Diese hatten bei 30 Knoten Geschwindigkeit eine Drehzahl von 168 min−1. Stattdessen wurden 1998 die ersten sieben Einheiten, die zu diesem Zeitpunkt keine 20 Jahre in Dienst gestanden hatten, außer Dienst gestellt.

USS SPRUANCE returned to Naval Station Mayport in early August. USS Caron | USS O’Brien | Contents. She returned from her deployment in May 1985 and shortly thereafter entered her second overhaul period during which she received VLS, Towed Array, and the SH 60. While on station, SPRUANCE conducted exercises with the Egyptian navy and the Jordanian navy. Additional stops in the Mediterranean consisted of a brief stop in Augusta Bay, Sicily, then to Souda Bay, Crete, for a maintenance period (IMAV) with USS SHENANDOAH. The ships were initially controversial, especially among members of the United States Congress who believed that their unimposing looks, with only two guns and an ASROC or Armored Box Launcher (ABL) missile launcher per ship implied that the vessels were weak compared to Soviet or older US designs which had more visible guns or launchers for the Standard medium range missiles. Most were deliberately sunk in various fleet exercises. No injuries are reported but the ship requires $1.4 million in repairs. the‑blueprints.com. USS David R. Ray  | USS Deyo | While attached to Sixth Fleet, Spruance conducted a brief stop for fuel in Rota, Spain, followed by a liberty port visit in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

Ihre Hauptaufgabe bestand in der Eskorte von Flugzeugträgern und speziell in der Verteidigung gegen feindliche U-Boote.

Allgemein als eigene Klasse werden die Schiffe der Kidd-Klasse gesehen. the‑blueprints.com. The Kidd-class destroyers were a series of four guided missile destroyers (DDGs) based on the Spruance class.In contrast to their predecessor's focus on anti-submarine warfare, the Kidds were designed as more advanced multipurpose ships with the addition of considerably enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities.

Dies waren zu Beginn zwei Kaman SH-2 Seasprite, ab 1979 begannen Versuche mit dem vielseitigeren Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, der ab Mitte der 1980er ausschließlich eingesetzt wurde.

In 1982, she transited both the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal during the same summer. Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. Diese sieben Einheiten waren bereits bei der Modernisierung der Waffensysteme weitgehend übergangen worden und lediglich mit einer Zwischenlösung ausgerüstet worden. Spruance was decommissioned on 23 March 2005 and then was sunk as a target on 8 December 2006. USS SPRUANCE was the longest-serving ship in her class. The four General Electric LM-2500 engines are marine shaft power versions of the TF39 turbofan used on DC-10 and C-5A aircraft.

Insgesamt wurden 31 Einheiten fertiggestellt, die bis 2005 in Dienst waren. Die ersten Schiffe der Spruance-Klasse wurden 1975 in Dienst gestellt, bis 1983 folgten 30 weitere Einheiten. [citation needed], Spruance deployed for a six-month period in January 1983 to the Persian Gulf where she spent four and one-half months conducting observations in company with USS Oliver Hazard Perry during the Iraq-Iran War. It was then offered to the Pakistan Navy, but was sunk as a target 29 April 2009. Drei kleinere Gasturbinen erzeugten zusammen sechs Megawatt für die elektrischen Anlagen an Bord. Nederlands The blueprints database Vector drawings Search SHOPPING CART Home / Blueprints / Ships / Destroyers (US) Destroyers (US) Page 1 of 3. 1979 wurde eine 31. USS Nicholson | The ships were initially controversial, especially among members of the United States Congress who believed that their unimposing looks, with only two guns and an ASROC or Armored Box Launcher (ABL) missile launcher per ship implied that the vessels were we…

USS Thorn | The class was designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) with point defense anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) missiles; upgrades provided anti-ship and land attack capabilities. [citation needed], Spruance steamed in the Mediterranean from April through October 1997 with the carrier battle group supporting USS John F. Kennedy. Das heißt, dass der Auftrag in großen Stückzahlen an eine Werft vergeben wurde, was vor allem die Kosten senken sollte. Upon arrival in the Red Sea, under command of CTG 152.1, Commander Maritime Interdiction Forces, SPRUANCE assumed the duties as flagship for the task force commander. Dollar pro Jahr.

Die Systeme zur elektronischen Kampfführung bestanden aus dem AN/SLQ-32. During a brief shipyard period in 1983, she received the Phalanx CIWS and the TAS Mk 23 radar system. History of USS SPRUANCE: USS Leftwich | Spruance-class destroyer USS Peterson (DD-969) with Soviet Moma AGS class survey vessel Nakhodka in the Sargasso Sea 1983 on the rescue op for Victor III-class SSN K-324. During SPRUANCE's tenure in the Red Sea, SPRUANCE conducted several port visits to Hurghada, Egypt for crew rest and relaxation. Sources: Friedman, Military Analysis Network, Potter, Destroyer History Foundation database. Spruance was expected to remain assigned to STANAVFORMED through March 2000.

