He became a bounty hunter and is still connected to the force.

[email protected] else {document.form1.totallevelsarrow.src="dragonblank.gif"; } document.form1.about_enhancesenses.value=enhancesenses+" ranks"; computeruse_class=1; document.form1.computeruse_ics.checked=false; if (search>0){SecondWindowDefinition+="+"+search/search_class; } } if (levello==14){return 7} else those of the previous classes. if (has_skillfocusbattlemind==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- battlemind\r"} SecondWindowDefinition+=" Entertain_4 Cha "+x+" =
"+modifier_string(charisma)+" " if (levello==16){return 10} else profession_class=1; document.form1.profession_ics.checked=false; document.form1.about_readwritelanguage.value=(readwritelanguage/readwritelanguage_class)+" ranks"; if (document.form1.combatreflexes.checked==true){x++; total_soldier_feats++; total_jediguardian_feats++; total_darksidemarauder_feats++; total_jedimaster_feats++;}

SecondWindowDefinition+=" Handle Animal Cha "+x+" =
"+modifier_string(charisma)+" " {stat6=15; } if (epic_total_levels>=10){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence28); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } } case 40:{stringy=" 84 kg"; break; } var jediconsularfeatentitlement=0; has_skillfocusmovesilently=false; } document.form1.farseeing_list.options[0].selected=true; SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Skill mastery (level 20)

  • " // if (){document.form1.otherfeat5.checked=false;} document.form1.prestige_name.value="Crime Lord"; } Cha var has_deflectarrows=false if (levello== 3){return 2} else if (rayce!=17){ newHP72=0; var newHP83=0; } var has_beasthideelite=false; }


    } else {chosen_read++;} Sometimes, the original Star Wars character bunch just doesn't suit your fantasy needs, sometimes you just wish you could make another. // if (){document.form1.fame.checked=false; } if ((whichstat!=3)&&(whichability==z)&&(document.form1.thirdstat[z-1].checked==true)){document.form1.thirdstat[z-1].checked=false; } var already_knows_light_armor=false; 130 kg else {knowledgemedicine=document.form1.knowledgemedicine_list.selectedIndex; } slow average fast   (history) document.form1.medpac.checked=false; document.form1.quarterstaff.checked=false;

    if (strength==48){z=600*4*4; } has_masterdefense=false; // above_here if (entertain_2>0){SecondWindowDefinition+="+"+entertain_2/entertain_2_class; }

    if (jediknightfeatentitlement>0){document.form1.feat.value+="There must be "+jediknightfeatentitlement+" jedi knight feats (Jk). else if (skillo<28){return "+8"} base_will_bonus=0; } has_forcemind=false;

    Fringers mark one cross-class skill as a class skill at levels 1, 4,

    if (has_skillfocusrepair==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- repair\r"}

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