Key Concepts: Terms in this set (34) Plot. l. Shamengwa's arm was injured in a childhood accident, a simple dance routine gone terribly wrong. How is Venedico's reaction to Dante different than other sinners? What does Dante remind the reader of, when he breaks his narrative? What represents the guilty conscience of the opportunists? Which of the following best describes the speaker's point of view in stanza's 3,4, and 5, true lovers can separate without causing major disturbances, all of the following are figurative images in the poem EXCEPT, the phrase "laity of love" in line 8 refers to, lovers who need physical sensation for their love, according to Donne (the author), true love, "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" is what kind of poem, The Story of an hour: mrs.mallard learns of her husband's death from, how does mrs. mallard react to the news at first, she weeps uncontrollably as soon as she finds out, "she was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will" the "thing" to which the passage refers to, never knew how much she longed to be independent, "her fancy was running riot along those days ahead of her" this probably means that, she was imagining all the good things to come, chopin's tone in the final passage of "the story of an hour" is best described as.

Why were "even cradles empty of sons in Greece", What might offend a Protestant reader more than a Catholic, about Dantes "Gargoyle cantos".

He deserted his people for Polyxena, a Trojan princess. 3. The three beats that Dante encounters, in the order he encounters them, allegorically correspond to what three types of sin? What construction of Daedalus cost Icarus, his son, his life? Whom does Mrs. Grose see peering into the dining room window on a Sunday? In what war did Edna's father, the Colonel, fight? What does Dante mourn the loss of so terribly among Bologna eight? Who is the first to test out the torture device, the Sicilian bull? Match.

He should say nothing against. ", a narrative told from the perspective of a speaker that uses personal pronouns, a narrative in which the narrator is not a character in the story, and does not directly address a character in the story, a 3rd person POV where the narrator is not in the story, but a detached observer of everything going on, a 3rd person POV where the narrator is all-knowing and provides information about a variety of characters' internal feelings, a 3rd person POV where the narrator is limited to providing information about one character's thoughts and feelings. what event does edna refuse to attend despite her fathers pleading, who does edna talk to in grand isle before she dies, who represents the perfect victorian woman, with whom does leonce share his concerns about edna, what object does robert bring back from his trip that makes edna jealous, what skill does edna learn while in grand isle, who does robert write letters to while hes away. Flashcards. Browse. Who were the hypocrites that were ordered disbanded by papal decree? Why is Guido Cavalcantis father among the damned? What, according to virgil l, will haooen to these tortures after Judgement day? Who sounded the blast that was heard by King, eight miles away, as he was dying? . AP Lit Midterm. a literary element that involves a struggle between two opposing forces usually a protagonist and an antagonist. . AP English Literature and Composition Exam Past Papers. What zodiax sign does dante begin his journey under, which is also the sign of creation? What terrible thing happen to capo chip, Dantes student friend in 1293?

Who is the aged mastiff, that Dante mocks for his cruelty? Both b & c (b: what will happen to Florence. STUDY. PLAY. what supposedly Aesopian story does the incident of Hellken, Grizzly, and the Navaresse grafter parallel? Whose weapon had both the power to heal and the power to hurt, in legend?

Shamengwa’s father studied and brought along with violin as a noble instrument, which he played less than adequately. For what sinners blasphemy is Cacus the Centaur Summoned? a character or force in direct opposition with the protagonist, a coming-of-age story, which focuses on a narrative of a young adult growing morally and psychologically into an adult, the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character.

What might have happened if Tegghiaios advice had been heeded? Flashcards. ), To speak of his deeds, before death, among the living. Many lives would have been saved at Montaperti.

Why is Achillies oushed among the lustful?

To a medieval sailor, what did the sudden appearance of a dolphin forewarn? Who paid the most,bin terms of blood, for Francesco Cavalcantis death? Who is the coward Dante recognizes, who by renouncing his papacy allowed so much evil in the church? Why is Dante relative, Geri Del Belli, angry with him when Dante finds him amongst the alchemists? Yet as he died young and left the violin to his altar boy, his father. People in Dante's time believed that mosques were a perversion of Christ's teachings. a literary or dramatic character who undergoes little or no inner change; a character who does not grow or develop. For what usurer does Dante denounce Florence and it's treatment of him as a celebrity? What is the name of the agent of God, believed in durinf Dante's time, which controlled both good and hard times?

He told the thesbeans that not even Jove could protect them, What noise was being masked by the corbantes, What technique did Dante pick up from the works of set Brunetto Latino.

What do the Farival twins' parents intend them to do as adults? When Edna visits Adèle Ratignolle during her friend's difficult childbirth, what does Adèle tell her just before she leaves?

why does josephine implore louise to open the door? What statue was rumored to be necessary for Florence's rebirth as a city, He brings his torn leaves back to the wounded spirit. Test.

a narrative device that hints at coming events; often builds suspense or anxiety in the reader. 10 Facts About the AP English Literature Test ..... 1 10 Strategies for Acing the Test ..... 4 Practice Plan for Studying for the AP English Literature Test. Created by. Match. Of what sin are the three noble Florentines guilty, of whom Virgil tells dante " were more fitting you ran after then"? What honor does Dante bestow upon the anonymous florentine suicide?

What accounts fornthe raw, peeled state of Cerberus' throat? Learn.

what does miles do to distract the governess while flora takes off, what does miles bring up while he is walking to church with the governess, where do mrs grose and the governess find flora, what is a key factor is the governess' agreement to take the position in bly, whom does the governess see sitting at the bottom of the stairs, who does the governess scream at in the schoolroom, what does quint vanish into the staircase, who does miles first name when the governess points out a vision in the last scene, according to miles, why cant he return to school, where does the governess find flora when she realizes she is out of bed, The Awakening: what is the name of the isle the pontelliers and other wealthy creole families spend their vacations, what instrument does madamesoelle reize play, what is the home edna moves into in new orleans called.

To improve his own status with the one he sold her to. Created by. Gravity. What is Edna expected to do every Tuesday afternoon at her home in New Orleans?

Who murdered the grafting Don Michael Zanche of Logodoro? Why has curio been marred eternally as a sower of discord? what does victor do to upset edna at her dinner party, what does edna say she will not give up for her children. What's the name of the shamed sinner, who hacked off the hand of the florentine standard bearer? He divided King Henry II from his son prince Henry. Why is Plutus an appropraite guardian for the 4th Circle?

He broke a baptismal font to save a stuck boy, Emperor Constantine marked what major changes in the Roman Catholic Church. What crisis did master Adam create in Florence? What does Ciacco ask in return, of Dante?

what was the name of Apollos song whose poor driving of the family chariot created a scar in he sky called the Milky Way.

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