First commissioned in 1975, the class was designed with gas-turbine propulsion, a flight deck and hangar for up to two medium-lift helicopters, all-digital weapons … Dollar (Dollar-Kurs 1980) pro Stück. 90.718 Blueprints online 20.296 Vector drawings for sale. Der ASROC-Starter wurde auf den 24 Einheiten, die eine umfassende Modernisierung erhielten, ab Mitte der 1980er Jahre durch das Mk 41 Vertical Launching System ersetzt, welches 45 BGM-109 Tomahawk gegen Landziele sowie 16 ASROC enthielt. Their complement was similar to preceding destroyer classes: 3–400 officers and enlisted personnel. USS Fletcher | Damit ersetzten die Spruances die Schiffe der Forrest-Sherman-Klasse, die in den 1980ern außer Dienst gingen und bildeten zusammen mit den 10 Einheiten der Farragut-Klasse und den 23 Einheiten der Charles-F.-Adams-Klasse die Zerstörerflotte der Navy.

On September 24, 2001, as part of the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67) Carrier Battle Group (CVBG), the USS SPRUANCE commenced use of the Vieques Island inner range in conjunction with their Composite Unit Training Exercises (COMPUTEX). She also conducted operations with Teamwork '84 in the northern Atlantic and in the Arctic Ocean in 1984. During that period, Spruance also took part in the Partnership For Peace Exercise "Sea Breeze 97" in the Black Sea. Diese fehlende Stealth-Eigenschaft wird häufig als einer der Gründe genannt, warum die US-Marine sich relativ frühzeitig von diesen Schiffen getrennt hat. The exercise, which began the week prior, also utilized the northern and southern Puerto Rican operating areas, and involved complex battle group training events, naval surface fire-support training and air-to-ground bombing. She decommissioned 23 March 2005. While USS SPRUANCE's drydock period costed several million dollars, the Navy will save money by eliminating the costs associated a ship leaving homeport for a drydock period, such as food, fuel, and other operating expenses. USS SPRUANCE was the longest-serving ship in her class. USS Moosbrugger | She returned home on November 14. Diese Waffe kann auf Reichweiten bis zu 13 Seemeilen (24 km) gegen Überwasserziele und eingeschränkt gegen Luftziele verwendet werden. Diese starteten und landeten auf dem Deck hinter den Aufbauten, in denen zwei Helikopter Platz fanden. 90.718 Blueprints online 20.365 Vector drawings for sale. A slightly lengthened version of the hull was also used for the Ticonderoga-class cruisers. COMPUTEX is an intermediate level battle group exercise designed to forge the battle group into a cohesive, fighting team, and is a critical step in the pre-deployment training cycle and prerequisite for the battle group's Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) scheduled for early the following year. Die Spruance-Klasse war eine Klasse von Zerstörern in der United States Navy, die ab 1972 gebaut wurde. Other official port visits were conducted in Safaga, Egypt and Aqaba, Jordan, where SPRUANCE hosted receptions for top military and embassy officials. [citation needed], In July 1994, as part of Operation Restore Democracy, U.S. Navy ships were assigned to helping to enforce the United Nations embargo of Haiti. Trotzdem genehmigte der Kongress den Bau von vorerst 30 Einheiten, finanziert aus den Haushaltsjahren 1970 bis 1975, für den Preis von rund 145 Mio. One notable exception was the four ships of the Kidd class that were transferred to the Republic of China Navy (Taiwan).

90.717 Blueprints online 20.611 Vector drawings for sale. Auf dem vorderen Mast befand sich das SPS-55, das als Seezielradar verwendet wurde. Spruance was the first of a highly-successful class of anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship destroyers, and was the first destroyer powered by gas turbines in the U.S. Navy.

The Soviet attack boat was towed to Cienfuegos, Cuba … Letztlich kann die vorzeitige Außerdienststellung als reine Maßnahme zur Kostensenkung gesehen werden, die Betriebskosten lagen 1996 bei ca. Once back in the Mediterranean, the ship made port calls in Toulon, France; Alicante, Spain; and Rota, Spain. On December 8, 2006, the destroyer was sunk as a target off the Virginia Capes. They carry no armor, but feature strong screens, a repulsor bay and a battery of triple sand casters for protection. The cherry blossom, similar in design to that worn by personnel of the Japanese Navy, symbolizes a number of associations with the decisive battle. (Helicopter detachment: 9 officers; 30 enlisted.). This page was last edited on 9 September 2019, at 11:56. USS Spruance (DD-963) was the lead ship of the United States Navy's Spruance-class of destroyers and was named after Raymond A. Spruance, a U.S. Navy admiral.. Spruance was built by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries at Pascagoula, Mississippi, and launched by Mrs. Raymond A. Spruance, Commander Raymond J. Harbrecht in command. That particular JTFEX was scheduled for two phases to accommodate recent repairs to the carrier, which required it to be pierside during Phase I. COMPUTEX is an intermediate level battle group exercise designed to forge the battle group into a cohesive, fighting team, and is a critical step in the predeployment training cycle and prerequisite for the battle group's Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) scheduled for early the following year.

During Spruance's tenure in the Red Sea, she conducted several port visits to Hurghada, Egypt, for crew rest and relaxation. With the first Flight IIA Burkes soon to complete, despite costing $1 billion or more each, the Burkes were so versatile and cost-effective that the Spruances were completely phased out before the end of their design lifetimes.

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