a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 21st Shanghai Television Festival for his performance in acclaimed war drama, Forty Nine Days: Fiesta. (Wikipedia)

He then starred as Xu Zhuang Tu in Forever Yin Xueyan, a play based on Pai Hsien-yung's novel of the same title performed in the Shanghai dialect. Global Times praised the story, acting and cinematography of the series, stating that it had restored viewers' confidence in Chinese period dramas. He received his first training in performing arts in Little Stars Performing Arts School run by Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Which Was the Last Drama Episode You Watched? After appearing in numerous commercials, Hu starred in the film Pretend There's No Feeling with a minor role.

I never thought that one day, I would become a scavenger. 2013 has often been referred to as Hu Ge's year of theatre plays. Noodle Cart Team introduces the Chinese Edition of the Noodle Cart Series [Sep 2020]. Quite the same Wikipedia. Chinese Movies to Get Excited for This Fall! Hu Ge is known to be close friends with Wallace Huo, Cecilia Liu, Tiffany Tang, Ariel Lin, Eddie Peng, and Yuan Hong. He wrote the script for one of the stories Lights from the City, and starred in 4 out of the 10 stories. While he was still studying, Hu Ge was recommended by his friend to Chinese Entertainment Shanghai (now known as Tangren Media) where he acted as a voice dub actor for the 2002 drama The Book and the Sword. In 2016, Hu Ge was named brand ambassador of Emporio Armani in China and Asia Pacific.

Emmy brings you 7 interesting facts about Chinese actor Wallace Huo. From the ridiculous stories that I have written from young, to the rich and colourful dreams that I have to experience every night, even the pile of jokes about low self-esteem from my friends. Hue Ge has is own agency / company called Hu Ge Studio (under Tangren Media). Hu Ge expresses how he felt of the incident through the performance of his single "Dare to Love", and filmed a music video with his co-star from the two series and friend Cecilia Liu. Hu Ge won awards at two of the most prestigious television awards in China for his role in Nirvana in Fire. He then starred in Sound of the Desert, based on the novel Ballad of the Desert written by Tong Hua. This book documented in detail the process of how Hu Ge changed from a young idol with a smooth career path into an increasingly mature actor who could truthfully face life's problems as a scavenger of happiness. Hu had to undergo surgery and the entire healing process took approximately one year. Translations done are by me, and although it might not be 100% accurate, it is done to the best of my linguistic ability. Following which, he signed on with the company.

Relationships. This time, Mio is back with Chinese movies that are coming this Fall 2019! Hu Ge was involved in a car accident on 29 August 2006 while travelling from Hengdian to Shanghai on the highway. Go and Love by Hu Ge (music video) Empty letters, unloved hearts Forgotten words Stab like knives through the wall of my silence What I've gained and what I've lost No one can describe The face in the mirror Trying on a new smile The dreams of yesterday falling Giving way to a new freedom… Just better. After Chinese Paladin, Hu Ge embarked on a number of other TV projects, most of which had a wuxia theme, most notably The Little Fairy (2006) and The Young Warriors (2006). While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. Translations done are by me, and although it might not be 100% accurate, it is done to the best of my linguistic ability.

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